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Commander Gave Up Navy Secrets For Lady Gaga Tix
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Your Holiday Season Emotional Bootcamp Starts Today
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Artist Turns Real-Life Female Role Models Into Disney Princesses
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"Teen Mom" Cautionary Tale Amber Portwood Is Out Of Prison
Selena Gomez Isn't A One-Night Stand Kind Of Girl!
Worst Nightmare: Dozens Of Deadly Spiders Hatch From A Banana And Infest Family's Home
Calabasas High School Crowns Lesbian Couple Its Homecoming Queens
Style Stealer: Miranda Kerr's Cold Weather Denim Mini
Jon Gosselin Admits Reality TV Stardom Messed Up His Eight Kids
Melissa McCarthy Thinks Your Outrage Over Her Wearing A Jacket On The Cover Of <i>Elle</i> Was Ridiculous
Female Genital Mutilation Should Be Treated As Child Abuse: Report
University College London's Student Union Bans "Blurred Lines"
Joan Rivers Thinks Miley Cyrus Is Disgusting
Happy Monday: Here Are Some Babies Riding Roombas
Fashion Forecast: A Sporty Puffer Vest Styled For Three Different Temperatures
Trick-Or-Treat? Here's Some Anti-Choice Propaganda Instead!
Drew Barrymore Is Knocked Up With Baby #2!
14 Non-Scary Things She Might Mean When She Says "We Need To Talk"
Frisky Rant: Asking Friends To Pay Cash To Attend Your Parties Is Hella Tacky
The Daily Squee: Friendly Raccoon Sits In Chair, Noshes On Grapes
Lit Medicine: 11 Books To Save Your Ass (Or Just Your Weary Soul)
Stevie Nicks Exposes Her Yorkie On The Cover Of <i>QWeekend</i>
Life Dream Status: Pumpkin Pie Perfume
Great Wedding Alternatives: Ask A Horse To Be Your Bridesmaid
My Strange First Day Working In An Erotic Massage Parlor
YouTube Pulls "Nymphomaniac" Trailer -- Featuring Shia LaBeouf Giving Oral -- For Violating Rules On Sex
Horrible Rape Joke Goes Viral On Twitter
Guys, We Need To Talk About Lady Gaga's Teeth Right Now
Lea Michele Shares How's She Handling Cory Monteith's Death
Justin Bieber Got Hit In The Face With A Water Bottle At His Own Concert
Psoriasis & 14 Other Unacceptable Reasons To Dump Someone
Harry Styles Dressed As Miley Cyrus For Halloween
Michelle Pfeiffer Used To Belong To A Breatharian Cult
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of November 4-10, 2013
Kerry Washington Helps "Saturday Night Live" Address Its Diversity Problem
Real Girls, Real Curls: Tashia Shares Her Fave Products To Create Popping Curls
This Brave Bus Driver Saved A Woman From Jumping Off A Bridge
5 Horrible Things You Learn Working At A Convenience Store
Hi/Lo: Classic Camel Coats
Frisky Eats: 7 Tricked Out Popcorn Recipes
Women's Depression Linked To ... Pasta
Ask A Professional Matchmaker! (You Know You Want To...)
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Emma Gray Is Britain's First Female Shepherding Champion
Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Back Together For Hook Up
Germany Creates 3rd Gender
Unbelievably Cool: Listen To This Song Made Entirely By Water
The Best In-Flight Safety Video You've Ever Seen
7 Of The Stupidest Things People Have Done For Love — Ever
Hi/Lo: Fantastic Fall Booties!
5 Sex Dealbreakers You Can’t Ignore
20 Sexy, Grown-Up Bras For Women With Extra-Small Breasts
Bette Midler, Of All People, Weighs In On Miley Cyrus "Whipping Out The Girls"
Very Serious Study About Dog Tail Wagging Reaches Important Conclusions
20 Real Women Respond To Kim K’s Decision To Take Her Husband’s Last Name
Aww, Yoko And Paul McCartney Are Friends Again (Sort Of)
Charlie Sheen Has The Nerve To Criticize Someone Else's Parenting
Jailed Pussy Riot Member Is Missing
Beyoncé Got Groped By A Zombie Hand This Halloween
Heidi Montag Retired Her F-Cups -- Plus, A Rabbi Dildo For Your Orgasm Needs
This Couple's Hip Hop Birth Announcement Has Got Swagger
The Ostrich Pillow Light Is The Solution To All Your Naptime Needs
Report: Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Are Calling It Quits
What It's Like To Bed James Deen
Dealbreaker: He Didn’t Know What Kind Of Music He Liked
Sad Clown Rendition Of Lorde Song Will Certainly Haunt Your Dreams
Fashion Can Fight Gun Violence
Shooting At LAX Strands James Franco, Who Responds With Pensive Instagram Selfie
The Daily Squee: Watch The First 100 Days Of Zoo Atlanta's Baby Pandas
Jessica Simpson Doesn't Want To Pass Her Body Image Issues On To Her Daughter
RIP Society: Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst Is Developing An Autobiographical Drama For The CW
Idiot Husband Leaves Comment About A Lingerie Model On <i>The Daily Mail,</i> Gets Himself Kicked Out Of The House
Jailed Domestic Violence Victim Marissa Alexander Will Have A Bail Hearing Next Week
Nicki Minaj's Halloween Costume Left Little To The Imagination
26 Adorable Celeb Kids Dressed Up For Halloween
Watch Shia LaBeouf Give Oral Sex In This "Nymphomaniac" Clip (NSFW)
Kerry Washington On Lesbian Rumors: "There's No Reason To Be Offended"
Appeals Court Allows Texas Anti-Abortion Law To Go Into Effect
For The Win: The Boo Boos Kept Up With The Kardashians For Halloween
It's Time To Cry: San Francisco Will Transform Into Gotham City For A Day To Make A 5-Year-Old's Wish Come True
Kim & Kanye Reportedly Sue YouTube Co-Founder Over Proposal Video Leak [UPDATE]
How To Give Your Partner Advice Without Being Super Annoying
Heidi Klum Dressed Up As Old And Wrinkly For Halloween
Coupled But Don't Have Kids? You Might Be DINK Or A DILDO
Celine Dion Angers Muslims With Comments About Cultural Assimilation
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