In “Self-Titled #5,” Beyonce Says She’s Earned The Right To Be Completely Honest On New Album

The latest in Beyonce’s “Self-Titled” video series has Bey discussing her latest album’s overall theme: honesty. Bey gets real about a topic I imagine a lot of pop stars who became famous at a young age must tackle — allowing your music and message to grow up with you and your fans. Beyonce was 15 when Destiny’s Child’s first album was released. Now in her 30s, Bey says that after over a decade of being mindful of her younger audience, she feels she’s earned the right to be honest in her music about her real experiences and feelings as a grown woman. It seems to me like Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce” alter ego allowed a sexier side of her to come out on previous records, but Beyonce is the first time the singer is exposing all of her different sides without a protective veneer. And her music thrives as a result. [YouTube]