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Celeb Style Poll: Ladies In Red (And Black)
Colonel Meow, Internet Cat Legend, Wins "World's Hairiest Cat," A Guinness World Record
Be My Boyfriend: Steak Thief Who Dressed In A Cow Onesie
Behold This 39-Foot-Tall, Screaming Vagina
10 Ways To Keep The Intimacy Alive In A Long Distance Relationship
Style 911: Find Me An Affordable Black Jumpsuit
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Crack Open <i>Divergent</i>, Fall For "The Fall" & Craft A Cool Statement Necklace
4 Most Horrifying Marriages Between Fans And Their Idols
When Lil Bub Met Grumpy Cat, A Comin' Through The Rye
The Frisky Goes To "Made In America"!
Guys, You're Just As Depressed As Women
Twin Baby Pandas Means Double The Cuteness
Lamar Odom Arrested For A DUI
Alabama Republican Is Trying To Ban Toni Morrison's <i>The Bluest Eye</i> From Schools
Well Played: Olivia Munn's Perfectly Mixed Prints
The 10 Most Heinous Plus-Sized Pieces From "WTF Plus"
Husband Secretly Bought His Wife 55,000 Dresses During Their 56-Year Marriage
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Short Waves
Backstreet Boy AJ McLean On Teaching Himself To Walk In Heels
Her 10 (Birthday!) Best: Cameron Diaz
Here Is The Picture Of Robin Thicke Grabbing Lana Scolaro's Ass
Police Mistake Celebrity Impersonator Photoshoot For Armed Criminal Enterprise
Is This "Rent-A-Wife" Service Offensive?
The 25 Best Photos From The "TRL" Photobooth
This Linguistic Map Of The U.S. Fails To Take Into Account The Full Range Of "You" Expressions
The Soapbox: On "Big Brother," Racism & Scapegoating
Kickass Woman Of The Day: New York Artist Sophia Wallace Tackles Our "Cliteracy" Problem
My Side Part, My Self
Shailene Woodley Is Way More In Touch With Mother Earth Than You
5 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Co-Worker
Ania Lisewska, Polish Woman, Wants To Have Sex With 100,000 Men
Adam Levine Shows The World How Much He Hates Wearing Clothes
Sean Kingston Sued For Alleged 2010 Gang Rape
James Deen Debunks The Myth Of "Porn For Women"
Astrology 101: How To Spot Each Sign ... When They're Drunk
"Big Brother"'s Aryan Aaryn Finally Sent Packing, Is Confronted By Julie On Live TV
It's A Boy For Fergie & Josh Duhamel!
Forget Miley, Here's How To Talk To Your Sons About Robin Thicke
A Guide To Beards & Mustaches, From Selleck To Super Wizards
How Are We Feeling About Michelle Obama's Ombre Highlights?
Love It Or Leave It: Hayden Panettiere's New Bangs
August 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
Living Between The Corporate Glass Ceiling & The "Sticky Floor" Of Fast Food Work
Harry Styles Expects Taylor Swift To Write Songs About Him
Jay Z & Justin Timberlake Slow Things Down, Find New Uses For Bed Sheets In "Holy Grail" Music Video
6 Party Dresses To Flatter Your Favorite Feature
For <i>Us Weekly</i>, Honoring MLK's Dream Involves Black Men Holding Umbrellas For Rich White Ladies
5 Sort Of Disturbing Things I Learned About My Shopping Problem
Something's Fishy About This Sushi Restaurant Ad
Beauty Test Drive: Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour
5 Unexpected Habits That Lead To Breakups
PETA Says Eating Chicken Wings While Pregnant Will Affect Your Unborn Child's Penis Size
Macklemore Schools Us On Proper Cat-Holding Techniques
14 Reasons You Should Be Cuddling Right Now!
5 Crazy Hott Kissing Techniques [YourTango]
Texas Mom Starts Clothing Line For Girls Who Are Sick Of Girly Clothes
"Queen Of Bounce" Big Freedia Critiques Miley's Twerking Abilities
Real Talk: On Literary Erotica, Part 2
If You Can Get Through Today Without Being Chased By A Velociraptor, Just Call It A Win
Date-Ade Episode 3: On Old Flames & Unwanted Rodents
John Earl Eutzy Allegedly Masturbates, Rotates Outside Convenience Store
A Critical Development In Snack Technology
Billy Ray Cyrus Totally Woulda Been Twerkin' If He Had A Foam Finger Like Miley
A Comprehensive Guide To Fall Handbags (All Under $300!)
Lena Dunham Hopes Her Boobs Never Outstay Their Welcome
Study Says Haters Gonna Hate No Matter What
Frisky Eats: The 6 Commandments Of Healthy Snacking
Kris Jenner's Talk Show, "Kris," Has Allegedly Been Kancelled
Etsy Offers Tasteful, Rape-Positive "You've Just Been Roofied" Glass
That's A Lot Of Look: Rihanna's Camo Onesie
The Word "Twerk" Can Now Be Found In The Oxford Dictionary
Rapist Gets 30-Day Sentence Because 14-Year-Old Victim "Seemed Older Than Her Chronological Age"
August 28: What Are We Wearing Today?
Must Haves: 7 Quirky Cardigans For Fall
Legendary Thief Caught By Retired Archnemesis
The Creepy Face Peering Out From Cate Blanchett's Dress Will Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Days
Like This, Love That: Your Music & Book Picks For The Week!
Women Want Their Boob Jobs Super-Sized, Yet Natural
Style Stealer: Olivia Wilde's Not Afraid Of "Paws"
Guys, If You've Been Slacking Off At The Gym, You Can Just Buy A Fake Torso
A Loving Tribute To Krissi Biasiello Of "MasterChef" Season 4 (In Pics & GIFs!)
Madonna Highest-Earning Celeb, Despite "Flop" Album
RIP: Gus, The Central Park Zoo's Beloved "Bored" Polar Bear, Has Died At Age 27
The Love Story Behind That Beautiful Photo Of A Woman Carrying Her Double-Amputee Marine Husband
A Guide To Cleaning Your Sheets (For Single Guys And Lazy Girls)
Fox News Outdoes Itself With Crappiness, Uses "Dude Looks Like A Lady" For Chelsea Manning Story
Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber Collaborate On Song Called, Duh, "Twerk"
On Its 50th Anniversary, Watch Martin Luther King Jr.'s Full "I Have A Dream" Speech
This $68 Maison Martin Margiela Pen Could Be Your "Thing"
"Dallas Buyers Club" Is Going To Make Me Have All The Feelings
Stoned Patrick Stewart Teaches His Girlfriend How To Act
Official Illinois State Department Website Offers Klingon Language Accessibility
Valentino Shares His Super Sad Diet With <i>Harper's Bazaar</i>
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Are Breaking Up
8 OMG Discoveries I've Made Thanks To Social Media
That's A Lot Of Look: Did Lana Del Rey Just Ransack An Urban Outfitters?
Be My Boyfriend: Eric "Mean Melin" Melin, 2013 Air Guitar World Champion
The United States Of Porn
Bryan Cranston Rumored For The Role Of Lex Luthor In The "Man Of Steel" Sequel
Kate Bornstein Pens A Moving Open Letter To Chelsea Manning
Missing Teen's Body Found And All Anyone Can Talk About Is the Book He Read
Love It Or Leave It: Selena Gomez Wears All The Patterns
Can You Guess Which Celeb This Golden Ass Belongs To?
Spoiler Alert! Hank Reveals <i>His</i> "Breaking Bad" Ending
Hilary Duff's Son Luca Knows He's Number 1
No! Pippi Longstocking Can't Have A Sex Tape
Another Ex-Scientologist Reveals She Auditioned To Be Tom Cruise's Wife
Things I Need In My Life Right Now: Japanese Bread Beds
What To Wear On A Girls' Night Out
And The Most Racially Insensitive Online Dating Profile Award Goes To … This Guy!
Poll: Was Miley’s VMAs Performance All In Good Fun Or Totally Offensive?
34 Aaron Paul GIFs For Every Year He's Been On Earth
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Samantha Swords, Winner Of The World Jousting Tournament
Start Your Day Right With A Fox In A Box
13 Of Our Favorite #NSAPickupLines
High School Bans "Revealing" Cheerleading Uniforms From Class But Makes Girls Wear Them to Games
Just A Gratuitous Update On Some Lesser "Jersey Shore" Stars
The Standard Hotel Comes Under Fire For Trivializing Violence Against Women In Their Latest Ad Campaign
Real Talk: On Literary Erotica, Part 1
#Armpits4August Is Movember For The Ladiez
We're Breaking Up: Bicycle Seat Thief Obsessed With "The Lingering Scent Of A Woman"
Mirror, Mirror: Being Thin Doesn't Spare You From Body Snarking
So, Joey Fatone <i>Did</i> Fart At The VMAs
Are You "Quirky-Interesting" Enough To Join Dating Site Loveflutter?
Dating Don'ts: Where There Is Driftwood...
Tim Gunn Thinks Fashion's Size Standards Are "Repugnant"
Robin Thicke Is Not Pleased Twerk-Happy Miley Cyrus Stole His VMAs Thunder
A Step-By-Step Guide To A Terrible Trip To The DMV (In GIFs!)
A Fake Subway Sign That (Sadly) Should Be Real
London Artist Turns Trash Into Art
11 Things Amelia & I Wanted To Say To Jared Leto Today, But Didn't
Our 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Wrap-Up
Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Hang At MTV VMAs After-Party
Today Is National Topless Day -- Are You Celebrating?
A Dating Advice Book You'll Actually Read
All-Natural Vinyl Is Now Available At Whole Foods
Celeb Style Poll: The Women Of James Franco's Comedy Central Roast
"Mad Men"'s Kiernan Shipka Is A Riot Grrrl
Watch! Our Picks For Best & Worst Dressed At The 2013 MTV VMAs!
It's Time To Cry: Couple Married For 65 Years Dies 11 Hours Apart
Watch: Robin Thicke's Music Video For "Give It 2 U," Featuring 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar & A Whole Lot Of Booty Dancing
Bored Rihanna Reacts To Major Life Events
Style For Every Size: Jennifer Hudson's Lovely Leather Jacket
Look At This Crazy Underwater Strip Club
So That's Who Robin Thicke Was Inspired By At Last Night's VMAs...
True Story: My Picture Was Stolen And Used For A Fat-Shaming, Anti-Feminist Meme On Facebook
See A Young, Hairy Aaron Paul Audition For "Breaking Bad"
Worst Nightmare: Woman Gets Locked In Acupuncture Clinic Mid-Treatment, Has To Pull Needles Out Of Herself
5 Things To Know About Mary Lambert, The Female Vocalist On Macklemore's "Same Love" Song
17 GIFs That Tell You All You Need To Know About Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke's MTV VMAs Performance
Anna Faris Dreams Of Playing A Drunk, Asexual Nanny Someday
6 Heart-Warming Stories Of Interspecies Love
30 Things We Never Thought We Could Do ... Until We Did
I Want To Go To There: Assateague Island, Where Wild Ponies Sunbathe On The Beach
Love It Or Leave It: Bella Thorne's Mustard-Covered Overalls
Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom On The Rocks Because Of His Crack Cocaine Addiction?
How A Brony Applies For A Job
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of August 26-September 1, 2013
All The Red Carpet Action From The VMAs
Well Played: Taylor Swift's Sweet Floral Dress
Snorkeler Who Lost Arm To Shark Dies in Maui
This Baby Goat Can't Stop Hating On Her Own Reflection
Sunny Obama Is Pooping All Over The White House
How These 15 Celebs Lost Their V-Cards
Tonight's VMAs: Live Tweet With The Frisky!
The Frisky's MTV Video Music Awards Drinking Game
Legendary Pictures Turned Down A Movie Because Its Main Character Is A Female Action Hero
Celine Dion's Mansion Can Be Yours ... For Just $72.5 Million
"How Animals Eat Their Food: Part 2" Is Here!
Kanye West Is Being Sued Over That Scuffle With A Photographer
The Sworn Virgins of Albania Live Celibate, Gender-Bending Lives
Kristin Cavallari Barters For Cab Fare From Paps
Well Played: Emmy Rossum Takes Brentwood In Style
6 Movie Special Effects That Have Gotten Worse Over Time
1920s Mugshots Are Way More Glamorous Than Today's Mugshots
Do Not Want: This Pentagram Garter (And The Tan Lines That Come With It)
How To Have A Smooth Breakup ... With Your Best Friend
A How-To Guide To Using Emojis In Your Dating Life
5 Unsolved Mysteries Of Everyday Life (That Make No Sense)
Totally Coveted: Peep Show, Perfume & The Perfect LBD
Josh Duhamel Is Determined Not To Raise A Little A-Hole
Khloe Kardashian Should Ignore Her Mom & Leave Lamar If He's Really Cheating
Watch: Pearl Jam's Music Video For "Mind Your Manners"
Zut Alors, "Amelie" To Become A Musical
BuzzFeed Publishes Anti-Planned Parenthood Article Written By Personhood USA
Check Out The Ad Teaser For Katy Perry's New (Queen-Inspired?) Fragrance
Photographer's Series Removes The Space Between Strangers
Guess Who's Live Tweeting The VMAs For The Frisky?
Lena Dunham Was A 19-Year-Old Virgin -- Plus The Average Person Only Falls Madly In Love Twice In Their Life
Photojournalism Intern, 22, Gang Raped In Mumbai, India
Let "The Illusion" Explain The Fine Art Of The Bowl Cut
Bob Filner's Sexual Harassment Victims Would Have Been Down If It Came From Ryan Gosling Instead
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Harry Styles' Heart Print Shirt
Anthony Yahle, Ohio Man, Comes Back To Life After Being Declared Dead
Those Before/After Fitness Pictures Are A Big, Fat Lie
7 Beauty Treatments You Should Convince Your Boyfriend To Try
What Daft Punk Should Wear To The VMAs
Girl Talk: When Everyone's Moving In With Their Boyfriend, I'm Moving Out And Getting A Roommate
Anne Hathaway “Got Milk” Ad Campaign Cancelled Due To Lactose Intolerant Star Suffering From Flatulence And Diarrhea
Kanye West Talks Fatherhood On "Kris"
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