A&E Brings Back Phil Robertson, Continues To Milk “Duck Dynasty” Controversy For All It’s Worth

Ugh, could anything be more annoying that everyone who whined that Phil Robertson’s First Amendment rights were infringed upon after the “Duck Dynasty” star was suspended from A&E for making bigoted remarks about gays in GQ? I’m sorry, but y’all need to go Google the words “Pussy Riot” and “Siberian prison” and then hush. Alas, A&E announced this afternoon that it has reversed its decision to suspend Robertson from the channel.

According to a tweet from ABC World News, A&E decided to resume filming “Duck Dynasty” “later this spring with the entire Robertson family.”

So, what the alleged suspension actually meant, I don’t know. My guess is “publicity stunt,” and Amelia recalled seeing the channel run a marathon of episodes this week. A&E said they decided to cancel Robertson’s “hiatus” after discussions with “numerous advocacy groups” — presumably meaning Big Beards Anonymous and Duck Callers Of America. Sounds to me like they caved to pressure from dingdongs like Sarah Palin.

I can’t believe I’m actually with Charlie Sheen on this one: I wasn’t watching this show before and I definitely won’t be watching it now.

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[Image via GQ]