Snapchat Hackers Release Personal Info Of Over 4.6 Million Users

Snapchat users now have bigger problems than someone screen-grabbing pictures of their private parts.

Only days after the folks at Snapchat received threats about a security hack that would reveal tons of users’ personal data, it happened: user names and phone numbers of over 4.6 million Snapchatters were posted online by an anonymous hacker for all the world to see.

About a week ago, the aforementioned hackers created a website called “SnapchatDB,” to publicly warn the company of a security hole they discovered, threatening to exploit the app and its users unless the problem was promptly fixed. When Snapchat left the security hole unfixed, the hacker (or hackers) behind SnapchatDB followed through with their threat and revealed a slew of private user data on Wednesday. Er, Happy New Year?

In case you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat, the photo messaging app allows users to exchange videos and pics (aka “snaps”) that disappear after one-to-10 seconds on the recipient’s phone, depending on a specified viewing time limit set by the sender. After the Snap is viewed, it’s automatically deleted from the recipient’s device and Snapchat servers. The app has become a pretty popular platform for sexting, since photos are unable to be saved … at least until you figure out how to take screenshots.

So what does this mean for Snapchatters? Unfortunately, lots of data has already been exposed, but users can check to see if they were a victim of the hack by going to Snapcheck or Gibson Security Lookup.

It’s also worth changing your password and keeping an eye on your account. And maybe laying off of those nudie pics for a while. Just a thought… [Telegraph UK]

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