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Blue Ivy Gets Her Own "Mrs. Carter Show" Throne
Well Played: Karolina Kurkova Is A Woman Of Many Layers
A Fridge Magnet That Gets Pizza To Your Mouth Faster
Wes Anderson And Roman Coppola Make Short Films For Prada
Michigan Republican Says Being Gay "Leads To Early Death"
How To Hook Up On Easter
Style Stealer: Helena Christensen's Pulled Together Brunch Look
Sea Lion Pal Takes Up Residence In A Resort Beach Chair
Eva Mendes Shopping For An Oscar To Keep Ryan Gosling Away From Rachel McAdams
Do Not Want: Zara's Saggy Swimsuit Dress
We're Totally Cool With Helen Mirren Wearing This Dress As Many Times As She Wants
Judge Won't Grant 'Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie A Divorce
If Zoo Animals Were Sartorialists
Man Tries To Kill Woman With Poison Shoes
Chris Brown & Rihanna Call It Quits?
Weekend Playlist: Kiss Off And Go Away
11 Sexy Pics From "Des Hommes et des Chatons," The Best Thing I've Ever Seen
Weekend Project: Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs
The Best Of The #SafetyTipsForLadies Hashtag
Beyonce's Dad Accuses Newspaper Of Making Up Lies About Blue Ivy
Boston College Halts Condom Distribution
A Vibrator Fit For IKEA -- Plus, Brush Up On Your Porn Lingo
HIV-Positive? You Probably Don't Want To Be In Kansas Anymore
In Which I Am Pretty Darn Sure That Most Gamers Are Fine With Female Protagonists
In Which We Catch Up With Katherine Chloe Cahoon, Musical Theater Savant & Flirting Expert
Meet Natalie Foster, The Woman The NRA Thinks Will Make You Buy A Gun
Astrology 101: 5 Reasons You Might Not Identify With Your Zodiac Sign
There Are Now Bacon Condoms To Go With Your Bacon Lube
Ryan Gosling Easter Is On!
Style Stealer: Jessica Hart Is Almost Ready For Spring
Kirsten Dunst Thought That Kissing Brad Pitt Was "Disgusting"
Today In Florida Blunders: Sheriff's Office Distributes Phone Sex Number To Victims Of Sexual Assault
Former Republican Senator Says Male Legislators "Shouldn't Even Vote" On Abortion
Animal Advice For 6 Common Sex-Related Freak Outs
Has There Been A Reconciliation Among "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey"? Perhaps, Perhaps
Be My Boyfriend: Man Who Stole 42,000 Pounds Of Cheese
Princeton Grad Warns Undergraduates To Find Their Husbands Now, Because The Rest Of The World Is Too Dumb
The Man With The World's Longest Penis Has Advice For Jon Hamm
You Choose It, We Write It!
3 Things Women Want in an Extramarital Affair [TresSugar]
The Soapbox: It's Impossible To "Not See Color," No Matter What Kim Kardashian Says
Turbie Twist Takes The Elbow Grease Out Of Towel-Drying
John Legend Says Men Should Care About Women's Rights
20 Reasons To Love Celine Dion (Illustrated By GIFs)
Cate Edwards "Devastated" By Dad's Affair With Rielle Hunter
Jason Schwartzman And Roman Coppola Star In This "Videogram About Love"
11 Pairs Of Wildly Conceptual, Totally Unwearable Shoes
Men, Quit Being A Bag-Of-Bones Weakling!
It's Time To Cry: High School Brings Prom To Terminally Ill Student's Hospital Room
17 "Game Of Thrones" GIFs Reacting To Anti-Gay Marriage Facebook Status Updates
Kristen Bell Gives Birth To Baby Girl, Lincoln
Michigan Radio Station Won't Play Rick Ross After Rape Reference In Rap Song
March 28: What Are We Wearing Today?
Watch Jewel As June Carter Cash For Lifetime's "Ring Of Fire"
Yeah, What Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Said
Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth's Easygoing Airport Look
Kanye West's Most Controversial Lyrics On Religion
Love It Or Leave It: Eva Mendes' Animal Print Jumpsuit
#EdgyHeadlines Flips The Gender Switch On Mass Media's Lady Obsession
Style On The Stars: 9 Hot Male Celebs Model The Latest In Ladies' Spring Footwear
Teacher Murdered For Teaching At Pakistani Girls' School
I Don't Even Know What To Say About Kim Kardashian's Latest Maternity Look
NYPD Sued By Woman For Sexual Assault, Harassment By Cop
"Dead" Prostitute Comes Back To Life In Coffin
Beauty Test Drive: Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer
Tara Reid Is Working Again
High School Science Teacher In Trouble For Saying The Word <i>Vagina</i> When Teaching About <i>Vaginas</i>
The Soapbox: In Defense Of Wearing Thongs Under Your Lululemon Yoga Pants (If You Feel Like It)
Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart Divorce Cause: Failure To Obey The Control Freak
"Model" Samantha Boing Boing Breastfeeds A Calf, Posts Proof On Instagram
<i>TIME</i> Declares That Gay Marriage Has Already Won
10 Ways To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship
Aurora Shooter James Holmes Offers To Plead Guilty
Juicy Couture Employees Say The Company Has Eliminated Full-Time Employment, Benefits
6 Dating Rituals That Have Become Extinct Because Of The Internet
Be My Bearfriend: The Sun Bear Combines Bearishness With Slothiness In Equal Measure
Stare Into The Gaping Maws Of Celebrities Without Teeth
Frisky Eats: 7 Ways To Take Your Cadbury Creme Eggs To The Next Level
Jon Hamm Offered Free Underwear For Life
The 10 Most Extreme Foods
NBC's Jenna Wolfe & Stephanie Gosk Come Out As Lesbians
What Do "Game Of Thrones" And Easter Have In Common?
March 27: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
Win This! 2 Tickets To See "Breakfast At Tiffany's" On Broadway!
Behold, The Real Gay Agenda
Must Haves: 10 Monster Moon-Inspired Pieces
Amanda Bynes' Craziest Tweets To Date
Robin #Thicke's New Video Is Full Of Nipples, Lambs & Pharrell (NSFW)
Kelly Osbourne Is Growing Into Her Princess Of Darkness Birthright
Dakota Fanning & 14 Celebs With Pink Hair -- And How To Get It For Yourself!
WSJ's "Office Mom" Piece Has Some Problems
Bro-On-Bro Violence: When Bros Assault Bros For Drawing Penises On Bros
The 3 Levels Of Vaginal Closeness Among Girl Friends
'Double Jeopardy' Could Block Amanda Knox Extradition
How Khaleesi Got Her Groove (And Her Dragons) Back
Every Nicholas Sparks Book Ever
Jon Hamm Thinks Our Posts About His Penis Are "Rude"
6 Myths About Squirting
25 Marriage Equality Signs Making The Rounds On Facebook
Lazy Men Of The World, Meet Your New Favorite Accessory
Hitched: The Future Bride Onesie Is Coming For Your Children
Beware The Attack Cat
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Is Not In On The Guy Fieri Joke
Kordell Stewart & Porsha Williams Split, Plus 8 Other "Real Housewives" Divorce Disasters
Justin Bieber Accused Of Battery Against A Neighbor
Fairy Tales For Twentysomethings Are Exactly As Depressing As You Imagined
10 Things Men Forget To Do During Sex
Even Grumpy Cat Supports Gay Marriage, And She Hates Everything
Ryan Gosling Talks About Masculinity And His New Film "The Place Beyond The Pines"
21 Love & Life Lessons From Mariah Carey (In GIFs)
Beyonce Thinks "If You Like It You Should Be Able To Put A Ring On It"
8 Of The Oldest Virgins In The World
Rick Ross Raps About Drugging Woman So He Can Rape Her
Chris Brown Tells Ryan Seacrest How He Got Rihanna Back
North Dakota Governor Signs "Fetal Heartbeat" Abortion Bill
Hugh Hefner Reveals His Number -- Plus A Brief History Of The Condom
March 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
What To Do To A Drunk Girl
Did Yoko Ono Rip Off A Young Designer? Survey Says ...
The Model Alliance Petitions For Child Model's Rights
Isla Fisher On What It's Like To Be Married To Sacha Baron Cohen
Yes, This "Unassembled Snowman" Is Going For $10 Million On Ebay
Trans Role Model & Activist Kate Bornstein Needs Our Help To Fight Cancer
5 Tried-And-True Face Powders For Effortless Airbrushed Skin
Watch This: The Golden Girls Explain Same-Sex Marriage
Who Is Going To Buy This $91,500 "Crocodile Chiffon" Hermes T-Shirt?
Pray Tell: "Spring Breakers" And The Faith of Faith
Kirstie Alley Continues Her Fat-Shaming Reign Of Terror
Angelina Jolie Helps Shed Light On Sexual Violence In Conflict Zones
5 Things To Know About Edith "Edie" Windsor, The 83-Year-Old Lesbian Challenging The Defense Of Marriage Act
Science Says "Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye" To Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head
My Boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt Really Loves <i>The Catcher In The Rye</i>
Guys, Please Don't Fake A Knife Attack To Impress Your Date
The Soapbox: Should White Women Be On The Cover Of 'Black Magazines'?
The Top 10 Most Bangable Celebs According To <i>Details</i>
Gay Marriage Supporters Wait Out The DOMA & Prop 8 Decisions On The Supreme Court Steps
Work It: 10 Cute Dresses For Conservative Offices
Jessica Brown Findlay Did Topless Scene Before "Downton Abbey"
Well Played: Marion Cotillard Is The Only One Who Could Pull Off This Haircut
Dating Don'ts: All It Takes Is One
Your Face Deserves A Tea Break
14 Stock Photo Models In Dire Need Of A Hairdresser
Converse Now Selling Dirty, Pre-Scuffed Sneakers For People Too Busy To Break In Their Own Shoes
I'm Sorry, But I Don't Think Victoria's Secret's Line For Teens & Tweens Is A Big Deal
"Breaking Bad" Script Stolen From Bryan Cranston's Car
Are Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Already Married?
Amina, 19, Posts Topless Pic On Facebook, Threatened With Death By Stoning
Sorento Serenades: Enter For A Chance To Win A Surprise From Kia And Boyz II Men
Style On The Stars: 6 Spring Scarves Modeled By Johnny Depp
Kids React To Grumpy Cat
Watch This: The Backstreet Boys Arrive Late To The Harlem Shake
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Was Fined $2,000 For Playing Celine Dion Songs Too Loud
Josh Duhamel Tries Sympathy Dressing With His Pregnant Wife, Fergie
15 Things To Know About Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem
5 Ways Jon Hamm Can Profit From His "Big" Problem
My Little Pony "Fiancé" Pens Angry Letter To Erotic Brony Artist
Video Of Steubenville Rape Witnesses Released
Style Stealer: 3 Of Gwyneth Paltrow's Spring Outfits For GOOP On A Budget
Watch The "Mad Men" Season 6 Trailer!
Maddox & Pax Jolie-Pitt Play A Little Football
10 Things Your Coupled Friends Think You Want To Do Just Because You're Single (As Told In GIFs)
Kim Zolciak’s Husband To Adopt Her Two Daughters
Babies Prepared To Be Brides Right Out Of The Womb!
Ford India Ads Show Kardashians & Other Women Bound, Gagged & Locked In Car Trunks
Girl Talk: Yeah, I Can Squirt
Because You Never Know When You'll Need A Drink
Jared Leto Fans Be Cray
Don't Panic! 7 Reasons Your Period Might Be Late (Besides Pregnancy)
That's A Lot Of Look: Jenna Jameson Leaves Little To The Imagination, Natch
Prince Harry Misses Me, Coming Back To America
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Gloria Steinem, On Her Birthday
Have Your Bed And Eat It Too At The World's First Cake Hotel
Tilda Swinton Naps In Glass Box At MOMA
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of March 25-31, 2013
Do Not Want: Barbie Boob Necklaces
You Choose It, We Write It!
Nightmare Squared: Snake On Fire Sets House On Fire
Dax Shepard Pens Heartfelt Tribute To His Father
#IAskedPolitely And Was Told I Was Overreacting To Sexual Harassment
Spring Must Haves: 10 Sleek Silk Tops
How Women Have Protested Through History
7 "Real Housewives'" Pre-Fame <i>Playboy</i> Pics (NSFW)
Beauty Breakdown: The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time
Thinx Underwear Makes Your Having Period A Party! (Um, No Not Really)
Showbiz Is Tough, Even For Pets
The Toe Plow Might Be The Best Invention Ever
Love It Or Leave It: Drew Barrymore's Perky Floral Pants
Woman Loses Teeth Due To <i>Very</i> Strong Tea
You've Hit Rock Bottom When A Semen-Filled Squirt Gun Is Your Weapon Of Choice
Name That Greasy Combover!
10 Looks From H&M's Consciousness Exclusive Collection
Weekend Playlist: Girl Group Greatness
11 Dumb Things That Will Get You Laid
Style Stealer: Taylor Swift's Chic Stripes And Sneakers
Weekend Project: S'mores Brownies With Peeps
Even Hogwarts Needs A PSA About Sexual Assault
Ladies, <i>This</i> Could Be Your Christian Grey
North Dakota Passes Anti-Abortion Law Saying Life Begins At Conception
Emma Watson Nude Pics For Reals -- Plus Macklemore Likes To Wank Off On Airplanes
What We Missed: Chattin' About "Ornamental" Women In Magazines, Perez Hilton's Bathing Pic & The Best Color To Wear In Your Online Dating Profile
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