Delusional Couple Won’t Move Even Though 11 Cars Have Crashed Into Their House

It’s a shame, but Indianapolis couple, Timothy and Leigh McCall, need to face reality about their home of 30 years: it’s time to move. After three cars crashed into their house and man’s head got stuck in their siding, you’d think they would have faced the music. But they didn’t. They haven’t. They stuck around for 8 more car cashes, one of which was fatal. The most recent crash, number 11(!), occurred this past weekend when 29-year-old Katie Anderson Spears lost control of her Chevy Equinox and crashed through the wall of the McCalls’ home into their dining room. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but the car missed Leigh McCall by a foot.

No, they are not the world’s unluckiest home owners; their home is in the unluckiest location. It’s less than a block away from a set of railroad tracks and when people speed over the tracks, they lose control of their cars and go careening directly into the McCall residence. Cars have hit the house, the pole, the hydrant and the porch over the last 30 years. The couple has petitioned the city to put a Stop sign before the railroad tracks, but city officials don’t believe there is enough traffic to warrant one.

“I thought eventually, I don’t know. It’s just awful that it continues to happen…” said a shaken up Tim McCall. What he thought would change after 10 car crashes, I’m just not sure. Despite the $10,000 in damages from the most recent crash, the McCalls refuse to leave their home. Denial is a powerful drug. Will someone please talk some sense into them?

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