A Crime Of Cuddle In Florida

Cuddling is the most wonderful, life-affirming, endorphin-inducing activities humans can engage in. But let’s be clear here: it requires two consenting cuddlers. A refusal on one cuddler’s part to engage in spooning behavior does not, I repeat, DOES NOT justify coercion or aggression. Shavonna Rumph of Manatee, Florida learned this the hard way (Florida, I’ve missed you!) when her boyfriend  rebuffed her cuddling advances and things turned ugly. 

After a night of heavy drinking, the 31-year-old asked her live-in boyfriend to cuddle her in bed. A reasonable request, but for unknown reasons, he refused. That’s when they began to fight. Rumph allegedly grabbed his shirt and tore it — trying to force him to cuddle. When that didn’t work, she went for the kitchen knife. Rumph’s boyfriend tried to leave, but she wouldn’t let him. Although it’s unclear who alerted them to the domestic dispute, cops arrived on the scene soon after that. When they asked Rumph what happened, she told the authorities, “We got into an argument because [he] would not cuddle with me.” Her crime of cuddle earned Rumph a charged of misdemeanor domestic battery.

C’mon, people. Let’s keep cuddling pure.[NY Daily News]