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Jamie Lynn Spears Ominously Tweets About Justin Timberlake
Her 10 Best: Rosario Dawson
Dogs In Pantyhose Is Something A Cat Would Never Stand For
Norman Reedus Has Own Name Tattooed Above His Nipple
The 5 Ways We Define Love (And Why They're Wrong)
Well Played: Jada Pinkett Smith's Deconstructed Tux
Julianne Hough And Tom Cruise Desperately Want To Hookup
This 3-Year-Old Sea Lion Has Excellent Taste In Music
"Thrift Shop" With A Saxophone Solo
How To Make Skype Sex Less Awkward
Where Are The Black Barbie Birthday Themes?
The Dos & Don'ts Of Wearing ... Overalls
Style Stealer: Sarah Jessica Parker Is A Cool Mom
Weekend Project: Make Your Own Faux Druzy Necklace
You Should Hire Men In Kilts To Clean Your Hard-To-Reach Windows
Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Butt, Mortifies Her Children
20 More Awkward Celebrity Kisses
President Obama Apologizes To "Best Looking Attorney General"
Kim Zolciak's Mile-High Threesome --Plus What Your Panties Say About You
April 5: What Are We Wearing Today?
Bradley Cooper Got A Perm!
21 Of Our Most Ridiculous Airhead Moments
Must Haves: 9 Patterned Skirts To Celebrate Spring
Do Not Want: Sweaty Chest Hair Sweater
James Franco Maybe Wants To Hump Ryan Gosling More Than I Do
Beyonce & Jay-Z Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary In Cuba
Halle Berry Pregnant With Second Child?
This Is How Parisians Trim The Grass
I'm Sorry, I Refuse To Drink A Semen Cocktail
The 13 Hottest Baby Names Of 2013 (So Far) & What They Say About US
"Bros" -- Another Parody Of "Girls" You Didn't Ask For
Chaz Ebert Calls Life With Late Husband Roger Ebert "More Beautiful And Epic Than A Movie"
The Ladies Of "Mad Men" Vs. The Creepy Dudes Of OKCupid
Why Feminism Must Be About More Than Careerism, "Leaning In," And The Glass Ceiling
Groan: President Obama Calls California's AG Kamala Harris "The Best Looking Attorney General"
Judge Strikes Down Age Limit On Morning-After Pill
Girl Talk: Confessions Of A Thin-Privileged Fat Activist
Satisfy Your Bath Time Cravings
The Trailer For The "Carrie" Remake Has Arrived!
16 Things Women Think Turn Men On, But Don't
Amanda Bynes Tweets Lawsuit Threats, Eating Disorder Weirdness
Nicola Formichetti Is Out As Creative Director At Mugler
Astrology 101: High School Yearbook Awards For Each Sign
Life Dream Status: A Mars Rover Mini Dress
"Everything" Perfume Is The Perfect Scent For Indecisive People
12 Supposedly Clean Mainstream Pop Songs That Are Probably About Anal Sex
Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses Open Marriage Rumors
Texas School Allows Student Tony Zamazal To Wear A Dress To Prom
Coco Shows Off Her Lady Lumps
Elisabeth Moss Plays "F**k, Marry, Kill" With The Men Of Sterling Cooper
A Cab That Wards Off Vampires
No, Selena Gomez Is Not "To Blame For Justin Bieber's Behavior"
Facebook Unveils 'Home' For Phones
India Enacts Tougher Rape Laws — But They're Still Not Perfect
Well Played: Julianne Hough & Olivia Munn Get Their Nails Did
Style Stealer: Emilia Clarke's In The Trenches
Breaking: Legendary Film Critic Roger Ebert Has Passed Away
This Petite Meller Video "Stevie Jobs" Is Mindblowingly Terrible
5 Fresh Cream Blushes For A Spring Flush Year-round
"Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Star Phaedra Parks Gets A Spinoff Show
"When Are You Going To Have A Baby?": The Taylor Swift "32" Parody
Tanning Mom Supports The Anti-Tanning Law She Inspired, Continues To Be Amazing
Frisky Q&A: Kelly Oxford Talks About Her Hilarious New Memoir, Going From Stay-At-Home Mom To Breadwinner & Meeting David Copperfield's Mermaid
"Arrested Development" Fans, May 26th Just Became The Most Important Day Of Your Life
Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat, You Miserable Adorable Sod!
Guy Talk: On Being A Dude In A Sexist Society
Kansas Abortion Clinic Operated By Dr. George Tiller To Reopen
I Have Yet To Fully Grasp The Amazingness Of This New "Gatsby" Trailer
Mirror, Mirror: Touch My Belly, Please
An Open Letter To The Girl Who Was Suspended From School 24 Times For Smelling Bad
Rich Instagram Brat Lavish Still Can't Afford Spellcheck
How To Be A Creep On The Internet
Magic Johnson & Wife Support Their Gay Son E.J. "One Million Percent"
Check Out The Red Band Trailer For Ryan Gosling's "Only God Forgives"
9 Things Spock Would Say About Dating
Romeo Beckham's Mall-Going Girlfriend Does Not Want To Be Mistaken For A Blogger
"Romance Pants" Are The Clapper Of Sex
9 Animals Who Are Into Oral Sex
Evening Quickies: Ryan Gosling Saves The Cows
Harvard Students Protest Tyga's Concert Over Sexist Lyrics
Ireland Baldwin Is The Most Beautiful Little Pig* I've Ever Seen
Jennifer Garner To Legally Become Jennifer Affleck
Wall Street Power Woman Irene Dorner On "Sticky Feet" And Glass Ceilings
April 3: What Are We Wearing Today?
5 Life Lessons From A Former Mean Girl
Hayden Panettiere Does Not Regret Her Misspelled "No Regrets" Tattoo
Russell Brand Hung Out With David Lynch And I Wasn't Invited
One Tweed Blazer, Worn Three Ways
One Direction's Harry Styles Is Even More Frightening In Clay
Tyrion Lannister Is Looking To Connect On LinkedIn
5 Potential Career Moves For Justin Bieber's Monkey
A Picture A Day, In The Year Of A Domestic Violence Victim
Confirmed: Jon Hamm Giggles Whilst Being Tickled
The Soapbox: Tyler Perry Has A Rape Problem In "Temptation"
Be My Boyfriend: Eric Ducharme, Real-Life Merman Of Florida
Was Kerry Washington's Skin Lightened On The Cover Of <i>Entertainment Weekly</i>?
5 Things We Learned At The "Game Of Thrones" Exhibit
Michelle Obama: "Barack <i>Is</i> a Sex Symbol"
Jon Hamm Is Mad Because This Post References His Package
Sisqo's Leaked Nude Pics: <i>Dong Da Dong Dong Dong</i>
Hitched: "Princeton Mom" Is Lying To You
See The World Through Rose-Embellished Glasses
Beyoncé Is A Feminist
Must Haves: 7 Colorful Wedge Sandals For Spring
Chinese Woman Stages Her Own Funeral While Alive So She Could "Enjoy It"
Emma Watson Covers <i>GQ</i> As "Pretty Woman"
A Very Necessary Guide To The Best Places To Pee In Public
Hagfish Slime Might Be The Future Of Fashion
If You Drop Your Phone On The Train Tracks, Please Just Leave It, OK?
10 Life Lessons I've Learned From Country Music
Ryan Cabrera Gets Ryan Gosling's Face Tattooed On His Leg
If Websites Existed In "Game Of Thrones"' Westeros
Gigi Chao Responds To Dad's Million Dollar Offer To Marry His Lesbian Daughter & Make Her Straight
Your Daily Squee: Newborn Lambs In Neon Sweaters
Jennifer Lawrence <i>Might</i> Have Had A Double Nip Slip
No <i>Playboy</i> Rejection Is Going To Stop Courtney Stodden From Being A Cover Girl
April 2: What Are We Wearing Today?
John Wilson Teaches Cancer Survivors To "Always Keep Pedaling"
Bruno Mars Cuts His "Puff"
Must Haves: 10 Pairs Of Badass Black Spring Shoes (Under $200!)
Why Don't More Women Talk About Masturbation?
This Doctor's Bathroom Sign Welcomes Everyone
Well Played: Olga Kurylenko Is A Stunner In Elie Saab
Khaleesi Goes Back To Brunette, Plus 8 Other Celebs Who Went From Brown To White Blonde
Martha Stewart Talks To "The Today Show" About Baking With Snoop Dogg
Knockoff Police: ModCloth Vs. Charlotte Olympia's Cat Flats
The 10 Best Things About Non-Boyfriends (Illustrated In GIFs)
France Will Now Reimburse The Cost Of Abortions, Provide Free Contraception To Teen Girls
YouTube Bans Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" Music Video Over Too Many Boobs
True Story: I Worked As A High-End Stripper
8 Style Lessons From "Beverly Hills, 90210"
In Which RuPaul Takes Drag To A Spiritual Level
Butt-Baring Woman Drunkenly Battles Ex & Neighbor With Papayas
Dating Don'ts: How Not To Be That Annoying, Love-Crazed Person
The Funniest Memoir You'll Read This Year
Lindsay Lohan Freaks Out The World By Announcing She's Pregnant
Mommie Dearest: The Real "Mommy Wars" Are Against Mothers, Not Between Them
Watch Olivia Pope's "Scandal" Makeup Tutorial
Amy Poehler Is Dating Nick Kroll And We Approve
7 Times When Loud Sex Is A Really Bad Idea
"I Love Gingers": A Photoseries After My Own Heart
George R. R. Martin Says He Is "A Feminist At Heart"
12 Photos Of Ryan Gosling Shaking His Fist At Products Featuring His Name And Face
Orlando Bloom, Condola Rashad To Star In "Romeo & Juliet"
10 Things You Didn't Know About "Game Of Thrones"
Saudi Women Allowed To Ride Bikes, But Only While Wearing An Abaya & Accompanied By A Male Relative
Well Played: The Obamas' Easter Ensembles
First Look: "True Blood" Season 6!
Entitled High School Senior Suzy Lee Weiss Makes Me Sad For The Future
April 1: What Are We Wearing Today?
"Buckwild"'s Shain Gandee Found Dead
LeAnn Rimes Chokes Out A Friendly Bulldog Puppy
Please Tell Me This Bra-Clad "Zombie Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Target" Is An April Fool's Day Joke
An Open Letter To Sienna Miller's Wardrobe Circa 2004
Sexism Fail: <i>NY Times</i> Remembers NASA Jet Propulsion Scientist As "World's Best Mom"
Couple Seeks Divorce On The Grounds Of Snake Sex, Urination & Private Part Pulling
Style Stealer: Melissa Gorga's Got The Color Of The Year Covered
Google Earns Ridiculous Backlash For Not Showing Eggs Or Jesus On Easter
Mariah Carey Celebrated Easter Sunday With A Sexy Bunny Photoshoot
India.Arie Responds To Skin Bleaching Accusations: "I Have No Desire To Bleach Myself"
Princeton Mom Warns Women Have A "Shelf Life"
"The Walking Dead" Season 3 Concludes With A Bang
Be My Boyfriend: Brian Manowitz, The Vegan Lasagna-Making Black Metal Chef
10 Things Our Gynos Told Us That Blew Our Minds (As Told In GIFs)
RIP Society: Fifth Grade Boys Plotted To Rape, Murder Female Classmate
Of Course Lady Gaga Has A Louis Vuitton Wheelchair
Girl Talk: My Husband's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Was A Living Nightmare
Elderly Couple Weds 60 Years After Their Parents Forbid Them From Getting Married
"Dr. Who" Fans Rejoice! David Tennant And Billie Piper Returning For Show's 50th Anniversary
How The Internet Is Celebrating April Fools' Day
Sweet Macaron Kisses
"Glee"'s Cory Monteith Checks Into Rehab
20 Things We Learned From Women's Magazines That Scarred Us For Life
Ryan Gosling Almost Gets In A Fight When Random Dude Calls Eva Mendes "Baby"
Watch This: World's Worst Kitchen Gadget Squeezes Out Egg Erections
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of April 1-7, 2013
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