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The GOP Is Now Trying To Lure Women Out Of The Kitchen
Drake Calls Amanda Bynes' Comments About Him "Weird And Disturbing"
Your Computer Is Sexist
<i>The New York Times</i> Piece Following Up On "The Opt-Out Generation" Will Scare The Crap Out Of You
"Her" Offers A Glimpse Of Our Scary, Tech-Obsessed Future
5 Things We Learned About Paula Patton & Robin Thicke's Relationship This Week
MTV Orders Up Reality Show About Virgins
August 7: What Are We Wearing Today?
The Children’s Place Knows That Girls Are Bad At Math But Good At Shopping
Happy Shark Week From Tara Reid!
One Military Jacket, Three Ways
That's A Nice Looking Bass Dog You Got There
6 Types Of Roommates & How To Deal With Them
Little Girl Who Got Deadly Brain-Eating Amoeba From Lake Is Making Miraculous Recovery
Beauty How-To: Amanda Seyfried's "Lovelace" Premiere Look
11 Things You <i>Need</i> To Do While Studying Abroad
Geena Davis Gets Back In Her Rockford Peaches Uniform At Age 57
There's An Opening For Gang Bang Operator In Bloomington, Minnesota
Mommie Dearest: Let's Talk About The Difference Between 'Sex' & 'Gender'
Vote! Face-Off No. 3: Which Celeb Would Make The Worst Roommate Ever?
Awesome Wedding Of The Day: Fishing Fanatics Get Married In A Salmon-Filled River
14 Proposed Rules For PDA (Because People Don't Seem To Know)
Mattel And NASA Made The Mars Rover Pink For Barbie
Meryl Streep Joins "The Giver"
Quiz: What's Your Study Style?
LinkedIn Accused Of Slut-Shaming After Removing Ad Of Sexy Engineer
Gillette Is Fed Up With Unshaven Hipsters
Pie Chart: An Impressive Catalog Of All The Things We Have Purchased While Drunk
Former Model LIV Denies Cheating With Jay Z
Spike Lee's List Of Essential Films Contains Exactly Zero Women
Lindsay Lohan May Actually Be Starting To Look Like Lindsay Lohan Again
NKOTB's Donny Wahlberg Tweets A Nude Selfie
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "The Butler" Premiere
Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Make Up And Back Together: Sneaking Some Loving?
Like This, Love That: Your Music & Book Picks For The Week!
August 6: What Are We Wearing Today?
Orgasms Are Better For Your Brain Than Sudoku
Style Stealer (Plus!): Jessie J's Fabulous Fuchsia Pants
London's Got A Fatberg Problem
What To Do If You Hate The Way Your Partner Dresses
Chris Brown: I'm Quitting Music, Maybe
It's Time To Cry: Couple Weds Early So Their Terminally Ill Son Can Serve As Best Man
13 Signs You Attend A Women's College (In GIFs!)
"Breaking Bad" As A Middle School Musical
Important Internet Cat News! Maru Has A Baby Brother
The Soapbox: Piper On "Orange Is The New Black" Is The Poster Girl For Privilege
Watch A Preview Of Lindsay Lohan's Oprah Interview
Vote! Face-Off No. 2: Which Celeb Would Make The Worst Roommate Ever?
Sydney Leathers Pens A Sad Service Piece About Seducing Politicians For xoJane
Dating Don'ts: Guys You'll Wish You Had Gone Out With In College
Hola, Juan Pablo: The New "Bachelor" Is Actually Someone I Want To Bang!
Pennsylvania Court Lifts The Ban On "I Heart Boobies" Bracelets
5 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room So It Doesn't Look Like A Dorm Room
Desiree Hartsock From "The Bachelorette" Gets Engaged To Chris!
Check Out This Blog Dedicated To Photos Of Beautiful Bearded Men
9 Types Of Showers We Take With Dudes
Sandy Rios Of Fox News Thinks That Ariel Castro’s “Love For His Victims” Is Just Like Homosexuality
The Roommate Questionnaire Colleges Should <i>Actually</i> Use
Oprah Poses On The Cover Of "O" Magazine In An Afro
11-Year-Old Indian Girl Set On Fire, Dies Resisting Rape
Oh Noes! Claire Danes Lost A Leg To Photoshop!
The South Korean Government Is Playing Matchmaker
Rihanna Gets Her Whine On In Barbados
Cookie Monster Learns To Deal With His Addiction Issues In This Icona Pop Parody
Study: Women With Higher IQs Are Less Likely To Have Children
Awesomely Affordable: 15 School-Ready Canvas Backpacks Under $50
Day Above Ground's "Asian Girlz" Needs No Commentary
Guys With Fries Gives You A Fast Food Fix
14 Signs You Attend A Hippie College (In GIFs!)
Chart: The Anatomy Of A Crush On Your College Professor
The Soapbox: On Hugo Schwyzer, Personal Essay Writing & Redemption
Ke$ha Makes A Jewelry Line And Obviously There Are Penises
Controversial Elle MacPherson Intimates Ad Resurfaces Online
17 Things You Might Forget To Pack For College
And The 12th "Doctor Who" Is…
Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer" Video Is, Umm, Not Quite What You'd Expect
I Could Watch James Franco Getting Punched In The Face All Day
5 Ways Not Having Kids In Your 30s Is Different From Not Having Kids In Your 20s
11 Sex Positions To Try Tonight [YourTango]
Which Celeb Would Make The Worst Roommate Ever?
Compassionate Fashion: How A Shopaholic Fashion Writer Is Learning To Be A More Conscious Consumer
The Sydney Leathers Porn Is Here (NSFW)
Scientology Defector Leah Remini Writing Tell-All
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of August 5-11, 2013
Spa Is Charging $180 For The Bird Poop Facial
Bon Iver's Imagined Director's Commentary For His Vegan Shoe Commercial
5 Very Necessary Lessons I've Learned From My Personal Trainer
Could Your Designer Bag Prevent Your Boyfriend From Cheating?
Celeb Style Poll: Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Edition
5 Facebook Fails That Keep You Coming Back For More
When Fashion Shows Were Psychedelic Happenings
Kickass Woman Of The Day: President Of The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, Cheryl Boone Isaacs
The 7 Most Overrated Places To Have Sex
Street Style Star Of The Week: Julianne Hough
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Get To Know <i>Nathaniel P.</i>, Lay Down With "Luther" & Trick Out Your Bathroom Wall
5 Movies That Improved The Book (According To The Author)
Albuquerque Has A New Mascot ... And It's Totally Meth
There Is Nothing Better Than This Dancing Guy
Ellen DeGeneres At War With Wannabe Talk Show Host Kris Jenner?
Behold, The OstrichCopter!
Man Gives Mega-Detailed Document To Ladies On Erroneous Assumption You Can Reason Your Way To Love
What If Britney Spears Covered Beyonce's "Grown Woman"?
J.K. Rowling Wins Damages, Donates To Charity After Her Law Firm Leaks Her Pseudonym
The "Cotton-Eyed Joe" Flamingo Is My Muse
Kickass Woman Of The Day: The Youngest Person To Ever Pass The Bar, Gabrielle Turnquest
GIF Quiz! Are You Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?
Totally Coveted: Beach Sprays, Lip Stains And Super Fancy Computer Sleeves
The Tannest People In The World
She Put A Ring On It: 7 Celebrity Women Who Proposed To Their Men
"Candy Crush: The Movie" Could Be My The Story Of My Life Right Now
High School Teacher Ken Bencomo Fired After Marrying A Man
Which Celebrity Has A Professional Butt Washer?
Chelsea Handler And Courteney Cox NOT Feuding Over Jennifer Aniston's Bachelorette Party
Raven-Symone Comes Out On Twitter
Lululemon Says Larger Sizes Aren't Part Of Their "Formula"
Well Played: Jennifer Aniston Dares To Wear Satin
Mario Lopez Naked, Covered In Chocolate--Plus What's Your Sexual Archetype?
Bachelorette Party Planning Really Does Bring Out The Worst In Women
Ke$ha Was Born With A Tail, Is Sad That It Was Chopped Off
Review Roundup: Critics Are Split On Whether Lindsay Lohan's Soft Core Porn Flick "The Canyons" Is A Masterpiece Or A Disaster
"Walking Dead" Fan Mom Tries To Hunt Down Norman Reedus With 3 Kids In Tow
5 Things You Should Know About The Twitter Hotel
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The Twisted Ponytail
The 5 Biggest Lies Guys Are Telling This Year (And What They're Being Honest About)
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: 2013 Young Hollywood Awards
This "Golden Girls" Doll House Is Everything I've Ever Wanted
Girl Talk: I Set My Best Friend Up With My Ex
Florida Teens Break Into High School To Have Sex, Satisfy "Beer Munchies"
Watch This: The Worst First Driving Lesson Ever
So, Are Facelifts A Complete Waste Of Money?
What's Actually Happening When You're Watching A Movie Sex Scene With Your Family -- In GIFs!
DVD Cover For "The Sapphires" Puts Chris O'Dowd Front And Center, Aboriginal Women In The Background
Worst First Date Ever: Woman Falls From Her Balcony On The 17th Floor
Real Talk: On Birth Control & Protecting Against Pregnancy, Part 2
Woman Pays $1,200 For New iPhones, Gets Fruit Instead
Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Cover "Blurred Lines" With Robin Thicke
10 Boob Tricks Courtesy Of Kate Upton
Is Simon Cowell Planning To Marry Baby Mama Lauren Silverman?
Deleted Scene From "The Place Beyond The Pines" Introduces Us To Ryan Gosling's Substantial Bulge
Megan Fox Is Pregnant!
Trainer Trials: Amelia & Ami Pedal It Out At Flywheel Sports
Miracle Village: The Town Of Sex Offenders
Dream Life Status: I Want This Burrito Cake In My Mouth
11 Toys That Scared The Crap Out Of Us As Kids
"Glee" Cast To Film Episode, PSA Addressing Cory Monteith's Death
Rihanna Got A Jheri Curl! Plus, What Does An Unanswered Text Message Really Mean?
Victoria's Secret Model Erin Heatherton Gets Photographed Smoking Before An Event
Justin Bieber Fan Throws Phone On Stage Because...?
Could North Carolina Temporarily Be Without An Abortion Clinic?
Nick Cannon Wrote An Open Letter To His "Sister" Amanda Bynes
Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Says "Lovelace" Is Not So Realistic
Celeb Style Poll: Who Looked Nicest In Neon?
What Would You Do If A 7-Foot KFC Bucket Randomly Appeared In Your Yard?
Let's All Look At <i>Vanity Fair</i>'s Best-Dressed List, Shall We?
Coming Soon On TLC ... The Scrotum Show
The Soapbox: On Using The C-Word
Ariel Castro Sentenced To Life Without Parole
Harry Styles Seems Pretty Nonchalant About His Sexuality, Which Is Awesome
Wearing Your Makeup To Bed Will Turn You Into A Flaky-Skinned Hag
Awesomely Affordable: 20 Shoppable Picks From H&M's New E-Commerce Store
Oprah Got Her Friends To Stop Using The N-Word
10 Insane Things That Cause Orgasms [YourTango]
Peeing In The Ocean Is OK, Pooping Is Not
Most Overrated Places to Have Sex [CollegeCandy]
True Story: I Accepted A Marriage Proposal After Only 5 Months Of Dating
Jay Z's Hyphen Seeks Understanding Apostrophe Friend
Be My Boyfriend: Just A Hillbilly & His Raccoon Dancing To Aretha
Ask A Married Guy: "What Can I Do When The Sex Dies?"
9 Extreme World Records, All In The Name Of Love
New Thing To Be Afraid Of: Dog Ate Paralyzed Man's Testicle While He Was Sleeping
Amanda Bynes Wants To Reunite With Her Dog
Cities That Surprise: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Artist Makes Very Special Piece Of Art For Rapper Riff Raff
Men's Magazines In UK Told To Cover Up Their Porny Covers With "Modesty Bags"
21 Weird Turn-Ons That Are Almost Too Embarrassing To Admit
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