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Paul Walker, "Fast And The Furious" Star, Confirmed Dead In Car Crash At Age 40
Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Had The Best Friendsgiving Ever
Are You A Love Addict?
Style 911: "Help Me Tina Fey's Red Dress From The 'Saturday Night Live' Premiere!"
Frisky Q&A: Emily Matchar, Author of <i>Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing The New Domesticity</i>
28 Rejected Names For Famous Products (Probably)
Etsy Spotlight: A Christmas Bow Tie Collar For The Dapper Doggy In Your Life
You Know You Want To Watch Jennifer Lawrence Admit To Smoking Crack
Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Lady Gaga Sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
15 Amazing Guinness World Records Set In 2013
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Tulsa Lady Confronts Man Masturbating In Women's Bathroom At Walmart
Study: Students Love Tweeting About Adderall
Can Your Childhood Predict Your Luck In Marriage?
Style Stealer: Olivia Munn's Leather-Topped Midi Dress
Nerd Girl Porn: ‪10 Hot Guys Bundled Up In Plaid Flannel‬
The Sexy Side Of Hanukkah
Our Bitchin' In The Kitchen Pinterest Contest Has A Winner!
Life Dream Status: A Giant Cat Couch For Humans
This Family's House Is A Record-Breaking Winter Wonderland
The Daily Squee: If These Micro Piglets Can Exercise, So Can You
If 27 Urban Legends Were True
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: The Braided French Twist
The Parts Of Thanksgiving Dinner & The Sex Acts They Represent
Why Women Should Masturbate During Divorce
Mommie Dearest: The American Family Has Changed Forever
Mirror, Mirror: How Do You Not Hate Your Body On A Holiday That's All About Eating?
Marissa Alexander Released On Bond In Time For Thanksgiving
Lauren Conrad's Advice On The Pressure To Marry
The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide
College Students, Wear This To Thanksgiving And Thank Us Later
College Students Don’t Know The Story Of Thanksgiving
Kramer From "Seinfeld" Explains That Racist Meltdown He Had While Doing Standup
Evan Rachel Wood Criticizes New Cut Of "Charlie Countrymen" For Removing Women's Sexual Pleasure For MPAA Ratings
France Considers Sex Work Law Punishing Johns
Alabama Judge To Resentence Rapist Who Got Zero Prison Time
GAP Rallies Around Sikh Model After Ad Was Defaced By Racist Graffiti
8 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts On Pinterest, Ranked In Order From Least To Most Ridiculous
President Obama Pardons Popcorn The Turkey
EBONY Declares Today #NationalAfroDay In Honor Of Vanessa Van Dyke
Chatroulette Guy Is Back With Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball"
Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Let's Get Ready To Play Dysfunctional Family Bingo!
Girl Talk: Why I'm Thankful For My Weekly 12-Step Meeting
Dream Or Nightmare: A Kentucky Fried Chicken-Scented Candle
Former ESPN Editor Warns Son To Get Texts Proving Consent To Sex
Watch This: Amber Riley Wins "Dancing With The Stars," Has Some Inspiring Words For Women
Dater X: When The Single Slog Sets In
Twerking On The Subway Tracks Is <i>So</i> Hot Right Now
Prince Harry Says George Is A Screaming Child, Prefers Antartica
#KanyeJobTitles Is The Internet's Best Response To Kanye's Latest Boast
Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi & Prince William Sing "Livin' On A Prayer"
Kanye On Kim: "The Most Beautiful Woman Of All Time"
11 Ways To Recreate A "Friends"-Style Thanksgiving (In GIFs!)
Let's Watch Harry Styles Lift Weights
Frisky Eats: 11 Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Will Impress Your In-Laws
Alec Baldwin Speaks Out About MSNBC Firing, Denies Using Slur
11 Women You Didn’t Know JFK Slept With During His Time In The White House
Supreme Court To Take Up Hobby Lobby Birth Control Case
I Wouldn't Have Pegged Kim Kardashian As A Chicago Fan
Blackface Solange Knowles Costume Doesn't Go Over So Well For White French <i>Elle</i> Editor
Style Stealer: Kim Kardashian Does Black From Head To Toe
This Man Is Selling One Of His Balls So He Can Buy A New Car
Frisky Drinks: 10 Thanksgiving Cocktails To Get You Through The Day
LeAnn Rimes Is In A Twitter Fight With Her Ex-Husband Over Gay Remarks
Julia Roberts Says Jennifer Lawrence Is Too "Cool" To Assume America's Sweetheart Title
Poll: Would You Ever Have Holiday Sex In Someone Else's Home?
RIP Society: Sydney Leathers Is Getting Labiaplasty, Selling Excess Labia Skin Encased In Lucite
9 Occasions In Which It Is Totally Okay To Channel Stassi Schroeder From "Vanderpump Rules"
Report: Alec Baldwin Fired From MSNBC Over Gay Slur
Sandra Bullock Is Savoring Her Single Status
9 Thanksgiving Games (And The Hazards That Come With Them)
Poor Patch The Puppy Has To Go Around Looking Like Adolf Hitler All The Time
Florida School Threatens To Expel Black Student Unless She Straightens Or Cuts Her Hair
Dating Don'ts: 4 Tips For Surviving A Turkey Dropping
You Should Boycott Louis Vuitton Because Kanye Said So
Miranda Lambert Addresses Weight Loss Rumors In True Miranda Lambert Fashion
Do Not Want: A Picture Frame Made Of Placenta
True Story: A Photoshopping Site Stole My Selfie Off Instagram And Gave Me A "Makeover" [UPDATE]
Mall Santa Arrested For Groping Elf
9 Things About Going To A Concert That Made Me Feel Super-Old (In GIFs!)
I Want To Go To There: The Hot Chocolate Pedicure
Pie Chart: Anatomy Of A Passive Aggressive Comment From Your Mom
Katie Couric Joins Yahoo As A "Global Anchor"
Bad News: The Morning After Pill Could Be Less Effective For Women Over 165 Lbs
Cat Heaven Island Is Exactly What It Sounds Like
Miley Cyrus Rocks A Nude Leotard With A Penis Drawn On The Crotch
Emma Thompson: "I've Always Been A Card-Carrying Feminist"
7 Tips To Reach The Big O (NSFW)
Orange Crocs Are Being Discontinued, So Mario Batali Ordered 200 Pairs
Style Stealer: Emma Stone Flies In Style
Exclusive First Look: "Expecting" Explores What Happens When Your BFF Decides To Birth Your Baby
Full Bush Is Back In Style (Out Of Sheer Laziness)
These "Advanced Scarfing Techniques" Will Blow Your Mind <i>And</i> Keep Your Neck Warm
Must Haves: 10 Grandma-Approved Holiday Dresses
Of Course There's A Rob Ford Porn Parody
Girl Talk: Why I'm Grateful I Got My Heart Broken
How To Manage A Food Addiction Over The Holidays
James Franco & Seth Rogen Flawlessly Mock Kanye West And Kim Kardashian In "Bound 2" Spoof
Life After Dating: Dealing With Crushes When You're In A Relationship
4 More School Employees Indicted In Steubenville Rape Case
Anonymous Chick Spills About The Time She Choked Adam Levine During A Makeout Session
The Soapbox: Women Tell Dirty Jokes, Deal With It
It's Time To Cry: A Group Of 5th Grade Boys Come Together To Show A Bullied Student Lots Of Love
Abel & Archie Arnett Are A Couple Of Chips Of The Ol' Block
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of November 25-December 1, 2013
Angelina Jolie Bought Brad Pitt A Private Island
Beastie Boys & GoldieBlox Go To Battle Over "Girls" [UPDATED]
Cities That Surprise: Rochester, New York
17 Totally Acceptable Ways To Respond To Annoying Holiday Questions
Everything (I Can Remember) That Went Down At The 2013 American Music Awards (In GIFs & Clips!)
The 2013 American Music Awards Red Carpet!
#SpinAMAs: Watch And Tweet The American Music Awards With Us!
Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson's Baby Son Ace Gives The Paparazzi Serious Face
5 Insanely Childish Ways People Are Dealing With Grudges
Watch Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Learn The Fates Of Their "Breaking Bad" Characters
How To Tell If You (Or A Friend) Are In An Abusive Relationship?
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch "The Returned," Make Tofu Rancheros & Enjoy Yago Hortal's Abstract Painting
True Story: I've Been Called The "Erin Brockovich" Of Revenge Porn
Alexa Chung Anxious To Design Cats For Your Nipples
Etsy Spotlight: A Satin Corset Belt Of Dreams!
Study: Casual Sex Might Be Making Teenagers Sad
The Daily Squee: Baby Otter Drinks Milk & Squeaks
Well Played: Taylor Swift Heats Things Up In Oxblood
9 Vintage Photos That Prove Bears Are Awesome Forever
Help This Little Girl Find Her Missing Stuffed Rabbit
This Film Tells The Other Side Of The "Gravity" Story
6 Ways Men Can Speak Up About Their Sexuality
Must Haves: Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe With These Colorful Cold Weather Accessories!
The 5 Different Categories Of Boredom (As Determined By Scientists)
5 Ways Parenting Turns You Into A Dumbass
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: A Loose Half Updo With A Big Ass Bow
Tokyo Now Has A Nap Cafe For Ladies On The Go
How To Wear High Heels Without Pain
Here's What "Mad Men" Would Be Like If All The Cigarettes Were Replaced By Party Blowers
Diablo Cody & Oprah Developing HBO Show Together
Three Women Freed From Decades Of Captivity In London
November 22: What Are We Wearing Today?
Eva Longoria Naked, Covered In Swarovski Crystals -- Plus, Some Very Graphic Food Porn
Little Miss Topless: Abigail Breslin Does Sexy Shoot With Photographer Tyler Shields
Care To Put George W. Bush's Artwork On Your Christmas Tree?
Watch This: Florida State University AcaBelles Sing "Royals"
15 "Catching Fire" GIFs To Get You Pumped For The Movie
Courtney Stodden Has A New Man & He's Just As Old As The One From Before
Must Haves: 15 Pairs Of Boots With A Wedge
Yes, You Too Can Own Sasha Obama's Unicorn Sweater!
Victoria Beckham Donated A Gazillion Shoes To Raise Money For Typhoon Aid
Oh, For Eff's Sake, Michelle Obama Is Not A "Feminist's Nightmare"
Frisky Eats: 8 Thanksgivukkah Recipes To Be Thankful For
Elon University Is Teaching Students How To Masturbate
Zuma Rossdale Bids Ginger Pal A Passionate Farewell
Hannah Twerks Against A Gravestone In The "Girls" Season 3 Trailer
The Soapbox: The Disconnect Between Black Feminism And Gay Activism
There's Full-On Vagina In The Official "Nymphomaniac" Trailer (NSFW)
Life Dream Status: A Champagne Vending Machine
13 Selfies I've Taken (And How Feminist They Are)
Call It What You Want, Porscha Starr, But That Looks Like Lingerie For Kids To Me
It's Time To Cry: Watch Unsuspecting Families Get Their Holiday Groceries Paid For
13 Reasons To Date A Chubby Guy (In GIFs)
Zach Braff Photobombed Couple's Wedding Photo In Times Square
Josh Brolin Checks Into Rehab
Holiday Party Style: 20 Festive Jumpsuits & Rompers
You Can Now Learn Spanish Via Cat Photos
Kickass Woman Of The Day: Lois Pryce, Who Took A Solo Motorcycle Adventure Through Iran
Melissa Joan Hart Looks Like She Rubbed A Powdered Donut On Her Forehead (Plus, 11 Other Celebrity Powder Mishaps)
Sarah Silverman Makes Too Many Pottymouth Jokes For A Lady, Says <i>Variety</i> Reviewer
Kelly Clarkson Couldn't Wait For Pregnancy Because She Has An Excuse To Be Fat
Homophobic Parent Gets Served By Advice Columnist
10 Reasons Women Don’t Care If Men Like Their Clothes
OutKast May Be Reuniting At Coachella & Some More "Friends" Nostalgia
The Daily Squee: A Supercut Of Puppies Learning To Howl
Patti Smith Is A Huge "Hunger Games" Fan, Wrote A Song For The "Catching Fire" Soundtrack & Rocks A Mockingjay Pin
Watch This: "Batkid Rises" Trailer Proves Some Dreams Do Come True
Beastie Boys' "Girls" Gets Remade By Little Girls For Kickass Goldie Blox Commercial
Style Stealer: Lily Allen Is Pretty In Pale Pink
Police Pull Over Jose Canseco, Find Goats Wearing Diapers In The Back Of His Car
Brooklyn Bar Can't Get Drunks To STFU, Ups The Drinking Age To 25 On Weekends
This Burlesque Performance Says "No More" To Negative Body Image
Widow Sleeps With Dead Husband's Decomposing Corpse For A Year After His Death
Trent Reznor Calls Terminally Ill NIN Fan During Concert, Dedicates "In This Twilight" To Him
Adam Driver Refuses To Watch Himself On "Girls"
Jennifer Lawrence Tells David Letterman About That Time She Crapped Her Pants
Ask A Married Guy: "Did I Just Get Played By The Player-Of-All-Players?"
New Smartphone App Offers Help & Resources For Domestic Violence Victims Hidden In Traditional News Reader
Nothing Says Movember Like Naked Burt Reynolds Sprawled Out On A Chocolate Eclair
Girl Talk: Why I'm Thankful For Mean Internet Comments
Ron Burgundy Singing About Rob Ford Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today
George Zimmerman's "Sources" Claim Girlfriend Is Lying About Pregnancy & Domestic Violence, Because Of Course
"Squinching" May Be The New Duck Face, But I Think It's Just "Smizing" Under A Different Name
6 Tips From Estelle To Get You Through A First Date
Chris Brown Threw A Rock Through His Mom's Car Window
How "Friends" Decided To Pair Off Monica And Chandler
Astrology 101: What Each Sign Needs During Conflict
RIP: World Famous Psychic Sylvia Browne Is Dead At Age 77
Birth Control, Illustrated By A Turn-Of-The-Century Postcard
This Is The Loveliest (And Oldest) Missed Connection You'll Ever Read
Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Are Engaged!
Gloria Steinem, Oprah Winfrey Receive The Presidential Medal Of Freedom
Join Us Tonight: We're Live Tweeting Through "Nashville"!
“Histagrams” Bring History Into The Internet Age
Catarina Migliorini Attempts Second Online Virginity Auction
First Look: Reese Witherspoon & Colin Firth In "Devil's Knot," About The West Memphis Three
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