This Woman Makes Abstract Paintings With Her Boobs

California based  artist Marcey Hawk, aka “the boobie painter,” is best known for creating with her “God given implements.” As she puts it so succinctly in her introductory YouTube video: “I use my tits to make paintings, people.”

How does Marcey do that exactly? Well, yes, she takes her clothes off and dips her 30D’s in paint, but it’s more complicated then that. Marcey has five distinct boobie painting  techniques she’s perfected: the breast print, the nipple print, the “just the tip,” the “squish and swirl” and the titty twerk. If you’re still curious to see how it’s done (I’m sure you are!), you can subscribe to her YouTube channel, send her a private message and she will send you videos of her employing said techniques in the buff.

Marcey says she became inspired to paint with her tits after watching a performance artist drip paint on her naked body and roll around on a canvas.

“My art is meant to be intimate, erotic, explorative and unique with a hint of whimsy – I call it chaotic yet contained abstraction,” she told the DailyMail.

You can find some of her breast work available for purchase on Etsy. The pieces start at $20 and go up from there — depending on whether she breast printed or titty twerked the piece to life. Better get your tit print fast though because Russell Brand and Hugh Hefner are already collectors of her work. Below, Marcey shows some of her paintings…with her clothes on.