Warning: Justin Bieber Bought A Bulldog Puppy

Normally when a celebrity adopts an animal (or, um, child) we are happy knowing they have now entered Fat City. Except, that is, when the adoptive parent is Justin Bieber. We have only just gotten over his irresponsible and inhumane treatment of his pet monkey and his pet hamster, both of which he abandoned.

Well, now he’s gone and bought a bulldog puppy (above).

Justin bought the dog at a pet store chain called Ruffin’s while at home in Canada over Christmas. His dad, Jeremy Bieber, announced  that the family is letting a “Belieber” pick the new dog’s name. Isn’t that lovely?

If I could smack Justin Bieber over the head (which I can’t, because he’s surrounded by 17 bodyguards at all times), I would say this:

  • DON’T BUY ANIMALS FROM PET STORES! Adopt them from rescues! Or if you must buy, go through a reputtable breeder not a pet store.
  • Don’t get animals if you are too immature and irresponsible to take care of them! Pets are not toys.

How long until Justin Bieber gives away or loses his new puppy like he has with past pets? I can only hope the pooch eventually winds up in responsible hands.

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[Photo: Shots.me]