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Your Daily Squee: Baby Rhino Learns To Roll In The Mud Like Her Mama
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"Star Trek"'s Uhura And Spock Were Supposed To Hook Up Year Ago, Then William Shatner Pulled Rank
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Just A Man And His $25,000 Mustard Collection
Weekday Playlist: 18 Songs About Masturbation, In Honor Of Divinyls Singer Chrissy Amphlett
As It Turns Out, "My Slutty Teacher" Is Not An Appropriate Web Site For A Teacher To Build On Her Work Laptop
"Mad Men" Recap: Joan Holloway Is The Queen Bee & Don Draper Is Officially Dead To Me
Travel Diary: The Long Road From Portland To Nashville
Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Wife Katherine Russell: What We Know About the Alleged Bomber’s Widow
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Watch '90s Will Smith, Ice-T & Queen Latifah Rap About Earth Day
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5-Year-Old Indian Girl Abducted, Raped
First Time For Everything: Attending A Sex Toy Party
"Princeton Mom" Susan Patton Speaks At Princeton: "A Woman Looking For A Husband In Her 30s Gives Off Total Desperation"
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Reese Witherspoon Avoids Eye Contact With The Mugshot Camera
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of April 22-29, 2013
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"Fundawear" Touch-Sensitive Underwear Make Me Very Uncomfortable
Are You Dating A Cat Or A Dog?
Weekend Playlist: Happy 4/20, Stoners!
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Politician Introduces Bill To Make Science Fiction Required Public School Reading
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Amy Poehler Sends Love To Boston In Latest "Ask Amy" Video
Fox Closed Captioning Is A Little Confused About The Identity Of The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect
Police Have Surrounded A House In Watertown, MA [UPDATED]
Today's Lady News: Reader Submission Edition!
Taylor Swift Accused Of Having "Major Sexual Chemistry" With Tim McGraw -- Plus, How To Cure Your BJ Boredom
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In Defense Of Cupcakes
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Let Baby Hedgehog Vs. T-Shirt Soothe Your Soul
City Of Boston On Lockdown As Police Hunt For Second Suspect In Marathon Bombing
Shocker! Nick Lachey Suggests 2006-Era Kim Kardashian Used Him For Tabloid Attention
El Salvador Will Not Allow Lifesaving Abortion For Young Mother
A Vintage Shot Of "Real Houswife" Lisa Vanderpump Topless, Showing Off Her Nips (NSFW)
Details Of Ann Curry’s Reported "Today Show" Bullying Will Make You Gasp
Amanda Bynes Weird Selfie Video Is Latest In String Of Strange Behavior
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Absolutely Terrible: Modeling Agencies Are Stalking Eating Disorder Clinics For New Models Now
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People Love Sex, Especially If They Think They're Having More Than Everyone Else
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Guy Accused Of Sexual Misconduct At College, So His Mom Pens Victim-Blaming <i>Wall Street Journal</i> Op-Ed
8 Little Ways To Deal With This Scary, Awful, Crappy Week
"Furious" Gabrielle Giffords Says Senate Shamed Itself
Be My Boyfriend: Man Who Got Arrested For Taking Too Many Free Samples At Cub Foods
Sorority Girl Rebecca Martinson Shows The True Meaning Of Sisterhood By Calling Her Sisters "Retarded"
5 Things Island Life Can Teach Us
Dinner Tastes Better With Clitoris
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25 Life Lessons From 25 Famous Sluts
Rip'n Chick'n Is Like A Weird Chicken Hand With Creepy Fingers
Stephen Colbert Responds To "Accidental Racist" With "Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe"
True Story: I Hooked Up With My Celebrity Crush
This Is Dan Savage's Hot, Half-Naked Husband, Terry Miller
Nigel Hardy, 13, Commits Suicide After Being Bullied For Being A Male Cheerleader
The Soapbox: The Problem With The Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign
Police Use Tear Gas To Get Woman Out Of "American Pie" Star Eddie Kaye Thomas' Home
Yes, Blackface Is Still Offensive, <i>Vogue Netherlands</i>
A Nipple-y Tribute To Radiohead's Thom Yorke & 34 More Ill-Advised Celebrity Face And Name Tattoos
Ever Wonder What Barbie Looks Like Without Makeup?
Peter Dinklage Doesn't Believe He's A Sex Symbol
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Called 911 To Complain About His Mom
Frisky Eats: 10 Fresh Ways To Cook Fish
Huge Explosion At Texas Fertilizer Plant
Oregon High School Student Fakes Pregnancy For Class Project
President Obama Responds To Senate Gun Control Vote
Adele Is No Lena Dunham, Turns Down $$$ Memoir Offer
Australian News Warns A "P*ssy Shaver" Is On The Loose
Senate Rejects Tougher Background Checks
Hey, Conservatives: Even Nancy Reagan Supports Marriage Equality
Jemima Kirke Is A Beautiful Gay Bride For Bridal Boutique Ad
Handsy Sloth Gets All Up In Cat's Business
Who Had The Best Look In Black At The Tribeca Film Festival Vanity Fair Party?
Louis C.K. Jokes (But Not Really) That Men Are The Biggest Threat To Women
Will Beyoncé Succeed In Singlehandedly Bringing Back The Bellybutton Ring?
Apparently, People Dislike Justin Bieber More Than Taylor Swift And Chris Brown
Today In Terrible Teachers: Esther Irene Stokes Denies Molesting A Student On The Grounds That She's Racist
New Zealand Parliament Passes Marriage Equality Law, Breaks Into Song
Take Two Tylenol For Your Existential Crisis And Call Me In The Morning
Anonymous Hacks (Spoofs?) The Westboro Baptist Church's Facebook Page
New York Yankees Pay Tribute To Boston With "Sweet Caroline"
Breaking News: AP Reports That Suspect In Boston Marathon Bombing Identified, Arrest Imminent
Your Daily Reminder That Men Are Capable Of Being Truly Terrible
Random Recipe: We Need To Talk About This Sandwich I Just Made
Girl Talk: Stop Telling Me I Should Focus On Getting My Old Body Back
"Vaginas" Is An Appropriate Euphemism For "Women," According To New Hampshire Republican Politician
Suspicious Letter To President Obama Intercepted
Universal Pictures Plans A "Pitch Perfect" Sequel To Hit Theaters In 2015
The Soapbox: "Mad Men," Pregnancy, And The Nuance Of Choice
Check The Time <i>Insta</i>ntly
Some G-Rated Jon Hamm News For Once: A Visit To "Sesame Street"
Dove Hired A Forensic Artist To Illustrate How Women See Themselves
I Suddenly Want To See "Man Of Steel"
Donald Trump's 7-Year-Old Son Wears Caviar Moisturizer
Why It's A Good Thing That Men Are Reflecting About Masturbation
Chanel Reigns Supreme In The Fashion Film Game With This Dreamy Video
Win This! 2 Boxes Of Pavillon Ledoyen's Macarons!
If People Ate Like Animals, Dinner Would Be More Entertaining
Kat Von D's Wedding Will Be "Underwater-Themed"
Jennifer Morrison Got Nude For <i>Allure</i> -- Plus, Hot RILFs!
Ohio Seeks To Ban Sex Ed Teaching "Gateway" Sexual Behavior
Dad's Amazing Story Of How His Son Got The "Sofia The First" DVD
Boston Marathon Bombing: <i>Sports Illustrated</i> Pays Tribute & More On The Ongoing Investigation
Refined Sugar: Paying For Love In 2013
"Bridesmaids" Director Paul Feig Is A Feminist
Well Played: Oh The Places My Mind Goes When I See This Outfit Worn By Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Makeup Bag: The Best Of Blotting Papers For Summertime Skin
Anti-Abortion Activists Hold First "Leave The Abortion Industry Day"
Sexy Shoe Shines: Because <i>Everything</i> Has To Be Sexy Now
30 Adorable Puppy GIFs Sound Pretty Good Right About Now
Modern Art Desserts: For Those Who Like It Sweet, Difficult And A Little Bit Pretentious
Man Quits Job Via Cake
Psy's New "Gentleman" Video: Ridiculous Dancing & A-hole Behavior
8 Lessons From Pickup Artists That Guys Should Actually Use
Yet Another Amazing "Star Trek Into Darkness" Trailer
Alison Brie Does Her Best Grumpy Cat Impersonation
Mommie Dearest: Why I'm Bringing My Son To Bowl For Abortion
Boston Marathon Attacks Can't Stop Me From Running The Race Next Year
Elizabeth Wurtzel's Anti-Aging Advice: Don't Get Married Or Have Kids
Chris O'Dowd Cracks A Date Rapey Joke About Getting His Wife Drunk Enough To Finger Her
Dating Don'ts: How Open Should You Be About Bodily Functions?
Her Nails Were Like Robin's Eggs
First Look: Beyonce's "Mrs. Carter Show" Tour Costumes
An Ode To The Ubiquitous One-Shoulder Flutter Dress
"Beverly Hills 90210" Star Ian Ziering Joins Chippendales
Drake Releases New Track, "Girls Love Beyonce," Desperately Wants A Girlfriend
The Latest News On The Boston Marathon Bombing [UPDATED]
Gabrielle Reece Is A Submissive Wife To Husband Laird Hamilton
Frisky Reader Revealed: Grace Is Ace
Breaking: Multiple Explosions Reported At Finish Line Of Boston Marathon [UPDATING]
Today In Florida: Ginormous, Rat-Sized Snails Invade
When Celebs Go To Coachella...
Trans Woman Ally Robledo Uses Women's Bathroom, Charged With Trespassing
Woman Accused Of Using Quiche As A Weapon
Study Abroad: Lions, Elephants, And Snakes — Oh My!
Hollaback Philly Debuts Rad New Anti-Street Harassment PSAs
Aubrey Plaza Tried To Drunk-Wrestle Will Ferrell's Award Away At MTV Movie Awards
Hugh Jackman's Pubic Hair Assault & 9 Other Bizarre Attacks On Celebs