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Dolly Parton Defends Goddaughter Miley Cyrus: "Nobody Was Going To Let Her Grow Up"
Trans Woman Banned From L.A. Gym's Women's Locker Room
Halloween Superlatives: Most Likely To Get You An Ass Beating
Let's Discuss Those Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes Breakup Rumors
Tina Fey Producing A New Comedy Series -- But It's Not About Abducted Girls
Jack O' Lantern Dinosaurs Make Up For That Whole Extinction Thing
Read Laurie Anderson's Obit For Her Husband Lou Reed
7 Of This Halloween's Most WTF Headlines … So Far
Attention, Passengers: Soon You'll Be Allowed To Play Angry Birds For Your Entire Flight
Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth Has The Need For Tweed
Sex Study: How Vital Is Sex To A Healthy Marriage?
New Study Claims Women Are Inherently Catty
Debate This: Is "Don't Giggle" Really Terrible Advice For A Law Firm To Give Women?
Women With Big Butts Are Brainier
Astrology 101: The Scorpio Love Compatibility Guide
Patrick Stewart Has A Incredibly Crustaceous Halloween
Kelly Clarkson: I'm Not A Feminist
13 Totally Unsexy Ways To Improve Your Sex Life
15 Scary-Ass Halloween Cakes That Look Yucky
Ellen DeGeneres' Nicki Minaj Costume Is The Breast!
RIP Society: Yelp Reviewers Sue Because They Are "Unpaid Writers"
Girl Talk: So A Perfectionist Walks Into An Abstract Painting Class...
Happy Halloween! How Will You Die?
#FriskyFrightNight: Share Your Kickass Halloween Costumes With The Frisky!
Exclusive! "Mob Wives"' Big Ang Shares Her Halloween Costume
Kim Kardashian Says Butt Selfie Was "Middle Finger" To Pregnancy Critics
Kickass Women Of The Day: These Two Ladies Are DIY-ing The Summer Olympics
9 Places To Find Singles In Their Natural Habitat
Stranger's Note To Frazzled Mom About 'Rowdy' Restaurant Meal Goes Viral
Miley Cyrus Nails Lil' Kim Halloween Costume (Without Blackface!)
Watch The Jump Roping World Champion Do Things You've Only Dreamed Of
Halloween Inspiration Board: Your Worst Coachella Nightmare
Rihanna Got A Henna-Inspired Tattoo All Over Her Hand
Four Women Successfully Progressing Through Marines' Ground Combat Training
Kick-Off Halloween By Watching "American Horror Story: Coven" With The Frisky!
Funeral Selfies Are All The Rage, Seriously
Ex-Spouse's Divorce Yard Sale Is the Sweetest Revenge (PHOTOS)
This Guy Wins Halloween For Making People Believe He's Macklemore
Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Poe's "The Raven" In Latest Rejected Halloween Getups
Gross: Pilot Accused Of Squeezing 14-Year-Old Girl's Butt During A Flight
Michael Fassbender Would Like Us To Leave His Penis Alone
Very Important Question Of The Day: Do You Like Candy Corn?
I Don't Really Understand The Appeal Of Japan's New Owl Cafes
Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Talks Dangerous Thigh Gaps
<i>The Onion</i> Makes Weird Domestic Violence Joke About Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel
Frisky Eats: 10 Tasty Noodle Recipes
Must Haves: 14 Cozy Mixed-Knit Sweaters
Etsy Finally Removes Seller Of "I Only Rape Pregnant Women" T-Shirts
Liberty Ross On Rupert Sanders' Cheating Scandal With Kristen Stewart: "It Was Horrible"
Miley Cyrus Makes Us Nostalgic For Hannah Montana, Then Shows Us Her (NSFW) "Pornkins" On Twitter
Girl Talk: When Exes Resurface
Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler Are Expecting!
Rude Lady Ruins Halloween By Telling Fargo Trick-Or-Treaters They're Fat
The Vatican Had No Idea Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" Was About Heroin
Dater X: Surviving The Wedding And Baby Phase Of Life When You're Single
The Trailer For "Game Of Bones," The "Game Of Thrones" Porn Parody, Is Here!
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, A Jane Austen Victorian Airbrushing Scandal!
10 Reasons Straight Women Check Out Other Women's Boobs
Thanks, I Made It Myself: DIY "Wallpapered" Kitchen Shelves
5 Things We Can Deduce From Guy Fieri's Fight With His Screaming, Crying Hairdresser
10 Signs A Man Is Starting To Take Over Your Apartment
Report: Kerry Washington Is Pregnant!
The Daily Squee: Watch This Adorable Kitten Stalking A Cat
20 Totally Unappetizing Celeb Cake Wrecks
Tori Spelling Is Promoting A Book, So She'd Like To Talk About Her Sex Tape
Texas AG Calls For Repeal Of Abortion Court Decision
Now You Can Watch Cat Videos On A Big Screen
Watch Boobs Bouncing In Slow Motion!
Laverne Cox Wasn't Offended By Julianne Hough's Blackface, Says It Was "Ignorance"
15 Celebs Dressed As Other Celebs For Halloween
Flock Of Ducks Take Over CVS — Why Does Nothing Cool Like This Happen At My Pharmacy?
Style Stealer: Taylor Swift's A Wonder In White
I Challenge You Not To Tear Up After Watching This Baby's Tearful Reaction To Her Mother's Singing
Teen Girl Commits Suicide After Her Parents Wouldn't Let Her Log Onto Facebook
The Thought Of Jack Nicholson And Meryl Streep Having Wild Sex Is Making My Brain Bleed
Ack! New "Veronica Mars" Movie Footage & Interviews Have Been Released!
Photoshop Of Horrors: Even Men Are Photoshopped Into Monsters Sometimes
Facebook Probably Knows Who You're Dating, Even If You've Never Shared It
Let's Talk About "Feminist Weddings"
I Can't Quite Put My Finger On What The Aerial View Of This Church Resembles
Britney Spears Is Apparently British For Halloween
Mirror, Mirror: I Am Sexier As A Mom
Here's Your Romantic Chavril Photo Of The Day!
Jude Law Gets His (NSFW-ish) Butt Out For "Dom Hemingway"
Dating Don'ts: Why Control Is The Enemy Of Love
This Fake "Lord Of The Rings" Subway Service Advisory Poster Isn't All That Far From The Truth
An Epic GIF Of Abel Arnett At A Pumpkin Patch
Compassionate Fashion: Rad Tomboy Style From Tradlands
The Jonas Brothers Have Officially Broken Up
Want: The Perfect Calendar For Cat-Loving Book Nerds
Halloween Inspiration Board: Macklemore
The Daily Squee: The Bravest Little Goat There Ever Was
19 Ways Pinterest Is Ruining Halloween
Evening Quickies: Kelly Osbourne Bitches About Birthday Cake Gift From Lady Gaga
Significant Part Of Texas Abortion Law Is Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules
And The Winner Of Our WTF?! Halloween Costume Battle Is…
Miley Cyrus Claims She Saved The VMAs -- Plus, Angelina Jolie May Get $50 Million Book Deal
Russian President Vladmir Putin Says Gays Are Welcome At The Olympics
Let's Guess What Lady Gaga's Latest Rejected Halloween Costume Is!
Halloween Inspiration Board: Janelle Monae
bell hooks Leans In On <i>Lean In</i>
This "Sesame Street" Parody Of "Homeland" Is Not Baaaaad
Awkward "Today" Show Fiancee Swears She Really Was Happy To Be Proposed To On Live TV, <i>Really</i>
Poll: Should There Be An Age Limit For Mixed Martial Arts Fighting?
Katy Perry Talks Pop Stars & Nudity: "Put It Away"
Watch This Poet's Inspiring Response To A Man Telling A Woman She's "Too Ugly To Be Raped"
28 Cute Costumed Dogs At The 2013 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade
There Was A Lot Of Blackface At This Africa-Themed Halloween Party
<i>New York Times</i> Takes A Look At Why Some LGBTQ Couples Refuse To Get Married
7 Apple Picking Lessons Worth Applying To Real Life
Meet Kerri Wolter, The Queen Of The Vultures
Love It Or Leave It: Paris Hilton's X-Ray Leggings
Does Everyone Wear Their Wedding Ring All The Time?
Jay Z Releases Statement About Racial Profiling & His Collaboration With Barneys
Kim Kardashian Says Her Vagina Is Better Looking Since She Gave Birth
How To Start Dating Outside Your Type
Check Out The Awesome Final Trailer For "Catching Fire"
Olivia Wilde Is Pregnant!
32 Celebs That Didn't Dress Up In Blackface This Halloween
Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate Abel Arnett
Etsy Spotlight: Custom Long-Distance Love Key Chains
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of October 28-November 4, 2013
"Simpsons" Actress Marcia Wallace Has Passed Away
Get Nicole Richie's Slacker Halloween Costume For Yourself!
Must Haves: 15 Skulls & Skeletons On Etsy
How A Happy Marriage Can Save Your Life
RIP: Lou Reed, Rock Pioneer & Lead Singer Of The Velvet Underground, Dies At Age 71
This Is What A Wes Anderson Horror Movie Would Look Like
Chris Brown Arrested For Assault
Because Blackface Wasn't Enough For These Terrible People
Grown Man Tried To Get His "Pretty in Pink" Moment In Most Disturbing Way
Hi/Lo: Metallic Knit Sweater
"Breaking Bad" On Ice Needs To Be A Real Thing
5 Photos That Will Shatter Your Image Of Horror Movie Locations
Morbid Couple Marries With "Til Death Do Us Part" Beheaded Wedding Cake
Meet The Lovely People Who Support Blackface For Christmas
It's Official: Cat Painting Contest Will Be The Most Brooklyn Thing <i>Ever</i>
5 News Stories That Are Basically Horror Movie Plots
About The Time Javier Bardem Made Spanish Pearl Jam Fans Cry...
Julianne Hough Does Blackface For "Orange Is The New Black" Halloween Costume
Weekend DIY: 7 Beautiful No-Carve Pumpkins
Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read <i>The Book Of Jezebel</i>, Listen To The Head And The Heart & Roast Some Pumpkin Seeds
The 10 Best Justin Bieber Pumpkins Ranked
Style Stealer: Jessica Alba Makes Menswear Femme
Contortionists And Public Places Is A Strange And Delightful Combination
Evelyn Lozada Shuts Down "Basketball Wives" Reunion Show
This Dad's Disneyland Costume Would Make Walt Disney Proud
"Charmed" Reboot Is In The Works Already, For Some Reason
America Only Ranks 23rd In The World For Women's Equality
Final Duel: See Which WTF?! Halloween Costumes Made It To Our Last Battle
Parents Posted This Sign To The Thief Who Stole Their 2-Year-Old Son's Pumpkin
Figure Skater Johnny Weir Defends His NBC Olympics Gig In Russia Despite The Country's Gay Discrimination
This Adorable Kitty Is A Pot Smuggler
Join Me In Forcing America's Men To Watch This Key & Peele Skit About Oral Sex Tips (NSFW)
"Performance Art" Is Now A Gay College Student Having Anal Sex In An Art Gallery
Is Anyone Surprised That A Man Invented The "Beer And Sausage Diet"?
Comedian Aziz Ansari On The Ridiculousness Of Marriage
Cities That Surprise: Hilo, Hawaii
Here's Some Video Of Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Singing "I'll Make Love To You" In 2008
Officials Think They've Found Roma Girl "Maria"'s Biological Parents In Bulgaria
8 Tips For Horror Movie Boyfriends So Your Girlfriend Won't Get Killed By Zombies — In GIFs!
"Deranged Sorority Girl" Rebecca Martinson Is Writing A Novel
Lady Gaga's Parade Of Rejected Halloween Costumes Continues
Frisky Rant: Your Public Marriage Proposal Isn’t About Love, It’s About Your Need for Attention
Dumb Dude Challenges "Game Of Thrones"' Khal Drogo To The Slap Game
1999 Grand Jury Wanted To Indict JonBenet Ramsey's Parents For Fatal Child Abuse
Be My Boyfriend: Detroit Mailman Who Saved A Woman From A Burning House And Then Finished His Route
Tweeting Bra Lets Your Followers Know Every Time It's Unclasped
Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Split Up
Tom Hanks Meets Fan, Proves He's One Of Hollywood's Nicest
Baby + LED Lights = The Best Halloween Costume You've Ever Seen
Oh My God I Love Your Hair: Sock Bun With Mini Braids
10 Signs It's Time To Leave A Halloween Party
Octavia Spencer To Star In "Murder, She Wrote" Reboot
Most Women Have Never Been Asked About Domestic Violence By Their Doctors
VOTE! Which Costume Is More Likely To Make Grandma Keel Over?
Tori Spelling Can't Afford To Get Her Husband A Vasectomy
Robin Thicke And Paula Patton Do Rock Star/Groupie Role Play & Other Things You Didn't Want To Know About Him
5 Facts About Jamie Dornan's Wife, Amelia Warner
Halloween Inspiration Board: Taylor Swift In The Video For "22"
Annapolis High School Bans Twerking, Grinding, & Everything Else Fun That Happens At School Dances
It's Time To Cry: Photographer Captures Wife's Battle With Breast Cancer
Police In South Carolina Criticized For Warning College Of Charleston Students About Sexual Assaults Because They Mentioned Drinking
Sensitive, Young Jock Suspended For Writing A Poem About His Feelings
Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani Is Gorgeous In Grey
Proof That Public Proposals Aren't Always The Best Idea
9 Crazy Ways To Remind Your Partner That Sex Is Supposed To Be Fun
Teenager Writes Petition To Party City Requesting Non-Sexy Halloween Costume Options
This Is What Lady Gaga Is Wearing On Her Head These Days
Frisky Q&A: Anna Holmes, Editor Of <i>The Book Of Jezebel</i>
Two Extremely Famous Women Are About To Be Roommates
This Woman Blames 20 Years Of Unemployment On A "Shoe Allergy"
Couple Pose As Murder Victims In "Friday the 13th"-Themed Engagement Photos
Ohio University Student In Hiding After MRA Website Misidentifies Her As A "False Rape Accuser"
Surprise! Footage From Kanye West's Proposal To Kim Kardashian Has Surfaced
Charlie The Kitten's Bedtime Routine Is More Adorable Than Yours
Danielle Fishel Slams Critics Of Her Wedding Weight
Rihanna Works The Pole Poolside
Jamie Dornan: Meet Your New Christian Grey!
8 Terrifyingly Bad Dates That Will Haunt Me Forever
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