Eddie Vedder Meets The Girl Who Saved Him From Drowning & Inspired The Song “Future Days”

A number of years ago, Eddie Vedder, lead singer of the band Pearl Jam — whose 49th birthday we recently celebrated with 57 GIFs — was out on the water between the Maui and Molokai Hawaiian islands with three friends doing a little sailing, when rough waters overturned their outrigger canoe. Stranded in the ocean, far from shore, Vedder and his friends would have likely drowned if not for some local fishermen rescued them. Earlier this month, the details on that rescue came to light at a Pearl Jam show in Seattle, when Ed introduced Ashley Baxter, the little girl — now a woman — who convinced her father that she heard their cries for help and is the reason they were rescued. Vedder dedicated the song “Future Days,” which was in part inspired by that day on the ocean, to Ashley and her dad. Ashley’s brother Connor, a world champion surfer and windsurfer, wrote even more details about the rescue on his blog. Such a cool story! [Connor Baxter]