Greasy Food Makes Hangovers Worse & Other Things You’ll Need To Know On New Year’s Day

There’s nothing I enjoy more when I’m drunk than stopping by McDonald’s on the way home — the only time I go to Mickey D’s, by the way — and getting myself some chicken nuggets. Something about the greasiness and chickenness and saltiness just hits the drunken spot!

But it turns out I’m doing drunk-snacks all wrong.

According to Jack Gordon, a trainer in Brooklyn who shared his wisdom in this video from Upwave, grease is terrible for hangovers. Our bodies actually need to replenish their B vitamins instead. What should we be eating when we’ve got a hangover? Jack advises we stock up on bananas, almonds, avocados, cheese, whole grains and asparagus. You also should drink LOTS of water and take aspirin, not acetominophin.

Like the trainer that he is, Jack also advises that you go work out on New Year’s Day and release some endorphins, which will make you feel better naturally. (If all you can handle is a lazy 10 minutes on the elliptical, that’s fiiiiine.)

You will definitely want to hit the gym, anyway, if you completely forget about this video while drunk and hit up McDonald’s after all. Which, I’m just predicting, might happen.

[ via Upwave]

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