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Boo, Boo, Hiss, Hiss: Terrible Feminist Jennifer Aniston Might Take Her Husband's Name
Not Doing Housework Is Making Ladies Fat, Sez Study
Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear: Days 1-3
Karl Lagerfeld Taps Tilda Swinton To Front His Latest Chanel Couture Campaign
Congress Passes The Violence Against Women Act
Fancy A Ride On An Exact Replica Of The Titanic?
Well Played: When Anna Wintour's Smiling, The Whole World Smiles With Her
Who Let James Franco & Theon Greyjoy Dip Into The Hair Bleach?
6 Ways <i>The New York Times</i> (Of All Places) Got It Right About Kinky Sex
8 Pics Of Jennifer Lawrence & Her Bestie Drinking Wine And Hugging It Out
Nope, Skinny Models & Famous Starlets Won't Sell Your Widgets Any Faster
8 Androgynous Style Superstars -- And What You Can Learn From Them
7 Rules For Dealing With Difficult People
11-Year-Old David Williams Calls Out Adults For Bad Behavior, Is My New Hero
Lisa Ling Explores Non-Monogamy In OWN's "I Love You & You ... & You"
Experiment! In Which I Test The Penis Size/Shoe Size Myth On Male Porn Stars
Be My Boyfriend: Jeffery Boussolini, Founder Of The Feline Institute
Jennifer Lawrence Expresses Her Love Of Photoshop
Hitched: How Many Pre-Wedding Parties Is Too Many Pre-Wedding Parties?
Now You Can Eat A Life-Size Gummy Version Of Yourself
Today In Terribleness: Mom Murders Son Because Of "Small Penis"
Etsy Spotlight: 10 Fabulous Flower Necklaces
Honey Boo Boo Is Selling Girl Scout Cookies Over Facebook
7 Ways To Get Your Funny Back
Mexican Town Bans Slutty, Slutty Miniskirts & Gay, Gay Cross-Dressing
I Could Look At Nicholas Hoult All Day Long, But That Would Be Both Creepy And Unproductive
The 10 Best Screaming Goat Music Videos
The Oreo Separator Machine Will Either Make You Cheer Or Cry
A Food Blogger Gets Down & Dirty With The Worst Food From The '50s
Taylor Swift Gets Parodied For A Good Cause!
Perez Hilton Adopted A Baby Boy, Hell Freezes Over
Sorry, Mooches, You Ruined Fashion's Night Out And Now It's Over
February 27: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
10 Dumbest Porn Sex Myths
The Cast Of That New "Oz" Movie Is Pretty Good-Looking -- Plus, Meet Their Characters!
Lena Dunham's Secret "Zero Dark Thirty" Audition
Beauty Breakdown: Facial Contouring 101
Conservative Writer Compares Ashley Judd To Todd Akin
Confirmed: It Is Possible For A Kids' Sneakers Commercial To Make You Want To Vomit
Photographer Captures Man Beating His Girlfriend In Startling Photo Essay
Is It Inappropriate For A Nurse To Write On Facebook About Circumcision?
It's Time To Cry: Basketball Player Offers The Ball To Special Needs Player On Opposing Team
15 Dumbest Sex Myths [truTV]
'We Saw Your Junk' Brings Balance to Oscars Universe [NextMovie]
A Very Confused Mark Wahlberg Turned Down "Star Trek"
10 Dumbest Porn Sex Myths [truTV]
13 Examples Of Body Bedazzling Gone Terribly Wrong (NSFWish)
Which Celeb Sex Tape Almost Went Up in Flames? [CollegeCandy]
Violence Against Women Act Might Actually Pass The House Of Representatives
Transgender First Grader Challenges Colorado School's Bathroom Rules
8 Things Working At Disney World Taught Me About The Human Race
Ke$ha Has A "Souped-Up" Vagina
Rihanna Spotted With Mysterious White Powder On Her Sweatshirt
Guy Talk: Consent Isn't As Simple As "No Means No"
Jared Leto Got A Tattoo For Twitter
How To Fake It 'Til You Make It
Hump Day Hottie: 10 Reasons I'm Obsessed With Daniel Day-Lewis
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Chic Scores From The Kardashian Kollection
Stop Telling Me To Smile, Already
Rachel McAdams And Michael Sheen Split Up
The Moment You Knew You Could Never Screw Him Again (Illustrated In GIFs)
A <i>Star</i> Magazine Cover You Will Certainly Never Ever See
Morrissey Thinks Straight Dudes Are Ruining Everything
10 Totally Non-Awkward Activities To Do Alone
Disney Video Games Shows They Know Exactly What It's Like To Be A City Girl
An Imagined Interview With Hungry Jennifer Lawrence (In GIFs)
Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Are Dunzo
"Jeopardy" Had A "Binder Full Of Women" Category!
Seth MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs" Song Celebrates Rape Scenes & The Infidelity Diet
"The Bachelor" Recap: The Final Three Get Whittled Down To Two...
Iceland Considers Restriction On Extreme Pornography
Well Played: Solange Proves Once Again That She Is No Mere Style Mortal
Must Haves: 8 Awesome Embellished Sweaters
Jennifer Lawrence Falls Into An Imaginary Ad
Ben Affleck's Dreamy Oscar Beard Is No More
Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear: Days 1-6
Model Cara Delevingne Trademarks Her Name, Will Plan Run For Office Next
Girl Bitten By A "Racist" Bull Terrier
20 GIFs That Prove Jennifer Lawrence Makes The Best Facial Expressions
Nope, Blackface Is Still A Terrible Idea, Fashion Industry
Couple Get Married As Shrek & Fiona From "Shrek"
Girl Talk: I Left Ballet Over A Dance Injury
Coming Soon: "Downton Abbey"'s First Black Character
Be My Boyfriend: Man Suing His Parents For Not Loving Him Enough
Emerson Frat Raises Money For Trans Brother's Sexual Reassignment Surgery
Dating Don'ts: 5 (More) Things Guys Need To Stop Doing If They Want To Have Better Luck Online
Lotion For The Lazy Girl
Morrissey Cancels On Kimmel Because Of "Duck Dynasty"
A David Bowie Video Starring Tilda Swinton Is My Idea Of Heaven
Suri Cruise Has Her Own Body Double
Would You Make Your Wedding Guests Instagram Your Wedding?
How To Not Be The Worst: 24 Rules For Living In GIF Form
[Update] Photographer Claims DKNY Stole His Photos For In-Store Display
Ryan Gosling Embarrassed By Dish Towel With His Face On It
30 Easy Ways To Ruin Your Manicure
Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom Are Engaged
Nicki Minaj & Rihanna Got Frisky? Plus, More Oscar Gossip!
Indiana Advances Bill Requiring 2 Transvaginal Ultrasounds Before & After Abortion, Then Changes It
...And Now Here's Every Other Star Who Attended Vanity Fair's Oscar Party
Seth MacFarlane's Most Offensive Oscar Jokes
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Do "Le Sex" On Cover Of French Magazine
Hair Dos: 5 Fabulous Oscar Hairstyles (And How To Get Them!)
Boyfriend Will Only Have Sex With His Girlfriend If She's Wearing A Billie Piper Mask
Lil Poopy Is A 9-Year-Old Rapper Who Slaps Adult Woman's Ass In Music Video
The Soapbox: Lisa Lampanelli's Racist Schtick Abuses The Art Of Comedy
Watch Jennifer Lawrence Meet Jack Nicholson For The First Time
Tanning Mom Considering A Move To Jolly Old England
The Bed Bath & Beyond Towel-Stacking Scam That Will Blow Your Mind
Style On The Stars: 8 Ear Cuffs Modeled By Daniel Day-Lewis
5 New Gadgets & How To Use Them For Porn
Academy Awards 2013: The Best Of The Rest
3 Steps To A Sexier Sex Life [YourTango]
10 Things Men Love Most About Women [ANewMode]
UPDATE: Why Does Yes To Carrots Moisturizer Endorse Street Harassment?
10 Types Of People Who Will Always Be On Your Flight
Watch Every Movie Ever In "Movie: The Movie: 2V"
The Worst Dressed At The 2013 Academy Awards
What Your Hair Down There Says About You
The Onion Offers Classy, Humble Apology For Crappy Quvenzhane Wallis Tweet
"Feminist" Ex-Politician Louise Mensch Now Runs Fashion Site "Unfashionista" With Tips On "Man-Pleasing"
Jennifer Lawrence Will Make You Fall In Love With Her, Trust Us
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of February 25-March 3, 2013
Academy Awards 2013: 7 Rhapsodies In Blue
Quvenzhané Wallis Cast As The Lead In "Annie"
The Best Moments From The 2013 Academy Awards In GIFs, Pics & Video!
Time To Grow Up
Academy Awards 2013: 7 Pretty, Pretty Princess Gowns
The Onion Crosses The Line With Joke About 9-Year-Old Oscar Nominee Quvenzhane Wallis -- But So Did Host Seth MacFarlane [UPDATED]
Academy Awards 2013: 7 Super Sparkling Starlets
All The Celebs On The 2013 Academy Awards Red Carpet
Justin Theroux Zhushes Jennifer Aniston On The Oscar Red Carpet
Anne Hathaway Already Thinks She's #1
Jennifer Lawrence Shills Bags For Dior Like A Pro
Big Bird & Michelle Obama Talk Healthy Snacks
Laura Bush Wants Out Of Pro-Gay Marriage PSA
It’s A Girl For Kim And Kanye
Beauty Test Drive: Benefit's Fakeup Concealer
The Good, The Bad & The Meh: 2013 Independent Spirit Awards
The Oscar Curse: Why Anne Hathaway May Want To Lose That Oscar
Inconceivable! There's Going To Be A "Princess Bride" Board Game
Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani's A Stripey Star
Awww: Grumpy Cat's "Harlem Shake" Video
Enjoy These Oscar Movies, Now Delightfully Illustrated As Pie Charts
That's A Lot Of Look: Juliette Lewis
5 Popular Self-Help Tips That Actually Hurt Your Career
Cross-Species Love: Tortoise & Pup Edition
This Week In Style: Moncler Boss Accused Of Stealing Salvador Dali Painting
3 Women Reveal How Lube Changed More Than Just Their Sex Lives
If You Can Get Through This "To This Day Video" Without Crying, You Are A Stronger Woman Than I
Real Girls, Real Hair: Inspiration In Every Shade Of The Rainbow
17 Healthy & Yummy Salad Recipes
Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon In "The Evolution Of Mom Dancing"
Weekend Project: Pink Champagne Cake Pops For Oscar Sunday
Taylor Swift Says Her Exes Can Write Songs About Her Too
Lena Dunham Says Lisa Lampanelli Using The N-Word Made Her "Supremely Uncomfortable"
Oklahoma Republican Says Birth Control "Poisons Women's Bodies" (FYI, It Doesn't)
"Seeking Asian Female" Documentary & A Visual History Of The Vibrator
What We Missed: Talkin' Anne Hathaway, Plan B & Music Nostalgia! Plus, A Special Guest!
Life Dream Status: A Lightsaber Class For Beginning Jedis
10 People Who Deserve To Win An Oscar On Sunday -- But They Weren't Nominated
Very Important News: It's National Margarita Day!
That's A Lot Of Look: Kim Kardashian Dons The Worst Pants Ever
Finally! Someone Has Invented Punctuation For The Way People Really Talk
Morrissey Will Not Suffer Any Meat Eating Fools
Leslie Knope's Wedding Dress Was Freakin' Perfect
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Pisces Lifestyle
Sisters' Oscar Feud Continues, 71 Years Later
All The Things Maru Can Do With His Paws
Eye Roll: Parents Sue Over Yoga In Public Schools Because It "Promotes Eastern Religions"
Must Haves: 7 Plus-Size Peplum Dresses
Post-"30 Rock" Tina Fey Is Learning How To Dress Herself
You've Got To Bee Kidding: "My Strange Addiction" Lady Stings Herself With Venom 15 Times A Day
Girl Talk: I Like To Be Bitten
This Is A Nightmare: Man Discovers He's Married His Sister
These Are Your Haircut Options In North Korea
The 10 Biggest Dating Mistakes People Make On Facebook
Steven Tyler "Snorted Half Of Peru," Spent $6 Million On Drugs
Play The Frisky's Academy Awards Drinking Game This Sunday!
Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail
The Secret To A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich
5 Things You Should Know About Alice Englert, Breakout Star Of "Beautiful Creatures" &"Ginger & Rosa"
Here's That "Game Of Thrones" Season 3 Trailer You Ordered
Feel Like A Star On Oscar Night With These 9 Luxurious Treatments
Justin Timberlake Hosting, Performing On "Saturday Night Live" March 9
Three Girls Ages 5, 9, & 11 Raped And Murdered In India
February 21: What Are We Wearing Today?
In Sweden, You Can Pay To Pretend To Be Homeless For The Night
Texas Teen Sues Parents For Right To <i>Not</i> Have An Abortion
Style Stealer: Naomi Watts' Preppy Polka Dots
This Is What A 40-Square-Foot Apartment Looks Like
Face-Off: Shia LaBeouf Is Turning Out To Be A Regular James Franco
10 Awesome Things That Happened At The "Star Trek: The Next Generation" 25th Anniversary Reunion
"Law & Order: SVU" Is Doing A Chris Brown And Rihanna-Inspired Edisode
Accused Rapist Meets Women On Christian Dating Site
Michelle Obama Handled Her Midlife Crisis Just Like Everyone Else
Pucker Up: The Best Lip Treatments And Balms At Every Price
I <i>Need</i> An 0.8 Inch Micro Crochet Mohair Panda
"Pizza" The Movie, Now Starring Pizza!
First Time For Everything: I Went To An Orgy
"My Little Princess" Is What Would Happen If "The Bachelor" & A Renaissance Faire Had A Baby
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