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Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn May Be Inheriting $49 Million
Boyz II Men Help Deliver Three Special Musical Surprises
Please Enjoy This Clean Freak Little Owl Babe
Megyn Kelly Opens A Can Of Whoop-Ass On Judgy-Wudgy Fox News Guest
Oh, Just Some Sloth Rings For Your Jewelry Box
I'm Ready For "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" And You Should Be Too
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The Punky Pony
You Really <i>Could</i> Be The King Of Burgers With This Burger King Burger Holder
Be My Friend: "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" Edition
Blue Velvet: 10 Celeb Blue Eyeshadow Looks
Does This Pregnant 70-Year-Old Make You Uncomfortable?
Poll: How Often Should You Wash Your Sex Toys?
Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet The Lasagna-Bun Burger
Lazy Man Makes A Successful Living Off Of Being Lazy
Girl Talk: Finding My Birth Parents
Amanda Bynes, You Are Loved
El Salvador Will Allow Beatriz An Emergency Abortion After All
The Soapbox: Where Are The Pubes On "Game Of Thrones"?
"That's Not Drugs, That's My Nipple," Says Florida Woman
Well Played: Olivia Palermo Looks Awesome In Orange
Quiz: Real Or Fake Reality Show?
Topless Protesters Interrupt Heidi Klum During Filming Of "Germany's Next Top Model"
The French Finally Invent A Word For "French Kissing"
8 Totally Fresh Sex Games To Try This Summer
Rihanna Sings While Getting Her Vagina Waxed, Loves The Pain
The Backstreet Boys Posed With Pandas And My Heart Just Exploded
7 Better Ideas For Yankee Candles' Man Candles Line
No Big Deal: Cameron Diaz Is Dating A South African Billionaire
Hot Links: Miguel Headed To Court Over Crotch-Dropping Incident?
Paris Hilton's Got Some Gothy Beach Wear
Japanese Court Rules Against Keeping One's "Maiden Name"
Compassionate Fashion: Mata Traders
What Will Those Krazy Katdashians Do Next?
May 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
Sir Patrick Stewart Meets And Embraces Domestic Violence Victim
10 Awesome Summer Beach Reads
We're Breaking Up: Guy Who Was Arrested For Having Sex While Driving Drunk
Her 10 Best Looks: Carey Mulligan's Red Carpet Style Never Misses A Beat
Let The Prancercise Spoofs Begin!
Courage, Risks, Yes, Go, Now: 15 Totally Necessary Life Tips From Amy Poehler (In GIFS!)
Victoria Beckham Doesn't Put On Makeup In Front Of Baby Harper
Awful Woman Complains She's "Too Pretty" To Marry Her Fiance
Girl Talk: Marriage Freaks Me Out
Woman Claims She Got Herpes From Trying On Rihanna's MAC Lipstick
Anne Hathaway Goes Back To Brown After Rocking Platinum Hair
Mommie Dearest: It Sometimes Takes A (Virtual) Village
El Salvador's Supreme Court Refuses To Allow Sick Pregnant Woman Beatriz A Lifesaving Abortion
Wedding Photos Are Fun When Someone's Good At Photoshop
Frisky Eats: 10 Refreshing Lemonades And Iced Teas
Grumpy Cat Is Getting Her Own Movie
Vagina Killer: Vaseline Body Armor
The 16 Raunchiest Nail Polish Color Names Of All Time
Lean In Asks, What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?
Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Are Lookin' Good
8 Lies That You're Allowed To Tell In Bed (in GIFs)
Former Child Star Mara Wilson Explains Why So Many Of Them Go Crazy
Hot Links: "Human Centipede 3" Casting News! Plus, Adam Levine Is In Trouble With America
Dylan Sprouse Explains Why He and Cole Sprouse Left Disney
Children's Network Debuting "SheZow," A Show About A Gender-Bending Crime Fighter
Republican Staffer Tries To Get "Hot" Lady Democrat An Internship On The Hill
George R. R. Martin Is Writing A "Game Of Thrones" Coffee Table Book Now
Nothing Is More Riveting Than The Scripps Spelling Bee
May 29: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
President Obama 'Fesses Up About Lipstick On His Collar
Style 911: "What Do I Wear With This Yellow Dress?"
Mom/Daughter Porn Stars Seeking Dad/Son Porn Team For Good Times
Makeup Bag: 5 Favorite Summer Hair Products
JC Penney "Hitler" Kettle Is Pulled From Store But Still Hot Online
Did You Need A Positive Pregnancy Test? Because This Woman's Selling Them
Poll: Should I Give This Ugly Chair A Makeover?
Learn The Art Of Prancercise
Today In Terribleness: Dad Sticks Baby In Freezer & Falls Asleep
Girl Talk: I Did Everything Wrong, But Still Found Love
A Possible (Funny) Explanation On How Heterosexuality Came To Be
Style Stealer: Reese Witherspoon's Sunny Shopping Ensemble
Hitched: Stop With The Female Breadwinning Trend Stories Already
Can You Guess Which Celeb Couple Was Snapped Engaging In Aquatic PDA?
Republican Lawmaker Says Women "Don't Even Understand Themselves"
The Soapbox: On Black Women, Exercise And Our Hair
Sewage Pipe Baby's Mom: It Was An Accident
78-Year-Old Barbara Eden Still Dreams Of Jeannie
Rep. Michele Bachmann Won't Be Seeking Reelection
Becoming Diana: One Trans Woman's Journey To Self-Acceptance
This Just In: You Can Have A Dolphin Birth Your Baby
The More Elite The British School, The More Money They Spend On Sex Toys
7 Ways To Stop "Fat Talk"
Kate Middleton's Blabby Uncle Gossips To Newspaper About The Royal Baby
Teen Lesbian Drama "Blue Is The Warmest Color" Wins The Top Prize At Cannes
Celeb Couples We Wish Would Make Sex Tapes
Facebook Vows To Revisit Policy On Violence Against Women Following Feminist Campaign
Who Wore It Best: Yipes! Stripes! Edition
How To Tell If You're A Pizzasexual -- Plus, Matt Damon In A Bedazzled, Banana Hammock!
May 28: What Are We Wearing Today?
5 Drag Queen Rules From RuPaul To Nicole Richie
<i>Bridget Jones</i> Is Coming Back This October!
"The Bachelorette" Recap: Desiree Is Not A "Fantasy Suite On The First Date" Type Of Girl
Gisele Bundchen Has Thoughts About "Imperfections"
America Prevails In Traditional Cheese Rolling Competition
Beauty How-To: Keep Your Lipstick Looking Fresh
Amanda Bynes Thinks Her Case Is Getting Dropped, Has Words With Courtney Love Over Twitter
Would You Wear: This Graphic Liner Look?
6 "Bikini Body" Truths To Remember This Summer
Today In Pizza Technology: A DVD That Smells Like Pizza
Soulmate Stories: Woman Paints Future Husband Before She Meets Him
4 Random Musings From A Long, Solo Bike Ride
So, I Guess Believing You're A Zombie Is A Real Thing?
A Body Pillow For The Big Breasted Amongst Us
Dating Don'ts: A Field Guide To Getting Lucky At A Wedding
Scarlett Johansson & Jessica Chastain Among The Actresses Being Considered To Play Hillary Rodham Clinton
Kelly Rowland Breaks Down On Stage While Singing "Dirty Laundry"
Roman Polanski Gripes The Birth Control Pill Has "Masculinized" Women
The Soapbox: I'm Sick Of Being Told I "Must Accept" My Body
Male Fan Slaps Beyoncé's Ass During A Concert
Girl Talk: Bisexuality, Straight Privilege, And A Place At The Table
A Review Of The New Satanic Bikini
Of Course Jon Snow Would Be A Grunge Dude
Quiz: Are You Ready To Make Your Relationship Facebook Official?
Do Not Want: The Stand-Perfectly-Still-Or-Else Swimsuit
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Victory Rolls
Butts, Sparkles & Frozen Faces: The Best Tweets From HBO's "Behind The Candelabra"
Beauty Test Drive: Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System
Alexis Neiers On How Going To Rehab (The Second Time) Changed Her Life
5 Tips For Leaving Your Stuff At His Place (Without Freaking Him Out)
Beauty Cues: Marion Cotillard's Soft, Simple Cannes Look
Cynthia Nixon Is Concerned About Carrie Bradshaw's Closet
Frisky Reader Revealed: Ali Has It All
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of May 27-June 3, 2013
Exclusive Clip: "Inside Amy Schumer" Introduces The Slap Chef
Well Played: Mena Suvari's Silk Pants Escapade
Amanda Bynes Says Cops Sexually Harassed Her, Goes After Rihanna On Twitter
Manatee Asks "Can I Live?" After Florida Woman Attempts to Ride On Its Back
Cross Species Love: Cat & Duckling Edition
What Dudes Are Saying: 27 Things That Will Get You Laid At 25 & Rejected At 35
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Pairs Of Work-Friendly Sandals
Oh Jim! Captain Kirk's Guide To Women
Beauty Test Drive: Kiehl's Skin Rescuer
Set Your DVR: "Outlawed In Pakistan" Airs Tuesday Night On PBS
10 Actors And The Iconic Roles They Rejected
Here's What Wearing A Corset Looks Like From The Inside
Valiant Tiger Undergoes Surgery To Remove Massive Hairball
A Compendium Of Awesomely Bad '90s Hair Styles
Want A Life-Size Replica Of Yourself? Japan Can Make That Happen
This Is A Photo Of Eight Men Discussing A Ban On Women's Reproductive Health
Third Wheeling It: Which Type Of Unwanted Party Are You?
Style 911: Help Me Find Work-Appropriate Shorts!
Weekend Playlist: Spend Some Time In The Sea
Kiera Wilmont Talks About The Science Experiment That Almost Ruined Her Future
Awesomely Affordable: 12 Fly Fedoras For Under $30!
Weekend Project: Make Your Own Car Air Freshener
Shia LaBeouf Won't Have Real Sex In "Nymphomaniac" After All
Taylor Swift's Look-A-Like Suffers Broken Jaw For Resembling The Most Irritating Pop Star Ever
Elisabeth Moss Has Nothing To Say About Jon Hamm's Junk On "Watch What Happens Live!"
Miley Cyrus Topless Pics Hit The Web — But I Think They're Photoshopped
12-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Called "Slut," "Whore" Online
Tyrese Suggests Ladies Take Premature Ejaculation As A Compliment
Boyz II Men Help Siblings Share A Little Sisterly Love
More From The 2013 Cannes Film Festival: Hits
Watch This: Celine Dion Gets Down To Daft Punk (Well, Kinda)
18 Galaxy-Print Items Every "Star Trek" Fan Needs
Republican Politician Shames Woman For Abortion, Said She Should Have Delivered Severely Disabled Baby
Pink Ladies: Celeb Lipstick Looks
Dad Writes To Advice Column For Permission To Date His Daughter's Friend
The Soapbox: How My Old School Dad Raised Me To Be A New School Feminist
Amanda Bynes Tells Judge The Bong She Threw Out A Window Was A Vase
Astrology 101: How To Find The Best Job For Your Sign
Woman Draws A $1,240 Penis
Dealbreaker: He Didn't Have A Bed
Get In My Mouth: Sushi Donuts
Kristen Scott Thomas Mocks Ryan Gosling's C**k In "Only God Forgives" Scene
Mommie Dearest: Pregnancy Is Not A Beauty Contest
Lena Dunham Isn't Down With Hustler's Parody Porn Of "Girls"
The Most Popular Baby Names -- A State-By-State Comparison!
6 "Star Trek" Catchphrases And How To Work Them Into Everyday Conversations
You'll Never Guess What Hanson Named Its Beer (Yes You Will)
All The "Arrested Development" Chicken Dances In One Glorious Video
More From The 2013 Cannes Film Festival: Misses
Amanda Bynes Arrested After Tossing Bong Out Window, Undergoes Psychiatric Evaluation
Amanda Bynes Tried To Use A Google Search In Lieu Of Presenting Actual ID
Jerry Lewis On Women Comedians: "I Cannot Sit And Watch A Lady Diminish Her Qualities"
May 23: What Are We Wearing Today?
Well Played: Keri's Stripe-y Umbrella Keeps The Rain Away
Jennifer Aniston Gets All Nekkid-ish In "We're The Millers"
Jessica's Style Challenge: Get Me The Nautical Look For $300 Or Less
Newlywed Katrina Bowden Takes Her Dog For A Stroll In NYC
J.J. Abrams Shares Benedict Cumberbatch’s Deleted Shower Scene From “Star Trek Into Darkness”
Style Stealer (Plus!): Khloe Kardashian's Curve-Hugging Stripes
Will "The Walking Dead" Live On For 9 More Seasons?
Will & Jada Smith "Respect" Their Kids, Don't Treat Them Like "Property"
JGL, ScarJo & Porn -- What More Could You Want?
14 Celebs With Naughty Piercings
"Girls" Gets Its Own Parody Porn: "This Ain't Girls XXX"
Maya Rudolph & Danny McBride's Awkward Family Photo Album
10 Feminist Lessons We Learned From The Women Of "Star Trek"
"Arrested Development": 20 Recurring Gags You Need To Know Before Watching Season 4
Period Poetry Will Flow At The First Ever "Red Moon Howl"
Criminal Butt Dials Cops During Murder Plot
6 Mistakes Not To Make When Getting Set Up
Lea Michele Inexplicably Lands A Book Deal For Her "Memoir," I Am Baffled
Ingrid Loyau-Kennett Is The Heroine Of Yesterday's London Terrorist Attack
Girl Talk: Taking The Leap
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