Attention Guys: This Is Not How You Flee A Bad Date

There are graceful ways to excuse yourself from a bad date — say you’re feeling ill, make up a white lie about somewhere you need to be — but whatever you do, your exit strategy should not end with you getting arrested. Because, well, your date will know you weren’t feeling it. That, and the criminal charges. Let’s review how 24-year-old Siyah Bryant of New Jersey fled a bad date on Christmas Eve, so that you don’t make the same mistake.

According to The New York Post, Bryant was on a date with a man when their car ran out of gas on the New Jersey Turnpike. (I should mention that it was around 4 a.m., so it would seem the date was going well up until that point.) His date called another man to bring them fuel and Bryant “felt uncomfortable,” so he took off on foot. No goodnight kiss. No nothing.

And where did wander off to? The airport, naturally. Bryant managed to scale a security fence at Newark Airport, cross two runways, and enter Terminal C, before he was spotted by airline workers, who were thrown off when they noticed he was wearing women’s clothes — “red pants and a smart brown sweater.” Even more disturbing is the fact that airport’s security cameras failed to detect him. Bryant is faced with criminal trespassing, which is an even worse way to end a date. [New York Post]