In Her Latest Video, Beyonce Discusses Motherhood, Sex & Exploring Her Fantasies On “Partition”

In the fourth installment of her “Self-Titled” series explaining the making of her latest album, Beyonce gives us a peek into the thought process behind one of her hottest songs ever, “Partition.” Bey talks about inviting all of the songwriters she was working with to hang with her family at a house in the Hamptons, taking a couple hours a day to record and the rest of the time being a mother, “breastfeeding with cornrows in my hair.” Bey used the studio as a place to rediscover the other parts of herself that had been kind of sidelined by the welcome arrival of little Blue. “Just because you become a mother, doesn’t mean that you lose who you are,” she says. 

The song “Partition” — which has Bey singing about having sex with her husband in a car — harkens back to a time when Jay and Bey first started dating, with Beyonce fantasizing about what she’d like to do to him. The subtext of Beyonce’s explanation, though, is that becoming a mother actually further connected Bey to her sexuality, or, at the very least, made her more confident in expressing that sexuality in her music. That’s bold and I love it (and I’m sure Jay does too). [YouTube]