Style Stealer: Olivia Palermo Mixes Preppy Cable Knit With Tough Leather

Olivia Palermo always has to have the last word, doesn’t she? Swooping on in with yet another covetable outfit, just in time to be our last Style Stealer of 2013. And in an Old Navy sweater to boot! Now, I would totally wear this outfit myself, except I am prone to butt sweat, which is only exacerbated by wearing leather. Seriously, I put on leather and I instantly turn into Ross Gellar in the leather pants episode of “Friends.” But the rest of you who don’t have over-active sweat glands in your butt cheek area should totally recreate her full outfit and make me jealous. (Full shopping details are after the jump!)

Leather Skirt: $142, Warehouse
Cuff: $15, Nasty Gal
Sweater: $29.94, Old Navy
Heels: $54.99, Jessica Simpson,