10 Domestic Resolutions For 2014

Let me divulge a well-known secret; I am a type A homebody. By definition, I love to spend time at home, but can’t sit still long enough to make a dent in the couch.  Don’t be fooled: if you find me cuddling with a blanket, I’m still budy making a mental checklist of all the tasks to do that day. I often start with baking and quickly find myself moving bookcases. This year, my New Year’s resolution is to challenge myself to take on 10 domestic projects (some more glamorous than others) that I’ve yet to tackle.

1. Knit An Afghan: You know what takes a lot of time? Knitting an Afghan. I can knit a scarf in two days time, but a patterned Afghan takes serious commitment and concentration.

2. Watch Bread Rise: Anyone can make banana bread, but making a fresh loaf of sourdough takes talent. I have never been able to make bread dough rise. Not only do you need to have the perfect ratio of yeast and moisture, one must knead the dough properly or else you wait a long ass time for NOTHING to happen. In 2014, I will make bread dough my bitch.

3. Make Jam: What is the point of mastering bread if you lack the flavored butters and jams to smother it with?

4. Clean The Oven: Not the stove you so delicately wipe monthly, I am talking about getting inside the oven and scrubbing away everything that has yet to burn off.

5. Stock The Bar: After climbing out of the oven, I will need a serious drink. A bar that includes classic cocktail ingredients like bitters, vermouth, triple sec, and homemade flavored syrups like lavender, ginger, and hibiscus.

6. Print And Frame Photos: So many of our favorite photos never make it past Instagram. This year, I will start displaying them around my home.

7. Go Wireless: My household has a lot of electronics. Between smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, televisions, and cable boxes the wires are strangling us.  It is time to upgrade to Bluetooth speakers, electronic charging pads, and other wireless options.

8. Sew The Holes (In My Socks): The dreaded big toe hole. The pile of socks to-be-sewn is larger than the pile of socks ready to wear. One boring hour of sewing those stupid holes will double my cozy sock collection.

9. Turn Old T-Shirts Into Something: Apparently all of those old Ts I have lying around are quite valuable. This year, it is time to utilize them. If my DIY tank tops are a complete failure, at least I will have enough rags to clean the windows.

10. Master Cheese-Making: I have thought a lot about this but have done little to bring this ambition to fruition. My goal is to make homemade mozzarella by May and goat cheese by July.

Do you have any domestic resolutions for 2014? If so, share them in the comments!