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Melissa Etheridge Says Angelina Jolie's Double Mastectomy Was Not 'Brave'
June 18: What Are We Wearing Today?
Not This Crap Again: CNN Says Nigella Lawson Looks "Weak," "Subservient" Regarding Abuse Photos
Texas Congressman Says We Should Ban Abortion Because Fetuses Masturbate
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Jessica Lee Is My New Hero
Scott Disick Officially Tries His Hand At Patrick Bateman, Officially Has Zero Talent
So WTF Is Love Rehab, Anyway?
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High School Principal Suggest Porn Stars Teach Sex Ed
Is The Zesty Italian Dressing Guy Going To Play Christian Grey In The "50 Shades" Movie?
Charmin's New Toilet Paper Ad Is Just A Butt Really Close Up
June 17: What Are We Wearing Today?
Today In Terribleness: Florida Women Really Don't Like It When You Mess With Their Food & Drink
Adult Film Star Stoya Says She Ruined Porn For Her Dad
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The 11 Stages Of A Surprise Sunburn
Shocker (Not!): Extremely Anti-Gay Countries Search For The Most Gay Porn
Channing Tatum. Holding A Baby. Wearing A Baja Hoodie.
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of June 17-23, 2013
Would You Hire A 20-Year-Old Jean-Michel Basquiat?
Choupette Scores Her First <i>Vogue</i> Cover, Seriously Upstages Linda Evangelista
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Grace Coddington And Her Cat Cook Meat And Potatoes For <i>Vogue</i>
Rejoice! Kim Kardashian Gave Birth To A Baby Girl Today
Who Wore It Best: The Blush Stuff
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Robert Pattinson Will Be The New Face Of Dior's Men's Fragrance After All
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Happy Ending Massage For Women: One Woman's Tale
Must Haves: 8 Sweet Lil' Summer Dresses
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Listen (Early!) To Kanye West's <i>Yeezus</i>, Make Cut-Offs And Coasters, Suck On A Boozy Popsicle & More!
6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Double Braided Updo
That's What He Said: Dalai Lama Says Women Have "More Sensitivity About Others' Wellbeing"
Adam Levine Rocks A High-End Drug Rug On Morning Television
"Toddlers & Tiaras" Mom Tori Hensley Developing Energy Drink For Kids
Italian Politician Calls For Colleague Cecile Kyenge To Be Raped
Noted Humanitarian Chris Brown Launches Campaign To Encourage "Love"
Christians Think This Kraft Ad Is Too Zesty -- Plus, The Rise Of "Daddies"!
Frisky By The Numbers: The Toddler/Terrorist Death Toll
Dogs In Car Windows Make Everything Better
Sexy French Swimmers Pose For Anti-Homophobia Campaign
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The 4th Annual amFAR Inspiration Gala
Man Calls 911 Because His "Prostitute Is Too Ugly"
Dads Raising Daughters: On Teaching Girls They Are Strong, Beautiful & Powerful
Should Women Reclaim The Word "Slut"?
Meet Raffael Medina Brochero, Who Is Selling His Testicles To Go To Europe
Girl Talk: On Redemption In Fatherhood
Models Under 18 In New York Will Soon Be Protected By Child Labor Laws
Scarlet Fever: 10 Celeb Red Lipstick Looks
Katy Perry Looks Uncharacteristically Boring On Her First <i>Vogue</i> Cover
Men Are To Blame For Menopause
Dealbreaker: She Was A Compulsive Liar
Charlie Sheen Does Not Appreciate Farrah Abraham Selling Their Private Text Message Conversations
Eyeball Licking Is The New Second Base In Japan
Girl Talk: Assorted Thoughts On Being Raised By A Single Dad
Man Allegedly Stabs Brother After Macaroni And Cheese Goes Missing
For Just $1,249 A Month, You Can Have Someone Else Online Date For You
Be My Boyfriend: Rick Myers, Psychotropic Mushroom & Alligator Enthusiast
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Amanda Bynes Claims, Via Text Message To Friend, Her Breakdown Is Just An Act
Paris Hilton Continues To Live In An Alternate Reality
30 Dead Giveaways That A Guy Is Immature
Woman Looking For Housemate That Will Pretend To Be A Walrus Writes Best Roommate Ad Ever