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Greasy Food Makes Hangovers Worse & Other Things You'll Need To Know On New Year's Day
The 'Possum Drop' Is The North Carolina Answer To New Year's Celebrations
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I Cannot Handle How Much An Applebee’s New Year’s Eve Cost
How The Hell Did A Dead Frog Get In A Pret A Manger Salad?
Parents Surprise Little Girl With A Trip To Disneyworld -- But She Wants To Go To Alabama!
Kim Kardashian Hits The Slopes In Major Fur
Lily Allen Calls Fellow Pop Stars "Botoxed Idiots"
Oops: Porn Filters Are Also Blocking Sex Ed Advice
The Daily Squee: Kittens Reenact "The Lion King" ... Sort Of
Israel Might Cover Cost Of Abortions Next Year For All Women Age 20 To 33
Prince William Heads Back To School, Enrolls In Cambridge
Angry Wife Torches Husband's Truck Because He Gave Her A Crock Pot And Trashy Lingerie For Christmas
Beauty Test Drive: Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment
This Woman Makes Abstract Paintings With Her Boobs
2013: The Year In Books We Couldn't Put Down
9-Year-Old Khloe Kardashian Overheard Her Mom Saying She Needed A Nose Job
How To Return His Holiday Gift Without Him Getting Butt Hurt
In Her Latest Video, Beyonce Discusses Motherhood, Sex & Exploring Her Fantasies On "Partition"
"Duck Dynasty" Star Phil Robertson Thinks 15 Is The Perfect Age For A Girl To Get Married
Life After Dating: 22 Realistic Relationship Resolutions
Face Yoga Is As Terrifying As It Sounds
Frisky Eats: 19 Recipes We Cooked & Loved In 2013
Boy Scouts Hope For Smooth Transition As They Accept Gay Youth
Ani DiFranco Cancels Feminist Songwriting Retreat At Former Slave Plantation, Offers Weak Non-Apology
Materialistic Year In Review: The Best Things I Bought In 2013
Vanessa Carlton Got Married This Weekend — By Stevie Nicks!
Friskyscopes: What's Ahead For Your Sign In 2014!
Kanye West Resolves To Stop Talking Shit In 2014
Nerd Girl Porn: Sexy 2014 Calendars For Every Taste (From Plumbers To Postmen)
Eddie Vedder Meets The Girl Who Saved Him From Drowning & Inspired The Song "Future Days"
Keira Knightley Thinks It's Weird That Feminism Was Ever A Dirty Word
First Look: Ben Affleck As Nick Dunne In "Gone Girl"
The Biggest, Fattest, Hairiest World Records Of 2013
How To Have A Grown-Ass New Year's Eve
Why Is Ani DiFranco Hosting A "Righteous Feminist Songwriting Retreat" At A Former Slave Plantation?
Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth's Casual & Cool Plaid Look
The Shy Girl’s Guide To Dirty Talk
Must Haves: 10 Party-Ready Box Clutches
Dissimilar Boozing Habits May Lead To Divorce
Nice Jewish Guys Calendar 2014 Pairs Up With JDate
Why Is LeAnn Rimes Wearing An Evening Gown In The Shower?
Amanda Seyfried's Dog Finn Gets A Little Frisky
5 Romantic Comedy Gestures That Would Get You Slapped
Listen To 56 Pop Songs In Just 10 Minutes
It's Britney, Bitch: Britney Spears Takes Las Vegas
How To Deal With His Crazy Ex
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Binge On "Sons Of Anarchy," Read <i>Kindred</i> & Make Mulled Wine
Etsy Spotlight: Wear The Universe Around Your Neck
Holiday Nightmare: A Mob Of Crazed Teens Storm A Shopping Mall
Warning: Justin Bieber Bought A Bulldog Puppy
Report: Selena Gomez Allegedly Suffering From Lupus
Utah To Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
A&E Brings Back Phil Robertson, Continues To Milk "Duck Dynasty" Controversy For All It's Worth
Is Beyonce Sleeping With Her Backup Dancer, Laurent Bourgeois?
Ten Arrested In India Over Gang Rape Of Young Woman
Anderson Cooper Shares TMI Tidbit About His Mom & Cunnilingus
This Is What Happens When Molly's Grandma Goes Shopping For Christmas Gifts At Spencer's
2013: The Year In Goats!
It's Time To Cry: Old Married Couple Reenacts "Up" In Photoshoot
The 30 Best Reality Show Catch Phrases In GIFs
12 Cheesy Inspirational Quotes I Pinned On Pinterest This Year (That Were Actually Good)
A New Documentary Explores The World Of Extreme Dog Grooming
Anne Lamott Is Not Starting A Diet On January 1st -- Would You Like To Join Her?
Attention Guys: This Is <i>Not</i> How You Flee A Bad Date
Miley Cyrus Still Doesn't Get Why Her VMAs Performance Was Racially Problematic
Frisky Eats: 9 Champagne Sweets For New Year's Eve
Dude Offering Free "Psychic Breast Readings" On Craigslist
Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani Is Black And White And Glam All Over
Miley Cyrus Licks Everything, Including Cara Delevingne's Tongue
101 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Smoking, Weight Loss, Or Becoming BFFs With Your Mother-In-Law
Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian A Hand-Painted Hermes Birkin Bag For Christmas
13 Ways Guys Ask For Blowjobs (Without Actually Asking)
<i>Us Weekly</i> Swears Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz Are Dating
Pussy Riot Member Reveals Forced Daily Gynecological Exams While Imprisoned
I Am Having A Strong Sexual Response To Prince Harry's Ginger Beard
Glow-In-The-Dark Piglets Created In China Using Jellyfish DNA
Must Haves: Sparkly, Glittery, Sequin-y Shoes To Win New Year's Eve
2013's Most "Extraordinary" Baby Names Include Lohan, Pinky & Pepsi
Man Forced To Hold "I Beat Women" Sign For 8 Hours After, Well, Beating A Woman
Shop The Trend: Hunter Green
In "Self-Titled #3," Beyonce Talks About The Making Of "Drunk In Love"
Watch This: How The "Mask" Of Masculinity Hurts Men <i>And</i> Women
Miley Cyrus Writhes Around, Touches Herself Sensuously In Video For "Adore You"
11 Strange But Totally Expected Things You'll Hear When You Visit A Vortex
Daughter Finds Mother After 71 Years
Best Drunken Public Transportation Fight Devolves Into Penis/Vagina Insults
2013: The Year In Assholes
Aww: Missouri Grandfather Uses His Social Security Check To Build Dollhouses For Disadvantaged Kids
Dude Sees A Kangaroo Hopping Around Oklahoma, Goes Buckwild
I Can't Stop Staring At This Picture Of Kanye West And Kim Kardashian
It's Time To Cry: Beyonce Dances With Terminally Ill Young Fan
2013: This Year In Masturbation Failures
Justin Bieber Says He's Retiring & JWoww Is Pregnant
Style Stealer (Mother-Daughter Edition!): Sarah Michelle Gellar And Charlotte Prinze
11 Foods That Should Never Be Dipped In Chocolate
6 Silly Christmas Traditions I Will Always Cherish
Merry Christmas! Here's A Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch Dance-Off Video
Help! What Should Be On Our Ultimate New Year's Eve Playlist?
5 Reasons Kittens Love Christmas
Christmas Quotes to Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy
Style Stealer: Jamie Chung Does Winter White Just Right
“25 Days Of Sexmas” Day 25: (Win This!) The Unbound Box
The Daily Squee: Gorilla Mommy Adopts Gorilla Baby At The San Francisco Zoo
If Only Plus-Size Barbies Were A Real Thing!
Chiara De Blasio, Daughter Of NYC's New Mayor, Describes Her Depression And Battle With Substance Abuse
Watch This: The Sad State Of Country Music In 2013
Frisky Eats: 6 Easy Holiday Treats For Those Of Us Who Can't Cook
Mommie Dearest: The Good, The Meh & The Ugly In 2013 Parenting Headlines
Santa Missed Connections Are All Naughty, No Nice
What I'm Gifting: Jessica's Christmas Shopping List
“25 Days Of Sexmas” Day 24: (Win This!) Iroha Sakura Silicone Vibrator
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Superimposed His Face Into "Home Alone" So He Could Play Every Character (Literally <i>Every</i> Character)
In Case You Were Wondering, Charlie Sheen Is Still Crazy & Abusive
Audrey Gelman -- Lena Dunham's BFF & Terry Richardson's Ex -- Weighs In On Pervy Photog Controversy
Teen Accused Of "Public Lewdness," Kicked Out Of School For Reporting Rape
New York State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Shop The Trend: Bright & Cool Kicks
Chatroulette Guy Spreads Joy With Sexy Santa Schtick
Parents Put Their Baby To Good Use By Recreating Scenes From Famous Movies
Italy Promotes "12 Years A Slave" With White Actors Instead Of Its Critically Acclaimed (And Black!) Star Chiwetel Ejiofor
Holiday Gift Guide: For The Naughty (Or Nice)
It's Time To Cry: A Mom's Christmas Wish Is Granted 2 Years After Her Death
Two Members Of Pussy Riot Released From Prison
‪Merry Christmas From The 7th Circle Of Giudice Poinsettia Hell‬
The Men Of Reddit Reveal Girly Things They Wish They Could Do
10 Types Of Men You'll See Doing Last-Minute Christmas Shopping
Hey, It's A Peanuts Christmas Dance Flashmob!
Street Style Spotlight: 15 Ways To Sport Sneakers
Remembering Ned Vizzini (1981 - 2013)
Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Are Engaged!
Give Guide: Why I'm Sponsoring A Child From Kenya This Christmas
“25 Days Of Sexmas” Day 23: Sqweel 2
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of December 23-29, 2013
Uh Huh, Rudolph: "Saturday Night Live" Spoofs Kimye's "Bound 2"
Gives To Children & Families In Need This Holiday Season
8 Hilariously Misleading Covers Slapped On Classic Books
I Refuse To Believe This Painting By George Zimmerman Sold On Ebay For 6 Figures
Doin' It In Your Childhood Bedroom Is What The Holidays Are All About (Apparently)
6 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You
Unpopular Opinion: The "To Me You Are Perfect" Scene In "Love Actually" Is Not Actually Romantic
Charlie Sheen Threatens "Duck Dynasty" Star Phil Robertson With "Media Attack" Unless He Apologizes For Homophobic Remarks
Christmas Recut: What If "The Santa Clause" Was A Heart-Stopping Thriller? (Video)
Etsy Spotlight: 2014 Wall Calendars We Love
Justine Sacco Finally Apologizes, Says She Is "Ashamed" Of Racist AIDS Tweet
“25 Days Of Sexmas” Day 22: Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E
The 50 Most Insane Driving Laws Around The World
Watch Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake's "Saturday Night Live" Promos
This Hilarious Video Is The Best Fan Reaction To Beyonce's Secret Album Drop
How Do I Save My Relationship With A Cheating Boyfriend?
Style Stealer: Kiernan Shipka's Got Flower Power
How To Handle That Moment When You Forget To Get Someone A Present
The 7 Worst Gifts People Seem To Give Every Christmas
What I'm Gifting: Winona's Christmas Shopping List
All Of Twitter Watched And Waited For Justine Sacco To Land In Africa Last Night After PR Exec Tweeted Racist AIDS Joke
“25 Days Of Sexmas” Day 21: Wildbunny Premium Lovekit
<i>Vanity Fair</i> Rolls Over For Gwyneth Paltrow And Christmas Is Ruined
Judge Overturns Utah's Ban On Gay Marriage
Must Haves: 15 Comfy & Cozy Pajama Sets
Just No: IAC <i>Communications</i> Executive Justine Sacco Tweets Racist AIDS "Joke" Before Trip To Africa
"Buffy" Is Coming Back To A Television Near You
Madonna's Daughter Mercy Gets A Big Kiss From Beyonce During Brooklyn Concert
JK Rowling Is Working On A "Harry Potter" Prequel -- For The Stage!
Prince William Calls Duchess Kate "Babykins"; What's Your Most Embarrassing Petname?
Julianne Moore Plans To Be A Botox-Free 100-Year-Old
How To Avoid Becoming A Grinch This Holiday Season
Watch John Oliver Bid Farewell To "The Daily Show"
Style Stealer: Julianne Hough Is My Leather Pants Mentor
The Frat Behind A Baruch Freshman's Hazing Death Has Been Banned
You'll Cry Tears Of Joy When You Watch Rion Holcombe Open His College Acceptance Letter
Ask A Married Guy: "Is Mr. Nice Just Stringing Me Along?"
The BP Oil Spill Is Making Dolphins Sick, And Now I Want To Cry
"Fifty Shades Of Grey" Stars Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Film Their First Swoon-Worthy Scene
Holiday Sexcapades: Expectation Vs. Reality
15 Badly Needed Dating Sites We’d Love To See
Beyonce's New "Feminist" Fragrance Is Inspired By A Maya Angelou Poem, Smells Like Gold Symphony Orchid And Cashmere
9 Strange Cat Ornaments On Etsy For The Festive Cat Lady
"Duck Dynasty" Family Stands By Their Patriarch
“25 Days Of Sexmas” Day 20: LELO Ida Rotating Couples Massager
Astrology 101: Non-Material Gift Ideas For Each Sign
Forget New Year's Resolutions, I Just Want To Watch "Girls" In 2014
What I <i>Really</i> Want: Jessica's Christmas List
Report: Robin Wright & Ben Foster Are Engaged!
New Mexico To Legalize Gay Marriage!
Facepalm: Woman Was So Engrossed In Facebook That She Walked Right Off A Pier
Watch Conan O'Brien Explore American Girl Place And Ruin Your Childhood Memories
10 Holiday E-Cards That Jingle Our Bells
Poll: Which Girl Crush Would You Rather Meet Under The Mistletoe, Jennifer Lawrence Or Beyonce?
Shop The Trend: Sequins, Sequins, Sequins!
Private Spying Companies Sell Lists Of Rape Victims
Swoon! Things Gets Physical Between Tris And Four In New "Divergent" Clip
2013: The Year In Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen's Amazing Friendship
What If A Perfume Ad Featured A Woman Who Was Bold, Sexy, Desirable, And Also Fat?
Kate Winslet Threatens To Sue Fathers4Justice Group
Winona's Grownup Letter To Santa
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