It’s Time To Cry: Old Married Couple Reenacts “Up” In Photoshoot

Sixty-one years is a long time to be married. To celebrate their diamond-anniversary-plus-one, the grandkids of Donald and Dorothy Lutz staged an adorable photoshoot inspired by the opening scene of the world’s saddest/most uplifting movie, “Up.”

The Lutzes met back during World War II, “The Today Show” blog reports, when they became pen pals after Donald shipped out and then fell in love through their letters. They have never seen the movie “Up,” but they were asked to do the shoot by their grandson’s wife, Lauren Wells, and her photography partner, Cambria Grace, who had a bundle of leftover balloons from a photoshoot.

With “Up” props like a bowtie and a picnic basket, the couple posed on Old Northern Bridge in Boston. The adorable images — intended as an anniversary gift — quickly went viral. In true grandparent fashion, they have asked for all the Internet comments to be printed out so they can send them to friends who don’t have computers. Too cute! I’m about to bawl as much as I did during the opening scene of “Up.” [TODAY]

[Image via Cambria Grace Photography]