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Alexis Neiers From "The Bling Ring" Opens Up About Childhood Sexual Abuse
Congressional Republicans Willing To Let Government Shutdown Over Birth Control In Obamacare
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Ran A Marathon Backward While Juggling
Forever 21's Batman And Catwoman Collection Has Me Conflicted
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Has Sashayed His Way Into Kate Upton's Heart
Little Girls Sing About "Disrupting The Pink Aisle" In Toy Stores To The Tune Of "We Are The Champions"
You Know You Want To Watch Alec Baldwin Doing Pre-Natal Yoga
Natalie Portman: Feminism Shouldn't Be "Macho"
Read A Love Letter That Lena Dunham Sent To Her Boyfriend
Couple Tries To Spice Things Up By Having Sex On Train Tracks, Is Promptly Run Over
Cher Says Divorce & Death Aren't Stopping Sonny Bono From Paying Her Visits
Speaking Of Spoilers, A Big One About The Next Bridget Jones' Book Has Leaked
8 Beauty Rituals That Are Surprisingly Meditative
UK Supermarket Apologizes For Selling "Inflatable Gay Best Friend" Doll, But You Can Still Buy It On Amazon
3 Helpful Tips For Avoiding Spoilers (That Don't Include Yelling "No Spoilers!" And Expecting The Universe To Listen)
Driving Ruins Women's Ovaries, Warns Saudi Cleric
20 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married [TheStir]
Not Okay: Naked Guy With Boner Attempts To Pick Up Women In Deeply Uncomfy YouTube Video
11 Highly Embarrassing Reasons We Turn Down Sex
The Conclusion Of "Breaking Bad" Set To Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Tha Crossroads"
Woman Quits Job With Awesome Video Resignation
This Is What An Ad-Free Issue Of <i>Vogue</i> Looks Like
Melissa Gorga Is Not Happy People Say Her Book Advocates Marital Rape
15 Reasons Why Baby Animal Photos Are Better Than Real Babies
When Saying "I Love You" Isn't Enough
"The Bachelor"'s Courtney Robertson Writing Memoir
"Saturday Night Live"'s "Girls" Promo Features A New, Rubber-Handed Albanian Roommate Played By Tina Fey
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of September 29-October 6, 2013
Abortion Protestor Or Satirist?
10 Assorted Observations From My First Hockey Game
Brown University Students Plan Nudity Week (Yes, Really)
NYC "Silver Man" Shares Some Words With A Security Guard
Etsy Spotlight: The Only Motivational Poster You Need
7 Ridiculous Dating "Rules" To Ditch Right Now
Style Stealer: Katie Holmes' Oxblood Boots & Denim Skirt
7 Of The Most Scandalous Moments In <i>Baby-Sitters Club</i> History
Is Naomi Campbell Getting Her Own Talk Show?
Samantha Geimer On Roman Polanski: "Some Old Guy Molested Me ... That Is Really Not An Uncommon Thing"
Poll: Which Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes Should We Tackle This Year?
"Breaking Bad" Actress Explains Weight Gain
Man Who's Never Seen "Breaking Bad" Writes Letter To Local Paper Complaining About The Show's Emmy Win
Love It Or Leave It: Khloe Kardashian's Greased Lightning Look
Claire Danes Has Her Own Generation Now
Former Classmate Arrested For Attempting To Leak Nude Pics Of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf
5 Little Words That Will Set Your Sex Life On Fire
17 Celebs Hanging Out With Their Stunt And/Or Body Doubles
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read Jhumpa Lahiri's <i>The Lowland</i>, Watch "Masters Of Sex" & Make Apple Pie Ice Cream
5 Things Everyone Needs To Demand From Their Casual Hookup
This 2-Year-Old Dancing To Beyoncé Is More Coordinated Than You'll Ever Be
These Life-Size Tetris Costumes Let You Become A Piece Of The Puzzle
Katie Holmes, Possibly Taylor Swift Join The Cast Of "The Giver"
Robert Pattinson Supposedly Dating Dylan Penn, Daughter Of Sean Penn & Robin Wright
Kanye West Blows Up At Paparazzi Outside His House At 4A.M.
NJ Court Says State Must Recognize Gay Marriage
For Just $500K You Can Own Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home
Halle Berry And Jennifer Garner Finally Get Anti-Paparazzi Bill Approved
Rihanna Swears She's A "Square" Now; We're Not Sure If We Believe Her
Gather 'Round, Geeks, It's Trailer For The Final Episode Of "The IT Crowd"!
Blogger Comes Up With Brilliant Response To "Sandwich Girlfriend"
Style Stealer: Michelle Dockery's Marvelous Moto Jacket
"Sleepless In Austin" Single Dude Romeo Rose Shares His Racism, Nuttery On HuffPost Live (NSFW)
Yoga Teacher, Cameron Shayne, Feels Just Fine About Banging His Students
Rick Owens Goes For The Unconventional Route With His Latest Show In Paris
Debate This: Are "Mohawk" Or "Mohican" Hairstyles Kinda Offensive?
Krokodil, Flesh-Eating Drug, Reported In Arizona
So Sweet: Minnesota First Graders Have Sent "Get Well" Cards To Over 50,000 Strangers
I'm So Disappointed That Dolce & Gabbana's $4,150 Crown Is Sold Out
Lindsay Lohan & Jimmy Fallon Prove That It's All About Scrumping Now
Daryl Hannah Comes Out As Autistic
Wife Comes Up With Really Creative Way To Shame Cheating Husband On Facebook
Cher's List Of "25 Things" Is Amazing Beyond My Wildest Dreams
Watch This: "Pumpkin Spice" Is The Scariest Horror Movie Of The Season
Lesbian Blogger Explains Why Telling A Woman She's "Too Pretty To Be Gay" Is Insulting To All Women
How To Plan A Wedding In Only Five Weeks (Without Going Insane)
Miley Cyrus Thinks Cocaine Is <i>So</i> 1990's
Khloe Kardashian Dropping "Odom" From All Her Social Media Accounts
Blake Lively And Her New Company Want To Teach You How To "Curate" Your Life
Last Night On Twitter: Kanye West Got Really, Really Mad Jimmy Kimmel Over This Skit [UPDATED]
Every Bad Thing That's Happened To Jesse Pinkman On "Breaking Bad"
6 Ways To Set The Stage For Love
Kaley Cuoco Is Engaged!
Report: Texas State Senator Wendy Davis Will Run For Governor
Win This! Enter The Coach Madison Bag Pinterest Contest
Martha Stewart Is Still Waiting For Apple To Come Pick Up Her Broken iPad
September 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
The Lifetime Original "House Of Versace" Preview Is Here, And It's Amazing
Watch This: Two Best Men Give Their Brother A Wedding Toast -- In The Form Of An 80s Music Video
Playlist: Fall In Love With Autumn
Ugh: Barilla Pasta Chairman Serves Up A Heaping Scoop Of Homophobia
Poll: Can Selfish People Do Selfless Things?
Teacher Who Raped 14-Year-Old Student Is Free After 30 Days In Jail
Fashion Forecast: A Cozy Jeweled Sweater Styled For Three Different Temperatures
Literature Bro David Gilmour Isn't Sexist, He Was Just Busy Speaking French When He Said Women Writers Suck
Naked Haunted House Invites You To Face All Your Fears At Once
Marissa Alexander, Black Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot At Abusive Ex-Husband, Will Get A New Trial
Connie Britton, Tina Fey, Michelle Dockery, And Elisabeth Moss Had Dinner And Didn't Invite Us
"Sandwich Girlfriend" Thinks We Didn't Get The Joke
Jew Learn Something New Every Day: On Mitzvah Campaigns And "Bageling"
Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Will Tell You How To Get To "Sesame Street"
Now You Can Sip Two Flavors Of <i>Fifty Shades Of Grey</i> Wine
True Story: I’m Never Having Penis-In-Vagina Sex Again
New Tumblr Will Provide A Fair And Honest Assessment Of Your D**K Pic
Zach Galifianakis Interrogates Justin Bieber, Whips Him With Belt On "Between Two Ferns"
Date-Ade Episode 7: On Syringe Tides & Seahorses
This "Breaking Bad" Meets Lana Del Rey Parody Is As Weirdly Perfect As It Sounds
"The Real Housewives Of Orange County" Cleans House
3 Simple Ways To Fall In Love With Your Partner All Over Again
Big Freedia Sets The World Record For Most People Twerking
3D Printed Organs May Mean End To Waiting Lists, Deadly Shortages
Style 911: "I Need Dressy Flats For Fall & Winter!"
Evening Quickies: Lindsay Lohan's Half-Sister Ashley Horn Has $25,000 In Surgery To Look More Like Lindsay
First Native American Woman Nominated For Federal Judgeship
Join Us On Twitter! "Modern Family" And "Nashville" Are Back!
Astrology 101: How To Spot Each Sign ... In Nashville
Say It Ain't So! Are Faith Hill & Tim McGraw On The Rocks?
Dakota Johnson's Relationship May Already Be On The Rocks Thanks To "50 Shades"
Is That A Nose On Your Forehead Or Are You Just Happy To Smell Me?
Watch Your New Boyfriend Incredibeard™ Eat Ramen Noodles Out Of His Beard
Everything Joe & Melissa Gorga Might Want To Know About Actual Dominant/Submissive Relationships, But Are Too Afraid To Ask
It's Time To Cry: Dad With Terminal Cancer Walks His Single Daughters Down The Aisle
Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Demonstrate How Stupid All Those #Hashtags You Use Really Are
To Celebrate The Emmys, Richard Simmons Cosplayed As Daenerys Targaryen
HAIM Covers "Wrecking Ball" By Miley Cyrus (Plus, Stream Their Debut Album!)
Literature Bro David Gilmour Doesn't Teach Books Written By Women: "If You Want Women Writers Go Down The Hall"
7 Things I Learned From Not Wearing Makeup For 2 Weeks
OMG Does Justin Timberlake Confess His Undying Love For Britney Spears In A "Hidden" Album Track?!
What One Woman Learned When She Threw Herself A Fake Bachelorette Party
"Sandwich Boyfriend" Expected To Propose After Girlfriend Prepares 300th Snack
Gee, I Wonder Why The Man Behind "Sleepless In Austin" Is Still Single
Watch Out, New Jersey: The Testicle-Eating Pacu Fish Is Here To Eat Your Balls
Dater X: Do I Really Have To Date Older Guys?
There's An Unexpected Downside To Wearing Target x Phillip Lim's BOOM Sweatshirt
Win This! “New Girl” Seasons 1 & 2 On DVD
NY Judge Allows Abortion To Be Used As Evidence In Custody Case
Tabloid Describes Zac Efron's Alleged Wild Night With $1200 Worth Of Oxy
Frisky Rant: Holly Golightly From "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Is A Hot Mess
Science Explains Our Urge To Take A Bite Out Of An Adorable Baby
Patrick, The Antisocial Gorilla, Sent To Therapy
10 Reasons Internet-Famous Cats Are Better Than Real Cats — In GIFs!
Lawyer: Amanda Bynes Is Mentally Unfit For DUI Trial
Widower Of Irish Woman Who Died After Being Refused An Abortion Sues Doctors
Behold: The Perfect Cake For Carnivores With A Sweet Tooth
Monogamy Tips From A Gay Man -- Plus How To Tell Someone They Suck In Bed
Bills Clinton And Gates, Hangin' Out, Takin' Selfies
7 Valuable Lessons To Learn From Being Single
September 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
A New California Law Will Allow Minors To Digitally Remove Online Activity
Melissa Gorga's Guide To "Love Italian Style" Includes Marital Rape
Burger King, Get Your Lower-Calorie "Satisfries" Out Of My Face
Style Stealer: Sandra Bullock's Fabulous Fall Look
Viagra Overdose Leads To Penis Amputation For Colombian Politician
Random Question: What Happened When You Were 28?
Designer Philipp Plein Casts Exclusively Black Models In Runway Show
Miley Cyrus And Tongue Land <i>Rolling Stone</i> Cover, New Mike WiLL Made It Music Video
17 Life Lessons I Learned From Yoga Practice
Family Hosts 200 Of Atlanta's Homeless At Canceled Wedding Reception
Trophy Wives Insist It's Not Enough To Just Be Pretty Anymore
Dating Don'ts: 4 Reasons You Should <i>Choose</i> To Be Alone
Brooke Mueller Caught On Camera Smoking Crack And Buying Meth
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets "Caught" Having A Gluten-Free Meltdown In Public
Frisky Rant: Thought Catalog Writer Whines About Being "Hated" For Being Privileged, I Play World's Tiniest Violin
The Delusional <i>New York Times</i> Vows Column To End All Delusional <i>New York Times</i> Vows Columns
Brace Yourself For A Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Sequel
Don't Panic! 6 Other Things It Might Be (Besides An STI)
Oprah Winfrey Nearly Suffered A Nervous Breakdown
5 Fresh Sex Games For Fall
Compassionate Fashion: Stylish, American-Made Sneakers From New Balance
7 Reasons You Should Take A Day Trip
Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom Got Hitched This Weekend
Clever Dudebros Using New iPhone's Slow-Motion Cam To Record Bouncing Boobs
High School Crowns Trans Student Cassidy Lynn Campbell Homecoming Queen
This Lion, Tiger, And Bear (Oh My!) Are Best Friends Forever
If You Blinked, Then You Probably Missed Tina Fey's Emmy Nip Slip
Can New York Set A Record For The Most People Twerking At Once?
Lipstick Diss Leads To Face Slashing
Frisky Q&A: The Ladies Behind The Unbound Box
Cory Monteith Tribute Angers Son Of "Odd Couple" Actor Jack Klugman
Now You Can Have Sex With A Likeness Of Farrah Abraham's Vagina!
Romney Family Adopts A Black Baby Named Kieran & People Are Upset About It
Couple Caught Screwing While Driving
Flowchart: Is It Cool If I Masturbate Here?
7 Things You Didn't Know About Sex Addiction
Here's Your Delicious First Glimpse At "American Horror Story: Coven"
Frisky Movie Review: "After Tiller" — On Women And The Abortion Providers Who Trust Them
Etsy Spotlight: Turn A Loved One's Handwriting Into A Custom Necklace
Pepsi Might Want To Choose A New Font
Fall In Love: 7 Autumn Date Ideas That Don't Involve Any Hay
The 4 Worst Things About The "Dexter" Series Finale
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of September 23-29, 2013
Locals Dish About Life With William & Kate
This Is What Miley Cyrus Wore To The I Heart Radio Music Festival
The Best Dressed At The 2013 Emmy Awards
"Breaking Bad"'s Dean Norris Had A Dance-Off With Derek Hough After The Emmys
Smiling In A Portrait In The Olden Days Meant You Were A Drunken Slut
The Worst Dressed At The 2013 Emmy Awards
The 2013 Emmy Awards Red Carpet!
Drawing On Cats Is the Best Idea Instagram Has Ever Seen
Ray J Charged Police After Inappropriate Comments Made About Whitney Houston's Dead Body
Tonight: The Frisky Live Tweets The Emmy Awards!
Here's A First Peek At The D.C. Zoo's New Baby Panda!
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