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Lena Dunham Writing HBO Show About Bergdorf's Personal Shopper
Tennessee Reintroduces "Don't Say Gay" Bill
Tara Reid Hangs Out With Her Bizarre BFFs, Trades Hair Tips
January 31: What Are We Wearing Today?
Cristóbal Balenciaga Preferred To Dress Fat Women
Watch Eve Ensler's "Man Prayer," A Prayer For All Men
9 Photos Of Beyonce Prepping For Her Super Bowl Half-Time Performance
Kim Kardashian Leaves Gym With First Signs Of A Baby Bump Or Just Lots Of Layers
This Alexander Wang Video Seems A Little Racist-y, No?
Style 911: What Do I Wear With These Velvet Maroon Pants?
Learning Disabled Man Is Court Ordered Not To Have Sex
Rachel Maddow Has Some Advice For Republicans On How To Talk About Rape
Girl Talk: On What It Means To Be A Real Friend
How Do You Feel About Teal Eye Makeup?
Hamster Makes Pretzel Stick Its Bitch
I'm Not Ashamed To Love Fruity Cocktails: A Non-Beer-Drinker's Lament
Meet The World's Most Idiotic Teacher, Carly McKinney (NSFW)
That's A Lot Of Look: Isabel Lucas's Candy-Stripe Dior Mini
Frisky Rant: "Star Wars" Vs. "Star Trek" -- J.J. Abrams Needs To Pick A Side!
This Disney-Obsessed Bride's Family And Friends Must <i>Really</i> Like Her
Flipper The Cat Flops Into My Heart
50 Things Your Barista Really Wants You To Know
Let's Have A TV Baby, Okay?
Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Michelle Obama's Bangs Make Her Look Like A News Anchor
Frisky Eats: 8 Unexpected Ways To Cook Quinoa
Dink And Dog Go For A Stroll
The Daily Squee: This Kitten Is Not Sure About That Hedgehog
The Best Comment Threads From Reddit's "I Was A Dildo Engineer" Ask Me Anything
Baby's Life Will Be Kept "Private," Kim Kardashian Promises
Today's Lady News: With "Bang With Friends," The Virtual World Tries To Create Actual Hookups
Zachary Quinto Searches For A Pup To Adopt In "Dog Eat Dog"
Scott Disick Talks To <i>Haute Living</i> About His Exhausting Daily Routine
January 30: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
OK, James Deen Might Be A Porn Genius (SFW)
Makeup Bag: 6 Shades Of Beautiful Brown Nail Polish
Legendary Porn Star Ron Jeremy In Critical Condition Following Heart Aneurysm
Love It Or Leave It: Cate Blanchett's Glossy Red Gown?
Brandi Glanville Got A Revenge Vagina, Should Just Run Off With LeAnn Rimes
Style Stealer: Kim Kardashian Is Lovely In Black Lace
Arkansas Politician Introduces "Fetal Heartbeat" Bill To Restrict Abortion
Manti Te'o's Catfisher, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, Comes Out To Dr. Phil …Kind Of
R.I.P. "30 Rock": 21 Life Lessons -- In GIFs! -- From Liz Lemon And Friends
Man Forces Underage Girl To Shower With Him, Throws Cheese At Her
Florida Charges Husband 20 Times More For Taking His Wife's Last Name
True Story: Woman Invites Hurricane Sandy Refugee To Stay With Her, He Gets Violent And Refuses To Leave
Hadiya Pendleton, 15, Performed At Obama's Inauguration And Was Killed By Gun Violence Yesterday
BJ Novak And Mindy Kaling Are Just Friends -- Really!
Tampon Goes Up Against Moon Cup In An Epic Rap Battle
Hitched: Everybody Panic, Single Women Are Planning Weddings!
The 6 Geekiest Sex Toys Ever
You Deserve A Pizza Patch
Rihanna Talks A Lot About Her Reunion With Chris Brown In Candid <i>Rolling Stone</i> Interview
5 Oils You Should Be Putting On Your Face Right Now
Alec Baldwin's Wife Hilaria Thomas Is Reportedly Pregnant
For Your Consideration: The Best Anne Hathaway Parody Ever?
Hump Day Hottie: "Warm Bodies" Star Nicholas Hoult Has Us Hot All Over
Rebel Wilson's Clothing Line Is "Not For Skinny Bitches"
15 Celebs Getting Felt Up
Uh Oh, Ashley Benson Is Now Hanging Out At The Chateau Marmont
Beauty Dare: Would You Wear Green Eyeliner?
Lindsay Lohan "Too Sick" To Fly Prior To Court Dates, Shockingly
Why Mothers Are Getting Screwed At Retirement Age
January 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
<i>Asleep At The Chateau</i> Shows A Sleepier Side Of The Chateau Marmont
Beyonce's "Star Spangled Banner" Gets The Bad Lip-Reading Treatment
Must Haves: 9 Lacy Underthings To Make You Feel Sexy
Break Time: Let's Ogle Some Bearded Hotties!
First Dibs! Get This Rawaan Alkhatib Scarf From Of A Kind Before Anybody Else, Make Your Friends Jealous
The Real Reason Men Stopped Wearing High Heels
Our Favorite Beauty Looks From The SAG Awards (And How To Get Them)
World, Meet Cory And Topanga's Daughter!
Jon Stewart Reminds Everyone That Women Are Not Mice, Can Fight In Military Combat
"The Bachelor" Recap: One Woman Won't Kiss Sean & Another Gets A Date Fit For A Hooker
"What's The Definition Of Manhood?" Indian Newspaper Ad Implores Men To Respect Women
Amy Poehler Is Writing The Greatest Book In The World
Style 911: "Help Me Find Low-Heeled Wedding Shoes!"
Woman Tries To Kill Her Husband By Poisoning Her Vagina
I Hope Your First Time Was Fan-Freaking-Tastic
Girl Talk: I Can't Stop Sleeping
Ooh La La, Your Pillows Are Trés Chic
Oh, Come On: These Molaro Shoes Have Got To Be Kidding Me
I Always Wanted To Ask: The Frisky & Madame Noire Discuss Good Hair Vs. White Hair
Kris Jenner's World Domination Is Complete With New Talk Show
Well Played: Katharine McPhee's Coat Is Almost As Cute As Her Chillin' Chihuahua
Dating Don'ts: Divorce & Other Facts You Must Disclose On Your Online Dating Profile
Who Will Be Spinning The Set For Your Hippie Birth?
Smell Like A Real Man With "ManHands" (That Means Like Baseball Glove Or Urinal Cake)
13 More Animals That Terrify Me
Be My Boyfriend(s): Two Awesome Thieves Who Stole More Than $65K In Chicken
Tina Fey Teases "Mean Girls: The Musical"
Dude Politician Advises Against Walking Home In "Tight, Short Skirt And High Shoes"
Hot Links: Courtney Love Has No Love For Gwen Stefani
Transgender Model Lea T Speaks! (And Seems Totally Awesome)
That's A Lot Of Look: Christina Milian's Stressful Shoe Situation
"It's Got A Cotton Ball Taste," Says The Woman Addicted To Eating Cat Hair
Style Stealer: Diane Kruger's Prim Parisian Look
7 Actors Hit By The "Oscar Curse"
Girl Comes Out To Parents With An "I'm Gay!" Cake (Update!)
Sinead O'Connor Only Dates Men With Dead Mothers
Werk: Mayor Bloomberg And Christine Quinn Are A Couple Of Bitchy Queens In This New York Mag Interview
5 Things You Should Know About Dan Schachner, The Puppy Bowl Ref And The Guy With The Best Job Ever
Congratulations, Jennifer And Ryan, You're Terrible, Mazel Tov!
Watch Jennifer Lawrence's "My Super Sweet 16" Commercials!
5 Uncomfortable Moments I've Shared With My Waxer
Girl Who Sucked A Bloody Tampon + Dude Who Ate A Poop Sundae = True Love
This Week's Issue Of <i>Downton Glamour</i>!
The Soapbox: Why I Was Reluctant To Endorse Lifting The Ban On Women In Combat
"SpongeKnob Square Nuts" Is The XXX Porn Spoof From Which Nightmares Are Made
The Best Moments At The SAG Awards In Pics, GIFs & Videos
Frisky Rant: Slut Shaming Doesn’t Have A <i>Silver Lining</i>
Transform Your Home Into A Tropical Island Getaway
The 15 Most Bizarre Things We've Heard In Bed (Inspired By "Girls")
I Have ... Blood Clots
Love Stinks -- And These Grumpy Cat Cookies Agree!
Chris Brown Allegedly Assaulted Frank Ocean Last Night
Frisky City Guide: 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas
Do Not Want: Charlie Chaplin Camel Toe Leggings
Be My Boyfriend: JacksFilms Dude Is The Ultimate Grammarian
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of January 28-February 3, 2013
Watch Kourtney Kardashian Squirt Breast Milk On Kim's Psoriasis!
The Good, The Bad & The Meh: The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards
Well Played: Jennifer Lopez Looks Lovely In Winter White
Sometimes We Are All Just A Puppy In A Swing
Want: An iPhone Case To Match Your Manicure
Watch Adam Levine's Shirtless "SNL" Monologue With Cameron Diaz!
Love It Or Leave It: Kate Bosworth's Sixties Throwback?
Must Haves: 10 Cute & Casual Plus-Size Dresses
J.J. Abramspalooza: He's Producing A Third "Star Trek," Doing 2 TV Pilots And, Oh Yeah, "Star Wars: Episode VII" Is Confirmed
Meet The Fashionable Couture Dogs Of New York
Beauty Test Drive: Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Powder
Your Guide To 2013′s Major Music Festivals
Weekend Playlist: Hibernation Time
Liberty Ross Poses Naked For <i>LOVE</i>
Well Played: Kate Beckinsale's Pony Power
Where Do You Get The Freshest Books? The Li-Ber-Ry, Duh
Regular Dresses Too Regular? Try Some Hairy Ones Instead
This Week In Style: Karl Lagerfeld Shows Lesbian Brides On The Runway
Home Inspiration: 10 Cool Wallpaper Decals
10 Celebrity Couples In Open Relationships
Style Stealer: Salma Hayek's Classy Combination
Weekend Project: Make A Cozy Sweater Pillow Cover
Lizz Winstead Succinctly Breaks Down Where We Are With Roe V. Wade
Tino Tiuososopo Is Supposedly The Voice Of Manti T'eo's Fake Girlfriend, Lennay Kekua
Four More Posters For "Oz The Great And Powerful" Released!
Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Allegedly Broke Up Because She Wanted Him To Get Circumcised
Violence Against Women Act Reintroduced In Congress
What We Missed: Do You Keep A List Of All The People You've Slept With?
Life Is Not Fair: This Is What Kate Moss Looks Without Makeup
NBA Star Kenneth Faried Of The Denver Nuggets Introduces His Lesbian Moms
Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani's Cool Polka Dots
Hell Yeah Bitch! All Of Jesse Pinkman's "Bitches" In One Video
Joanna Lumley From "Ab Fab" Warns Women: "Don't Look Like Trash, Don't Get Drunk"
Joaquin Phoenix: Would You Still Hit It?
Want To Broadcast Your Choupette Love To The World? So Do We — Here's How!
Matt Damon Takes Over "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Transforms Show Into "Jimmy Kimmel Sucks"
People Are Pissed That Oprah Winfrey Uses Moisturizer Made With Foreskin
Frisky Eats: 10 Crazy-Delicious Coconut Recipes
Free The Dick Smith Foods Commercial!
Listen To Tom Odell Cover Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble"
Study Abroad: I'm Off To South Africa For The Semester
Military Ban Lifted On Women In Combat: Here's What People Are Saying About It
Online Dater Sues Because Her Date Tried To Kill Her
Pray Tell: What Women Should Know About Scientology
5 Red Flags To Look For In Any New Relationship
Melvita Yellow Fruit Shower Scrub Makes Exfoliating Easy
Tavi Gevinson Tells Stephen Colbert He's A Cool Dad
This <i>Wall Street Journal</i> Article About Stay-At-Home Dads And "Masculine" Parenting Is Annoying
Katie Couric Gives Manti Te'o A Hard Time In First Televised Interview Since Catfish Scandal Broke
Here's Beyoncé's Set List For The Super Bowl Halftime Show
Almie Rose Explains: How To Wank With Someone Else In The Room
You Maybe Need These "Star Wars" Engagement Rings
The From' Girls 2013 Calendar Is Cheese Porn At It's Finest
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys With Banjos
We're Breaking Up: Drunk Guy Who Had Sex With A Snowman And Got Frostbite
7 Other Hairstyles For LeAnn Rimes (Because That Quiff Wasn't Working)
Evening Quickies: Justin Bieber's "Yellow Raincoat" Song Is Either About Selena Gomez Or Condoms
Texas YMCA Denies Family Membership To Lesbian Parents
Mila Kunis Thinks It Would Be Fun To Star In "Fifty Shades of Grey" & A Feminist Film Company
All The Looks From Paris Haute Couture Week: Day 5
6 Pop Culture Icons Nobody Admits They Were Attracted To
Daniel Radcliffe Doesn't Understand Why People Are Still Shocked By Gay Sex Scenes
It's A "Nashville" Recap, Y'All: Emotional Confrontations Galore!
January 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
You -- Yes, You! -- Could Top <i>Vanity Fair</i>'s Best Dressed List
Choupette Is Back ... Sort Of
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Take Paris
You Want A Couch That Looks Like Hillary Clinton, Don't You?
New Mexico Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Rape Victims To Carry Pregnancies Full-Term
Tucker Carlson Unable To Distinguish Domestic Abuse From Combat
Sexy Gifts to Put on Your Naughty Wish List [TresSugar]
8 Supposedly Cursed Objects
UFC, FOX Pressured To Drop Quinton "Rampage" Jackson From Fight Over His YouTube Video About Attempted Rape
Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow Has Taken Control Of Cameron Diaz's Sex Life
Guy Talk: Men Don't Want To Have Sex All The Time
Just Perfect: Dannon's "Birth Control On The Bottom" Yogurt
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Plays The Alcordion
Girl Talk: What I Learned At An Orgy
Lena Dunham On Rihanna's Responsibility As A Role Model
Oh No, This Hillary Clinton <i>New York Post</i> Cover Isn't Sexist At All!
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Aquarius Lifestyle
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