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8 Terrifying Texts From Online Dates
Shopping The Trend: Oxblood
Illinois Family Reunites With Beloved Dog Thought Lost In Devastating Tornado
Pad Garder, The Man Who Wants To Become A Kotex Maxi Pad, Now Has A Video Diary
Artist Turns Abandoned Detroit Homes Into Colorful Art Installations
Telling Your Girlfriend You Cheated As A "Prank" Is A Bad Idea Any Way You Swing It
"Holland's Got Talent" Judge Makes A Few Too Many Cringeworthy Racist Jokes
Child Molester Offers To Get Castrated In Exchange For Reduced Sentence
Totally Insane Charles Manson Might Have A Totally Insane Fiancee He Renamed "Star"
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How Do We Feel About "No Makeup November"?
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7 Advice Acronyms That Will Change Your Life
<i>Elle</i> Magazine Promotes "North Korea Chic" As Hot Fall Trend
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Your Guide To Eating Around The World In 10 Unexpected Places
Albuquerque Voters Defeat 20-Week Ban On Abortions
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Kelly Clarkson & Ginnifer Goodwin Are Both Pregnant!
Did Miley Cyrus Bleach Her Eyebrows?
Adam Levine Declared <i>People</i>'s Sexiest Man Alive
15 Ways To Make Friends In A New City
Public Service Announcement: Buy This Cookie Butter Right Now
Thanks, I Made It Myself: Thanksgiving Wreaths, Banners, And Centerpieces
Cobie Smulders & Taran Killam Froze Embryos To Make Future Funny Children
Albuquerque, New Mexico Votes Today On 20-Week Abortion Ban
Even Kim And Kanye Eat At Wendy's (Well, Kim <i>Texts</i> At Wendy's)
The Sexiest Celebrity Selfies Of The Year Are…
Fraud Charges Are Being Handed Out To Teresa Giudice Like Candy
George Zimmerman Is Out Of Jail, Ordered To Give Up His Guns (Finally)
November 19: What Are We Wearing Today?
"It's A Wonderful Life" Is Getting A Sequel
Daniel Day-Lewis' Son Is A Rapper Who Wants You To Know That He Smokes Weed
There’s A Life-Sized Lady Gaga Doll And It Will Terrify You
10 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Carlton Gebbia, "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills"' Resident Wiccan
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Bob Dylan Finally Releases A Video For "Like A Rolling Stone"
Gremlin Gets A Manicure To Be The Dog Of Honor At Owner's Wedding
Frisky Q&A: Taryn Manning Talks About Playing "Radically Unapologetic," "Bible-Thumping Freakazoid" Pennsatucky On "Orange Is The New Black"
Well Played: Jennifer Lawrence Is Lovely In … Some Kind Of Netting (Plus, All Of Her "Catching Fire" Red Carpet Looks!)
Awkward Lady On "Family Feud" Doesn't Know Crap About Zombies
Girl Talk: Desperately Seeking Country Stars
Teen Who Killed His Dad Over Megan Fox Insult May Get Life In Prison
Parent Fined For Forgetting To Pack Ritz Crackers In Kids' Lunch
It's Time To Cry: Homeless Family Gets A Makeover
Dating Don'ts: <i>Choose</i> To Be Available
Kanye West's New Video For "Bound 2" Features Horses, Topless Kim Kardashian
Meet Glory, The Woman Who Wrote The Most Epic, Beyonce-Inspired "I Quit" Email You'll Ever Read
Wedding Dress Porn: 20 Options For Winter Brides
Ashley Greene Sued By Ex-Neighbors Over Apartment Fire She Started
Listen To George Zimmerman's Girlfriend's 911 Call
Beauty Test Drive: This Is The Waterproof Mascara I Wore On My Wedding Day & It Totally Worked
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Cuddling With A Stuffed Animal May Help Cure Your Depression (Seriously!)
Find Out Which Rock Stars Suck In Bed And Which Ones Are Hung Like Horses (According To Some Anonymous Groupies On Reddit)
Uh Oh: Rita Ora Faints Before Photo Shoot
Mary Cheney Called Out Her Sister Liz Cheney On Facebook Over Gay Marriage Hypocrisy
This Couple Re-Enacting "Dirty Dancing" Will Restore Your Faith In Love And Maybe Humanity In General
Coming Soon: A Speidi Special On E!
[UPDATE] George Zimmerman Arrested For Domestic Violence
November 18: What Are We Wearing Today?
Dream Or Nightmare: Stuffing Waffles And Gravy Syrup
Theo & Beau: Mommy Blogger Captures Amazing Photos Of Her Son & Puppy's Daily Naps
Street Style Inspiration: 5 Ways To Wear Full Skirts
These Men Can Play "Jingle Bells" With Their Penises
Yeah, Right: Miley Cyrus Claims She’s "A Complete Hermit"
Bill Clinton Wants A Woman President — Hmm, Who Might He Be Referring To?
Playlist: The Most Underrated Songs We Love (Plus, Add Yours!)
Snooki & JWoww Dress Up As Other Famous Duos
Into The Archives: 1957's <i>The Scientific & Easy Way To Gain Weight</i> Is The Weirdest Diet Book Of All Time
Edinburgh University Law Students Wore Blackface For Class Party
Maddox Jolie-Pitt Is All Grown Up And Wearing A Tux
Life After Dating: 6 Unsung Benefits Of Spending The Holidays With Your Partner's Family
Jennifer Lawrence Used To Have Social Anxiety
That's Vaginal: Qatar's New Stadium Looks Like A Big Ol' Vulva
Bitchy Sorority Girl, Rebecca Martinson, Is Now Writing About Blowjobs For <i>Vice</i>
Share The Deets Behind Your Feast: It's a Thanksgiving Recipe Swap!
All Proceeds From Jay Z's Barney's Collab Will Now Go To His Foundation
A Naked Woman Calling Herself "Goddess Of The Train" Tried To Take Over Chicago Public Transportation This Weekend
Ask A Single Dog Owner: "Will Getting A Dog Affect My Relationship?" And Other Questions!
Guy Live Tweets Couple's Breakup On Brooklyn Rooftop -- And It's Awesome
Alec Baldwin Might Lose His Talk Show Over Gay Slur Scandal
5 Common, Shitty Dreams About Other People & What They Might Mean
Study: No, That Art Degree Does NOT Mean You'll Be Poor Forever
Want To Pretend Your Computer's Broken And Leave Work Early? There's A "Happy Hour Virus" For That!
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of November 18-24, 2013
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Alternate "Breaking Bad" Ending Has "Malcolm In The Middle"'s Hal Waking Up From A Very Bad Dream...
Woman Loses Her Wedding Rings While Changing Her Bird's Diaper - You Know, The Usual
This Contest Has Named Britain's Horniest Student And I Feel Weird About It
Dramatic Portraits Of Dogs Pooping
More From <i>Lucky</i>'s Terrible Kerry Washington Cover Shoot
Buddy The Adorable Cat Saved His Owner's Life
Robot Butt: The Cutting Edge Of 'Rear-search'?
Now You Can Wear A Spray-On Dress
Scientists Explain Why Goths Stay Goths For Life
Getting It On In The Workplace? Here's The #1 Spot For Office-Sex
Street Style Spotlight: 5 Ways To Rock Leopard Print!
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>The Wicked Girls</i>, Listen To <i>Saint Heron</i> & Make Apple Pie Cookies
Female Olympic Athletes Come In All Shapes And Sizes
Etsy Spotlight: This Ain't Your Niece's Tea Set
Meet Your New Muse: Naked Dancing Man
Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Back Together After Ryan’s Breakup With Eva Mendes?
Are Silent Farts Really More Deadly?
Bethenny Frankel Wants A Man To "Take Charge" & President Obama's Message To BatKid
Lesbian Allegedly Banned From Visiting Her Partner In The Hospital
The Girl With No Vagina -- Plus, The Time Mike Tyson Used A Fake Penis
Artist Creates Real-Life Versions Of Kids' Drawings Of Their Grandparents
November 15: What Are We Wearing Today?
Victoria Beckham's Wedding Tiara Is For Sale, But Can We Talk About The Ridiculous Details Of Their Nuptials?
"Same Love" Singer Mary Lambert On Macklemore: "I'm Gay And I'm Part Of The Song, Too"
Renisha McBride's Parents Speak Out About Murder Charges Against Theodore Wafer
Breaking News: Batkid Comes To The Rescue Of San Francisco, I Mean, Gotham City!
Frisky Eats: 10 Sinfully Good Cinnamon Recipes
Anna Wintour Actually Approved Of That WTF Kerry Washington <i>Lucky</i> Cover
The Soapbox: "Scandal" Lazily Relies On A Rape Scene To Make A Hated Character More Sympathetic
Woman Diagnosed With Delusional Jealousy Makes Her Fiancé Take A Lie Detector Test Every Time He Leaves The House
Sarah Silverman Visits Ex Jimmy Kimmel's Talk Show, Returns Stuff He Left After Their Breakup
6 Bits Of Relationship Wisdom My Married Self Would Like To Tell My Single Self
There's A $100 Slingshot In Gwyneth Paltrow's Holiday Gift Guide
"Shakespeare In Love" Is Coming To A Stage Near You
Courtney Stodden Says She Is A "True Feminist," Also Doesn't Read Or Write
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The 1-Minute Ponytail Makeover
Homophobic Customer Stiffs Waitress On Tip, Leaves Note Saying It's Because She Doesn't Agree With Her "Lifestyle"
Prosecutors Charge Theodore Wafer, The Man Who Killed Renisha McBride, With 2nd Degree Murder
15 Positive Side Effects Of A New Haircut (In GIFs!)
Alec Baldwin Accused Of Calling Paparazzo Gay Slur
Brooklyn Man Gets Guinness World Record Recognition For Largest Collection Of Pizza Boxes
Nerd Girl Porn: 12 Fine, Flexible Dudes Doing Yoga
Win This! Enter The Frisky's Bitchin’ In The Kitchen Pinterest Contest
Professors Tested <i>Fifty Shades Of Grey</i> Library Book & Discovered It Has Herpes
The Daily Squee: Oh My God, This Guy's Cat Can Talk
Joaquin Phoenix Is Dating A 20-Year-Old
Feminists Re-Imagine Google Search Results For The Word "Feminism"
This Guy Waxes With Packing Tape And I Am Terrified
Good News! Costco And Nordstrom Refuse To Ruin Your Thanksgiving With Black Friday Sales
Hot Links:<i>People</i> Confirms That Adam Levine Is The Sexiest Man Alive
[UPDATE] OMG, The "Flowers In The Attic" Trailer Is Here
Miley Cyrus: "I'm One Of The Biggest Feminists In The World"
This Is A Video Of A Dolphin Masturbating With A Dead Fish
Style Stealer (Plus!): Retta's Ravishing Red Dress
Watch This: The Only "White People Dancing" Supercut You'll Ever Need
"Fifty Shades" Fanfic Makes BDSM Fantasy Out Of Rihanna And Chris Brown Abuse
4 Bigots Using 'Science' to Further Their Dumb Theories
Poll: Would You Marry Someone Who Can’t Make You Orgasm?
Mommie Dearest: Let's Discuss Sex With Our Kids
Man Calls 911 Because He Can't Deal With One-Night Stand's Loud Snoring
The Invisible Bike Helmet, Yet Another Awesome Invention By Ladies
"Beer Pong Rapist" Stalked Young Victims At Bar Tournaments
13 Of The Most WTF Looks From The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Awesome Parents Convince Kids Their Plastic Dinosaur Toys Come To Life Every Night In "Dinovember"
Must Haves: 12 Mesh And Lace Black Bras
Girl Talk: The Truth About Blowjobs
Subway Riders In Moscow Can Now Pay For Their Rides With Exercise
Single? #LookADouche Is Here To Tell You To "Shut Up" To Be Dateable
Watch Idiot College Student Staple His Own Balls As Punishment For Losing An Xbox Match (NSFW)
21 Realistic Dates For Adventurers (That Don't Include Backpacking Through Europe For 21 Days)
I'll Have What They're Having: Flashmob Of Orgasming Women Recreate "When Harry Met Sally" Scene
Candice Swanepoel Models $10 Million Bra In Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Home Inspiration: Fabulous Fall Candles
The Daily Squee: You <i>Need</i> This Video Of A Puppy Chewing On Stairs
James Franco Reviews "12 Years A Slave" For <i>VICE</i> But Not Without A Complaint About The Blowjob In "Shame"
Mariah Carey Compares Nicki Minaj To "Satan"
Gay Marriage Legalized In Hawaii
Ireland's Ban On Abortion Will Be Challenged At The U.N.
Mark Wahlberg Thinks Tom Cruise Should STFU About Acting Being As Difficult As The Military
Rejoice! The Last Of Superstorm Sandy's Rescue Kittens Have Been Adopted!
November 13: What Are We Wearing Today?
"The Real World" Gets An "<i>Ex</i>plosive" Update For Its 29th Season
35 Of Hollywood’s Hottest Moms That Make It Look Easy
Cross-Eyed Fashion Model Moffy Makes Waves With Magazine Cover
Style 911: "Find Me A Cheaper Version Of Kat Dennings’ Look!"
Study: Gun Violence In Teen-Oriented Films Has Tripled
Lily Allen Responds To Allegations Of Racism Against Black Women In Her "Hard Out Here" Video
Sneak Peek: Check Out The First Trailer For Disney's "Maleficent"
Shopping The Trend: Slouchy Blazers
"300 Sandwiches" Blogger Lands Book Deal, Of Course
Can You Guess Which Fashion Icon This Butt Belongs To?
The Soapbox: No, But Seriously, Sex Can Be Satisfying Without Orgasm
Is "The Princess Bride" Broadway's Next Big Hit?
There's A Japanese Game Show Called "Orgasm Wars" About Competitive Blowjobs (NSFW)
Dater X: Mourning Friends And Family After A Breakup
6 Insane Sex Myths People Used To Teach As Facts
Loudly Masturbating Neighbor Responds To Noise Complaint With Amazing Burn
Here's The First Look At Cameron Diaz As Miss Hannigan In "Annie"
3 Ways To Wear Wine-Colored Lipstick This Holiday Season
Hot! "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Stars Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Cover <i>Entertainment Weekly</i>
Zac Efron Slips, Falls, Breaks His Perfectly Chiseled Jaw
25 Totally Acceptable Ways To Respond To Catcallers
Science Figured Out The Best Times Of Day To Drink Coffee
Street Style Star Of The Week: Eva Longoria
Tati Neves Shares Everything You Didn't Want To Know About Justin Bieber's Penis And Bedroom Skills