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Natalie Portman To Play Lady MacBeth?
LEGO Construction Worker Stickers That Build Sexism!
April 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
Pink Isn't Afraid Of The Word "Slut"
Five-Year-Old Rape Victim Dies At Indian Hospital
Well Played: Zoe Saldana Is Seriously On Her Sartorial Game
Etsy Spotlight: Travel-Themed Jewelry To Celebrate Your Journey
Behold, A Glorious Inflatable Turd Sculpture
Good News: James Deen's Doctor Says Sex <i>Is</i> A Workout — But Only Porn Sex
Lourdes Leon's New Look & 5 Other Celebs Rocking Green Hair
These Creepy Comments From Children Will Give You Chills
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand On Why Women Need To Run For Office
Your Slutty Behavior Is Killing Flowers (Or Something?)
A Penis In The Garbage Disposal & 9 Other Penis Attacks
Well Played: Ellen and Portia At The "Arrested Development" Premiere
An Open Letter To Tori Spelling And The Chicken That Sleeps In Her Bed
Mommie Dearest: Four Months Maternity Leave? We Wish!
Wil Wheaton Explains Why Being A Nerd Is Awesome
Man Spent $2,600 On A Carnival Game And All He Got Was This Lousy, Dreadlocked Banana
Dating Don'ts: The Case For Doing Nothing
How The Right Panties Can Change Your Life [YourTango]
Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Back Together!
Justin Timberlake's Meowing Cats Are The New Screaming Goats
On The Matter Of Mattering In The Aftermath Of A Parent's Death
Lindsay Lohan And Cars Continue Not To Mix Well
7 Simple Conversations With My French Lover Made Possible With Google Translation
Guys, Meet The Shirt You Can Wear For 3 Months Without Washing Or Ironing
Swedish High School Debuts Gender Neutral Locker Room
5 Reasons AirBnB Is Way Better Than A Hotel
Vince Vaughn's Wife Kyla Weber Is Pregnant With Their Second Kid
HommeMystere Makes Lady Lingerie -- For Guys
Ray J's Video For "I Hit It First" Features Kim Kardashian Doppelganger
Kia Hops On The Sex Robot Trend
Anti-Abortion Group Live Action Debuts More "Undercover" Videos
Today's Inspiration: I Want To Be Martha Stewart's 1960s Modeling Career
Norman Reedus Photobombs "Game Of Thrones"' Lena Headley & Peter Dinklage
Florida Man Drops Acid And Asks Police To Cut Off His Penis
Behold: A Brutally Honest Graduation Announcement For Our Times
How To Prolong Foreplay
Who Wore It Best: The White House Correspondents' Dinner
Worst Mother Of The Week: Mom Forces Her 14-Year-Old Daughter To Get Pregnant
Pooping At Work Is "The Last Office Taboo For Women," Apparently
Must Haves: 12 Lovely Lockets For Keeping Your Keepsakes
Emma Stone Proves It's Possible To Love Her Even More
NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out As Gay
10 Steps To A Terrifying Online Medical Diagnosis (In GIFs)
Michigan Mother Is Very Concerned About Anne Frank's Clitoris
Teens Are Getting High On Flowers Nowadays
University Of Arizona Is Totally Cool With Student Holding "You Deserve Rape" Sign On Campus
New Dutch King Willem-Alexander Gets His Own Vibrator
"Game Of Thrones" Recap: Jon Snow Knows Something & Jaime Lannister Explains Himself -- Plus, A Whole Lot Of Bare Butts!
14 Must-See Hello Kitty Destinations For The Hello Kitty Fanatic
The Man With The 132-Pound Nut Finally Got Scrotum Surgery
Here's Beyoncé And Andre 3000's Cover Of Amy Winehouse's "Black To Black"
The Soapbox: Just Because I'm Gay Doesn't Mean That I'm Attracted To You
Obama Plays Daniel Day Lewis Playing Obama
Farrah Abraham Getting An Absurd Amount Of Money For James Deen Sex Tape
26 Travel Tips To Make Any Journey Better
Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Doesn't Listen To Country Music Anymore
Watch President Obama's Full White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of April 29-May 5, 2013
Well Played: Selena Gomez's Gym Look
The Plaza Introduces "The Great Gatsby"-Themed Suite
5 Widely Believed Dating Myths (Science Says Aren't True)
Style Stealer: Bethenny's Frankel Is Cool In Coral
Must Have: 9 Pairs Of Tip Top Peep-Toe Booties
The 6 Weirdest Sex Problems
12 Reasons I'm Obsessed With "Call The Midwife"
Martha Stewart Considered Joining, Realized Online Dating Was Impossible
Winona Ryder Plotting To Steal Johnny Depp Away From Amber Heard
Chick-Fil-A's Mother-Son Date Knight Sounds Awful-Wonderful
"Scandal" Needs More Columbus Short Stripping
Kris Jenner Gets Amazingly Photobombed
Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Seem To Be So Sure About His Real Age
20 Dumbest Pinterest Obsessions That Make Us Want To Claw Our Eyes Out
Style Stealer: Kate Middleton's Perfect Polka Dots
Must Haves: 10 Pretty Pairs Of Spring-Ready Shorts
4 Hot Sex Moves Every Man Craves
Weekend Playlist: You're The Best! A Motivational '80s Movie Mix
Watch Some Adorable Senior Citizens Talk About Gay Sex
Weekend Project: DIY Shower Stickers
Caption This: It's Pay Day!
Kristen Wiig To Host "Saturday Night Live" On May 11
Today's Lady News: Victims Of 1963 Birmingham Church Bombing Could Receive Congressional Gold Medals
Cheaters Love To Eat At The Cheesecake Factory -- Plus How To Takes The Best Selfies
April 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Macklemore Visits Young Fan With Leukemia In The Hospital, Writes Amazing Piece About It
MTV Announces Masculinity-Policing New Series Called "Guy Court"
Jessica Alba's Crazy Double Corset Weight Loss Trick
What's On Your Travel Bucket List?
Florida's Feet Are Safe Once Again: Serial Foot Molester Has Been Apprehended
Justin Bieber Has A Slumber Party In Sweden
Makeup Bag: The Best Of International Beauty Products
Korean Teacher Beats A Student, Then Beats Off
Do Not Want: Topshop's $65 "Mom Jeans"
Flying <i>Terrifies</i> Me: Here Are 7 Tips On How People Think I Should Deal
This Week In Florida (Lady Edition!): Drug Dealers, Car Fires & Worst First Dates
El Salvador Delays On Lifesaving Abortion For 22-Year-Old Mom
Astrology 101: How To Spot Each Sign ... At The Airport
Happy Friday, Enjoy A Pugrilla
Kim Gordon Generously Shares Her "Traumatized Good Times Tunes" Rap Playlist
True Story: I Posted My Rapist's Name And Photo On The Internet
We've Been Saying "Khaleesi" Wrong And Other "Game Of Thrones" Language Trivia
Model Kylie Bisutti Slams Victoria's Secret, VS Bites Back
Gwyneth Paltrow Does Half-Way Decent Impressions Of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Macklemore, Kanye & Husband Chris Martin
Style Stealer: Victoria Beckham's Spring-Ready Miniskirt Look
Amanda Bynes Shaves Off Half Her Hair
Well Played: Olivia Palermo Is Really Good At Being Pretty
6 Tips For Spotting Your Soul Mate
Really Stupid Celebrity Tweets -- Now Set To Music!
MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski Opens Up About Exercise Bulimia
9 Fake Boyfriends To Cure Your Existential Loneliness
Jessica Simpson's Parents Joe And Tina Are Officially Divorced
Bad-Ass Lady Sailor Beats Up Knife-Wielding Potential Rapist In Dubai
April 25: What Are We Wearing Today?
Hot Links: Alexis Neiers Is No Fan Of "The Bling Ring"
Well Played: Kate Hudson In Pink And Leather (Times Two)
OMG, Jay-Z And Beyonce Bring Blue Ivy Out Of Hiding!
Domestic Violence Victims Screwed Over By PA Town's "Three Strikes" Disorderly Behavior Ordinance
Is This Man So Sexy He Should Be Deported?
The 3 Best Masturbation Techniques For Women
Frisky Eats: 7 Healthy, Homemade Energy Bars
Mayoral Candidate Linda Fondren Reveals Prostitution Past
April 25: What Are We Wigging Today?
Kurtis Peterson Gets 15 Years In Prison For Having Sex With His Dog
Bike Thief Returns Stolen Bike With Apology Note And Domino's Coupon
6 Prosthetic Limbs That Are Works Of Art
Watch This: All Of 1999 Compressed Into 10 Minutes
New Sexual Assault Medical Examination Guidelines Issued By Department Of Justice
How To Date A Travel Writer
Dance Teacher Who Lost Foot In Boston Bombing Sounds Like A Total Badass
Chinese Zookeepers Dress As Animals In Simulated Zoo Escape
Gah! The Trailer For Judy Blume's "Tiger Eyes" Has Arrived!
From Creepy To Hot: Ranking Hollywood's Hottest Creeps
The Obama Family Has A "Matching Tattoo" Policy
Rebecca Martinson Resigns From Delta Gamma Following Sorority Scandal
Girl Talk: I Was In A Sorority & I'm Not A Psycho
Captioning Service Apologizes To Zooey Deschanel For Boston Marathon Bombing Mistake
How To Make The Most Of Your Hotel Sex
Makeup Bag: Bright Spring Color For Lips, Eyes, And Cheeks
Quiz: What's Your Travel Style (And Where Should You Go Next)?
Anne Hathaway Rumored For "Cabaret" Broadway Revival
New Mexico Republican Calls 19-Year-Old Labor Advocate A "Bitch"
Please Tell Me Aerial Drone Marriage Proposals Are Not Going To Become A Trend
What "Mad Men" Characters Would Look Like Today
Reese Witherspoon's Post-Arrest Facial Expressions & Macklemore Goes On Tour
Well Played: Rachel Zoe & Skyler Go For A Stroll
April 24: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
Grad Student Offers Laptop Thief $1000 To Return Thesis
Carl's Jr Marries Pop Tarts & Ice Cream, Deliciously
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Cute Carry-On Bags For $100 Or Less
A Kilt Is A Sperm's Best Friend
January Jones Is Wearing My Favorite Outfit From Middle School
8 Ways Avoid Waking Your Roommate Up During A Midnight Booty Call
Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" In Klingon
Mitt Romney's Ex-Intern Adam Savader Arrested For Stalking, Extorting 15 Women With Threats Of Nude Pics
Wanderlust Week: 5 Trips That Changed My Life
"50 Shades Of Grey" Frontrunner Breaks Her Silence On Starring As Anastasia
Hot DILF David Beckham Gives Harper A Smooch
Alan Gendreau Could Be The First Openly Gay NFL Player
10 Life Lessons From The Book <i>From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler</i>
Is Lil Bub Safe In The Hands Of Robert De Niro?
"Other Woman" Eva Prinz Did Not Break Up Kim Gordon And Thurston Moore's Marriage
14 Sex Tips We Learned From Karrine Steffans [Hello Beautiful]
Hitched: Please Don't Have A Million People In Your Wedding Party
Anti-Drug Speaker Of The House John Boehner’s Daughter To Marry A Pot Head Rasta
Ohio Tanning Salon Turns Away Woman For Being Too Fat
Tilda Swinton Sets Off A Dance Party, Is Totally Awesome (As Usual)
Douchebags, Sluts & Boners: The Origins Of Some Of The Most Well-Known Slang Words & Insults
Jenelle Evans From "Teen Mom 2" Arrested For Heroin Possession
Teenage Boys Rejoice: NASA Drew A Penis On Mars
The 7 Most Incredible Orgasms
Check Out The Official Trailer For "The Bling Ring"!
The 12 Biggest Perks Of Traveling Alone (As Illustrated By GIFs)
Evening Quickies: Justin Bieber Ditches His Pet Monkey For Good
On "Leaning In" While Black
Watch Diane Keaton's Giggly, Wine-Fueled "Ellen" Interview
Denying A Man Sex Is A Form Of Emotional Torture -- Plus, Rihanna Is Topless Again!
The Right To Protected Sex: Bill Introduced To Decriminalize Condom Possession
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Wrap Dresses Under $100
11 Wacky Signs Your Sex Life Is Totally Normal
David Letterman Does His Best To Not Make Fun Of Ryan Lochte
This Creepy Real-Life Barbie Infographic Makes The Doll Ideal Very Unappealing
April 23: What Are We Wearing Today?
Check Out A Clip From "Star Trek Into Darkness"
Gwyneth Paltrow Blasted For Selling Little Girls' Bikinis Over GOOP
Poll: Which Weird Weather-Related Beauty Concern Are You Experiencing Today?
AP Twitter Feed Hacked, Dow Plunges
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Too-Cool-For-School Coachella Concertgoers
Beyonce Is No Fun, Does Not Want You Seeing Any More Photos Like These
14 People You'll Meet At The Gym (As Told In GIFs)
Steubenville Football Coach Gets Two-Year Contract With School System Renewed
Reality Show Offers Participants A One-Way Ticket To Mars (Yes, Really)
Girl Talk: My Hot And Cold Relationship With OKCupid
Gwyneth Paltrow Felt Up Random Dude’s Genitalia To Make People Like Her
Be My Boyfriend: The Beautiful Minds Behind Beloved Shirts
Alessandra Ambrosio's Secret
The Ultimate American Chick Flick Road Trip Guide
France Becomes 14th Country To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
That's A Lot Of Look: Oh Say Can You See How High This Slit Goes?
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