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Prequels To Classic Movies & Terrence Howard Talks About Working With Oprah's "Tig Old Bitties"
British Government Goes Up Against Female Genital Mutilation
March 7: What Are We Wearing Today?
Watch A Guy Play Electronic Music ... With Vegetables
Caption This Photo Contest: Why Is Justin Bieber Walking Around In A Gas Mask?
12 Celebrity Alien Encounters
10 Tips for Finding Love At Walmart
Japanese Women Wearing Advertisements On Their Thighs
Ed Sheeran's "Thrift Shop/No Diggity" Mashup
First Time For Everything: Using A Vibrating C**k Ring
Size Matters: Long Penises Vs. Short Penises
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Fallon Fox Comes Out As Trans
The Frisky's Ultimate Guide To Comfortable High Heels
Kate Upton's Doppelganger Is Just as Sexy (And Topless) As She Is
Kate Moss Rumored To Be The Cover Girl Of <i>Playboy</i>'s 60th Anniversary Edition
Andrew W.K. Is The New Spokesmonkey For Playtex’s Fresh & Sexy Wipes
Mommie Dearest: Pregnant Women Shouldn't Lose Their Jobs
Fashion World Smack Down: The Catfight Between Designer Hedi Slimane and Fashion Writer Cathy Horyn Rages On
This Is Exactly What Happens To Me When I Put My Eyeliner On Each Morning
Mirror, Mirror: On Pregnancy And Body Image
Style Stealer: January Jones Is Black, White & Red All Over
Chinese Woman Applies Moisturizer, Discovers It's Actually Semen
Mom Offers $500 Reward To Anyone Who Finds Her Daughter A Job
Pray Tell: On Joan Rivers And That One Time I Laughed At A Holocaust Joke
Whose Wiener Is Making Jessica Simpson Nauseous?
6 Things To Know About The UN's Commission On The Status Of Women
10 Reasons We're Totally In Love With Mila Kunis
Jessica Chastain & Kate Moss Compete For Cutest Couple
It's Like The World Created This Video Of Ron Swanson Dancing To Daft Punk Just For Me
Creepy Politician "Doesn't Want" Female Interns Because Sexism Keeps Him "Good"
An Imagined Conversation With This Model
Sign The Petition To Make R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" Our New National Anthem
Power Wheels Make Really Bad Getaway Cars
Miley Cyrus Denies She & Liam Hemsworth Called Off Wedding
Today's Lady News: New Teen Pregnancy PSAs Pissing Everyone Off
Hot Links: Ashley Tisdale Photographed In A Really Compromising Position
March 6: What Are We Wearing Today?
16 Celebrity Faces Photoshopped To Be Perfectly Symmetrical
There's A '90s Kid In The Product Development Department At Estée Lauder
Taylor Swift, Amy Poehler, & Tina Fey Prompt Dumb Conversation About Feminism
Style Stealer: Miranda Kerr's Bright Happy Hues
Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear: Day 9
Some Rappers Think Making It Rain At Strip Clubs Should Be Tax Deductible
Bad Sex: Woman Killed By Lion While Boyfriend Runs Off Naked
Gay Couple's Pink Poodle Prompts Alleged Hate Crime
Justin Theroux Takes His Hot Younger Brother For A Walk In NYC
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Lovely Light Jackets For $50 Or Less
A Bad Headache & 5 Other Things That Can Be Cured By Sex
Morrissey Disses Bowie, Gets With Rick Astley Instead
Check Out Derek Lam's Inspiring Trip To Rio
Hitched: 10 Things A Woman Must Have At Her Wedding Or She'll Regret It Forever
This Justine Frischmann Interview From 2002 Has The Best Advice About Surviving Your 20s
Beauty Test Drive: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Style Inspiration: Amy From "Enlightened"
The Soapbox: BDSM Is Not "Consensual Domestic Violence"
All Other Tote Bags Can Get Lost
Kate Moss Gets The Royal Treatment For <i>The Sunday Times</i>
Is Kate Middleton Having A Baby Girl?
Our Favorite Travel Books: How To Travel The World In $20 Or Less
Carrie Fisher To Play Princess Leia In "Star Wars Episode VII"
Do Not Want: For Shame Martin Margiela, For Shame!
This Baby Lamb Is Stinkin' Cute
How To Move Across The Country Without Having A Nervous Breakdown
Shockingly Big Lil Bub News
A Pill You Only Take When You Know You're Getting Laid?
A Terrifying Glimpse Into A World Where Gay Marriage Is Legal
Hump Day Hottie: Kendrick Lamar
Is This Piñata Cake Awesome Or Excessive (Or Both)?
All The Model Nip Slips -- And Vaginas, Too! -- From Paris Fashion Week (NSFW)
Minnesota Advances Anti-Abortion Bill
Jon Stewart Taking A Hiatus From "The Daily Show"
The Greatest Sexless Sex Scenes In Films & A Domination Therapist Tells All
The Best Ways To Announce Your Breakup For Maximum Attention
March 5: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
Behold The First Edition Of Israeli <i>Playboy</i>
Texas Legislators Introduce Anti-Abortion "Fetal Pain" Bill
Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear: Days 4-8
Man Gropes Woman, Promptly Falls Into A Manhole
The Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm [YourTango]
How Much Do Guys Expect on the First Date? [CollegeCandy]
13 Sex Secrets Of Married Couples [YourTango]
Seriously, The Most Insane Surrogacy Story You've Ever Heard
Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Their Stories Through Mastectomy Tattoos
Daenerys Demands George R. R. Martin Tell Her Who Wins "Game Of Thrones"
Mila Kunis Talks JagerBombs, Football With Nervous BBC Reporter Chris Stark
"Call Me A Hole": The Carly Rae Jepsen/Trent Reznor Mashup
Celeb Street Style Spotlight: Coming Up Crop Tops!
Watch This: Humans Screaming Like Screaming Goats
Garrett Hedlund And Kirsten Dunst Are Just Really Unattractive
Dating Don'ts: 7 Types Of Vine Videos That Will Almost Certainly Scare Dates Away
Taylor Swift Isn't "Clingy, Insane, Desperate"
Lost Footage From The Postal Service Band Try Outs!
The Soapbox: In Defense Of Personal Essays
Model Sues Over "Mad Men"'s Use Of 50-Year-Old Photo
Sleep With Your Favorite Subject
That's A Lot Of Look: Rihanna Wears A Lot Of Denim
Style Stealer: Michelle Williams Runs Errands In Style
Justin Bieber Arrives Two Hours Late To His Own Concert
Rashida Jones & Amy Poehler Prove They Are Awesome, Once Again
Travel Diary: Discovering Maui (Again)
Meet The Rock Star Of American Sign Language
"Said To Lady Journos" Is My New Favorite Tumblr
6 Terrible Date Ideas Brought To You By Celebrity Guys
Very Disturbing Frat Activities At Columbia, Including Something Called "Poonspeeding"
Beauty Test Drive: The Super Fast Magical Manicure-Drying Ice Bath
Shirtless Oscar Pistorius Covers <i>TIME</i> Magazine
Woman Fired For Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock, While Baby Daddy Offered Job At Same Place
Anne Hathaway Is Better Than You & The Best Sexless Sex Scenes
In Which I Introduce You To Mug, Your New Favorite Internet Cat
Well Played: Jessica And Honor's Mother-Daughter Shopping Date
<i>The NY Times</i> Publishes Its Stupidest Piece About Feminism (And The Cannibal Cop!) Ever
5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Dating Style
Essential Gear For Anybody With A Unicorn Sexual Fetish
Slutty Ashley Judd Is Unfit For Public Office Because We've Seen Her Boobs Onscreen, Say Conservatives
March 4: What Are We Wearing Today?
That's A Lot Of Look: Kim Kardashian Is A Walking, Talking Georgia O'Keefe Painting
Yes, I Would Like Some Michael Jackson Nesting Dolls
6 Things You Really Need To Know About Relationships That Can Be Learned From This Episode Of "Jerry Springer"
This Is How You Upstage Kim & Kanye
The Melbourne Naked Bike Club Goes For A Ride (NSFW)
The Soapbox: On Getting A Black "Bachelorette"
The 6 Most Terrifying Sex Illustrations On Wikipedia
Man Dressed As Batman Delivers Criminal To Yorkshire Police Department
Comedian Adam Hills Tells Joan Rivers "F**k You!" Over Adele Fat Jokes
Girl Talk: I Have Long Labia
This British Beauty Brand Is One To Watch
Morrissey Hangs With McDreamy, Berates Beyonce, Snubs Marriage
10 Animals That Are Total A**Holes
Jamie Lynn Spears Is Engaged
How Not To Curl Your Hair
Frisky Eats: 10 Kale Recipes You'll Actually Want To Eat
Amazing News: Doctors Say They Have Cured Baby With HIV
Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting That Instagram Photo
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of March 4-10, 2013
Rachel Dratch, Martha Plimpton & Other Rad People Read Judy Blume's <i>Deenie</i>
21 Baby Animals Being Bottle Fed
Rihanna Wants A Baby With Chris Brown
What Is The Purpose Of This "How To Be Like Jennifer Lawrence" Article?
This Is Why Colleges Should Not Be In The Rap Video Game
Must Haves: 5 Of Our Favorites From The HSN "Oz The Great And Powerful" Collection
Frisky Reader Revealed: DelightfulIsle Makes Us Smile
The 15 Best Guests On "Jenny Jones"
Style Stealer: Jessica Biel's Cool Kicks & Cape-Style Coat
Art School Confiscates 68 Vials Of Student's Sperm
Nerd Alert: A 20-Sided Die Engagement Ring
President Obama Confuses "Star Trek" And "Star Wars"
Lots Of People Got Knocked Up During Hurricane Sandy
7 Things I Hate About Pinterest
Anne Hathaway Apologizes For Her Valentino Oscar Snub
"Game Of Thrones" Season 3 Character Posters Revealed!
10 Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals You May Have Missed
11 Unlikely Celebrity Duos
Her 10 Best: Michelle Williams
Weekend Project: Polka Dot Your Jeans For Spring!
Josh Duhamel Is Already Being The Cutest Dad Ever
A "Downton Abbey" Spoiler & Martha Stewart Was A Model
Virginia Spa Bans Gays, Lesbians & Transgender Folks
You Can Buy Jennifer Lawrence's Sweaty Bra & How To Prepare For An Orgy
March 1: What Are We Wearing Today?
Rachel Weisz & Michelle Williams Hold Hands At "Oz" European Premiere
Brazil's Created Special Seating For Obese Olympics Fans
Must Haves: 10 Just-Perfect Jacquard Skirts
Couple Faces With Felony Charges For Allegedly Sneaking Into The Movies
The J. Crew Crew Solves A Ghost Murder Mystery!
Yes, Your Dancing Shetland Pony Video Will Get Me To Sign Up For Your Stupid Mobile Network
Debate This: Okay, So What's The Big Deal About Horse Meat?
Connecticut Lawmaker Stripped Of Title Over Lewd "Snake" Comment To Teen Girl
Be My Pet: Fluffy Rice Ball, The Alaskan Malamute
Astrology 101: How To Spot Each Sign ... In "Portlandia"
Worst Nightmare: Florida Man Sucked Into A Sinkhole While He Slept
South Dakota Flat-Out Being A**holes To Women Seeking Abortion
10 Things Every Non-Black Person Should Know (By Now) About Black Women
It's A Chebel Wiltum Sandwich!
Crucial Pizza News: Maria Shriver's Blaze Pizza Is Coming To A Shopping Plaza Near You
Advice For These Angsty Celebrity Teens
Paris T-Shirt, Je T'Aime
Teen Girl In Maldives To Be Flogged 100 Times For Premarital Sex
10 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Enlightened"
Style Stealer: Michelle Williams Is One Cool Cat
"American Horror Story" Season To Focus On The Salem Witch Trials?
Well Played: Florence Welch's Dress Comes With Its Own Dress Handler
Watching This Clip Of James Franco's Hero Riff Raff Talk About Art Will Make You 100% Dumber
10 PMS Snacks Guaranteed To Cure Your Cravings
All This Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Wants To Do Is Shake Hands With You
You Choose It, We Write It!
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