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Mirror, Mirror: The Family Beauty
Poll: How Do We Feel About Black Wedding Dresses?
Nigella Lawson And Charles Saatchi Getting Divorced; He Issues Douchey Statement About It
14 Reasons Summer Is The Best Season (In GIFs)
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In Which Dustin Hoffman Gives Me A Case Of The Cries
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How Well Does Ian Ziering Know "Beverly Hills, 90210"'s Steve Sanders?
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Autism Awareness Advocate Carly Fleischmann
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of July 8-14, 2013
Man Travels The Country Giving Out $500 Tips To Honor His Late Brother
7 Women Confess Their Secret Bedroom Alter Egos
Hayden Panettiere Likes Her Nutella Jars Like She Likes Her Men -- Huge
Hot Blog Alert: The Toast Is Live And It Is Awesome
Orlando Bloom Pushing His Son Flynn In A Swing Is A Gift For The Ovaries
Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon After 77-Year British Drought
18 Things You Wish You Could Ask On A First Date (But Can’t Because They're Probably Inappropriate)
Helen Mirren Has Some Very Specific Suggestions For Who Should Play The 12th "Doctor Who"
Beauty How-To: A Lesson In How To Do Panda Nail Art From Miss Pop!
Your Holiday Weekend Internet K-Hole Should Include "Model Files"
"Big Brother" Houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman Fired For Saying The N-Word & Making Racist Comments
About That Time MTV VJ Kennedy Almost Lost Her Virginity To Michael Jordan…
Report: At Least 2 Dead In San Francisco Plane Crash
"Breaking Amish" Star Kate Stoltzfus Poses For <i>Maxim</i>
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Amputee Builds A Prosthetic Leg Entirely Out Of LEGOS
Royal Baby's Cash Value: $376M
Emma Watson Made A Tumblr To Get Into Character For "The Bling Ring"
Must Haves: 10 Cool Cuff Bracelets
12 Sexual Positions That Should Be Named After Celebrities
The 8 Weirdest Fashion Show Moments Ever
Back In The Day: We Love Jean Skirts
17 Delicious Boozy Recipes
The "Snape Does Things" Tumblr Is Just As Entertaining As You'd Expect
Maltey Cyrus Spoofs Miley With "We Can Bark"
Woman Marries 600-Year-Old French Bridge
How Do We Feel About Kristen Stewart's Casual Attempt At Bringing Back Fingerless Gloves?
Leopard Print Transcends Clothing, Makes Its Foray Into Beauty On The Runway
Swirly Pasta Fork: Lazy Eaters Rejoice!
Scottish Politician Boycotts Golf Tournament Because Club Doesn’t Admit Women
Well Arched: Our Top 10 Celebrity Eyebrow Picks
5 Lies You've Been Told About What Men Want
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Chill To Cecile McLorin Salvant, Make Some Baba Ganoush & Read <i>Swamplandia!</i>
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Multi-Colored Bobby Pins
50 Cent Charged With Domestic Violence For Allegedly Kicking Ex Girlfriend
Miley Cyrus Might Genuinely Believe That She Was Lil Kim In A Past Life
Check Out These Portraits Of Men Posing In Their Girlfriends' Clothing
Does Tom Cruise Want Katie Holmes Back?
Awesome, Slightly Terrifying Dessert Of The Day: Pop Rocks Firecracker Cupcakes
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Iranian Swimmer Elham Asghari Can't Get Time Recorded Because Her Swimsuit Is "Too Revealing"
Melissa McCarthy Outperforms Comedy's Leading Men -- Remind Me Again Why "Women Aren't Funny"?
Meet Lentil, The French Bull Dog Puppy Who Helps Kids With Facial Abnormalities
25 Books You Should Read While You're Single
10 Lies Nicholas Sparks Told Us About Love
A True Account From Monday's "Stand For Texas Women" Rally
Man Seeks "Cronut Slut" On Craigslist
Justin Timberlake's Explicit "Tunnel Vision" Music Video: Boobs, Boobs Everywhere
Jennifer Aniston Ate A Big Mac Once And It Was Awful
Today In Terribleness: Bigots Try To Make "Ex-Gay Pride Month" An Actual Thing
"Lovelace" Trailer About Amanda Seyfried As "Deep Throat" Porn Actress Linda Lovelace Is Finally Here
Comedy Central's "Inside Amy Schumer" Employing Comedy Writer Kurt Metzger Who Talks On Facebook About Choking An Ex
Barbie Gets A Beautifully Average Body Makeover
Beyonce Posts Instagram Photo Of Burgers And Champagne, Is Our Best Friend
Style Stealer: Eva Longoria's Creamsicle Color Combo
Maid Of Honor Toasts Happy Couple With Eminem Rap
Frisky Eats: 10 Fantastic Recipes For Your 4th Of July BBQ
Creepy Giant Babies Terrorize London In Advance Of The Royal Baby's Birth
Amazing Sorority Girl Rebecca Martinson Pens Dating Column And It's The Best
It Took Almost 30 Years To Find Missing Woman’s Body In Husband’s Hoarder Home
Real Vs. Fake?: The Amanda Bynes Twitter Edition
Paula Patton: 5 Things To Know About The Actress & Wife Of Robin Thicke
Hitched: The Awe-Inspiring Mundanity of True Love
North Carolina's State Senate Advances Anti-Abortion Bill
Avril Lavigne Reveals Details (And A Photo!) Of Her French Goth Wedding To Chad Kroeger
Alec Baldwin Wants To Quit Acting Forever
If This Mermaid And Merman Can Find Love, Anyone Can
Watch Amelia Give “Beverly Hills, 90210″ Star & Chippendales Stud Ian Ziering A Lap Dance
If You're In The Market For A Brand New Body, Now's Your Chance
16 Things We Vow Not To Do This BBQ Season
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Turn Down $3 Million For North West Photos
Johnny Depp's Man-On-Man Kiss -- Plus, Rules For Outdoor Sex
Dopey IT Guy Mistakenly Broadcasts Nun Sex On A Jumbotron In China
It's Time For A Sex Strike, Texas Ladies
Like This, Love That: Your Music & Book Recommendations For The Week!
Kristen Stewart Is Not Happy Her Ex-Friend Riley Keough Is Dating Robert Pattinson
Kerry Washington Lands Gorgeous <i>Vanity Fair</i> Cover
July 2: What Are We Wearing Today?
Be My Pet: Gibson, The French Bulldog Frightened By Its Own Farts
Awesomely Affordable: The 7 Best Cuff Earrings Under $20
Gillian Jacobs' Outtakes Are Absurdly Awesome
6 Things The "Push Girls" Want You To Know About Having Sex With Women With Disabilities
Men With Sisters Are More Likely To Become Republicans, Do Less Housework
An Open Letter To Trader Joe's Cookie Butter
12 Life Lessons From Maury Povich
Spa Worker Suing For Being Forced To Get A Brazilian Bikini Wax
True Story: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (For 6 Months)
Love It Or Leave It: Kristen Stewart's Black, White, And Leather All Over
Dating Don'ts: What Dating Doesn't Teach You About Relationships
This Teacher Wore The Same Outfit For 40 Years
We're So Pumped For "America's Next Top Model," Guys Versus Girls
Beauty Test Drive: Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer
China Says To Go See Your Parents ... Or Else
There Isn't Going To Be A "Bridesmaids 2"
19 Daily Rewards To Get You Through Mercury Retrograde
Mick Jagger Admits That Being A Rock Star Isn't Very Intellectually Stimulating
We're Madly Jealous Of Feminist Summer Camp For High School Girls
10 Shameful Secrets We Hide About Doing Laundry
Evening Quickies: RIP, Google Reader!
This Is What Kim Kardashian Got Kanye West For His Birthday
Even Sausages Are Sexist These Days
21 Signs You're Addicted To "The Bachelor"
Police Called To New York Country Club Over Breastfeeding
A Lot Of What People Think About Transgender Athletes Is Wrong
Jourdan Dunn Isn’t Even Mad The She Was Cut From Dior’s Show Over Her Boobs
July 1: What Are We Wearing Today?
FEMEN Activists Ripped Off Burqas To Reveal Naked Breasts Inside A Swedish Mosque
Ciara And Nicki Minaj's "I'm Out" Is Required Viewing
Seeing Red: 10 Stunning Shades Of Celebrity Redheads
Stand With Texas Women: Photos & Videos From Today's Rally As Rick Perry Calls Special Session To Vote On SB5
My Top 3 Favorite Female Essayists
That's A Lot Of Look: Jennifer Lawrence's Pants Are Confused
6 Essential Parenting Lessons From '80s Movies
"Game Of Thrones" Season 4 Casts An Unexpected Oberyn Martell
Ohio Put A Lot Of Restrictions On Abortion Last Night
Just The Naughty Bits: Eric Talks Really Dirty On "True Blood"
5 Ways To Celebrate Chavril's Wedding Day
Large Child Justin Bieber Wants To Have Children Soon
Warning: Sex Against Windows May Result In Death
Girl Talk: I Will Not Pretend To Like Sports For Guys Anymore
Paula Patton Was Effed Up On Something At Last Night's BET Awards
What?! Susan Sarandon Doesn't Call Herself A Feminist
Street Style Star Of The Week: Reese Witherspoon
Connie Britton Teams Up With Planned Parenthood For Limited Edition T-Shirt
Solange Gets Down At Glastonbury
Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Ace Knute Johnson
Weight Gain And Bigger Boobs Are Birth Control Myths
Zuma Rossdale Learns To Ride The Waves
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of July 1-6, 2013
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