A&E Brings Back Phil Robertson, Continues To Milk “Duck Dynasty” Controversy For All It’s Worth

Jessica Wakeman | December 27, 2013 - 6:00 pm

Ugh, could anything be more annoying that everyone who whined that Phil Robertson’s First Amendment rights were infringed upon after the “Duck Dynasty” star was suspended from A&E for making bigoted remarks about gays in GQ? I’m sorry, but y’all need to go Google the words “Pussy Riot” and “Siberian prison” and then hush. Alas, A&E announced this afternoon that it has reversed its decision to suspend Robertson from the channel.

According to a tweet from ABC World News, A&E decided to resume filming “Duck Dynasty” “later this spring with the entire Robertson family.”

So, what the alleged suspension actually meant, I don’t know. My guess is “publicity stunt,” and Amelia recalled seeing the channel run a marathon of episodes this week. A&E said they decided to cancel Robertson’s “hiatus” after discussions with “numerous advocacy groups” — presumably meaning Big Beards Anonymous and Duck Callers Of America. Sounds to me like they caved to pressure from dingdongs like Sarah Palin.

I can’t believe I’m actually with Charlie Sheen on this one: I wasn’t watching this show before and I definitely won’t be watching it now.

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