Japan’s Bra Vending Machine Proves To Be A Total Bust

You might remember hearing about lingerie brand Wacoal’s novel bra vending machines, which debuted in Japan this past year, and thinking, No woman will ever want to buy a bra without trying it on. You were correct. Even though the machine features a bust-sizing chart and promises that the wireless bras are more comfortable, easier to fit and  more affordable at $30 than the wired, in-store bras, women just didn’t buy. The machine, which was being tested in Osaka for the past few weeks, only sold seven bras from November to December 20th. A spokesperson for the company said that although the machine was a bust, many women noticed it and peeked in.

“It must be something that takes time to get used to, but I would like women to see how it feels to buy a bra from a vending machine,” the spokesperson said.

Yeah, a bra is just one of those things that you have to try on. I think they should just fill that sucker with artisan chocolate snacks and call it a day. [AJW]