RIP Society: Man Steals 60 Brains, Sells Them on eBay And At Dairy Queen

It’s an entrepreneur’s economy. And what could more entrepreneurial than stealing 60 brains and selling them on eBay?

Meet David Charles of Indianapolis. Throughout 2013, the 21-year-old allegedly broke into a storage facility for the Indiana Medical History Museum six different times with one goal in mind. As a zombie might say, he was looking for BRAAIIIINNNNNSSS. And David found them. He made off with 60 brains and accompanying tissues from dead mental patients dating back to the 1890s.

And what did David do with the hot property? (Some might call it “intellectual property,” heh heh heh.) He furnished it to a middleman, who then tried to turn a profit on the auction site eBay. EBay, mind you, has a prohibition against the vending of “humans, the human body, or any human body parts or products.” It is also a felony under federal law to purchase or sell brains.

The Indiana Medical History Museum was alerted to the theft by a man who had purchased six of their stolen brains online for a cool $600; according to KJRH news, he turned himself in when he realized the brains had been stolen from a hospital.

David Charles was arrested on December 16 in a sting operation at a Dairy Queen parking lot (!!!), where he met with a detective who was purporting to buy 48 jars of stolen human tissue. David was charged with felony theft and COMPLETE FUCKING GROSSNESS, which is not an official charge but should be. The California man who purchased the brains is supposedly a collector of “oddities.”  Sit tight, ladies — I’m still trying to find out whether either of these men are single.


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[Image of brains via Shutterstock]