12 Cheesy Inspirational Quotes I Pinned On Pinterest This Year (That Were Actually Good)

2013 was a year of enormous personal upheaval for me. I met my life partner and married him just five months later at City Hall. I lost a friend to suicide. I distanced myself from people who weren’t proving themselves to be interested in the caliber of friendship that I want to invest in. I made huge strides in standing up for myself and not taking other people’s bullshit — a lot of which had to do with the wedding.

Most of the changes that occurred were ultimately good for me. At least, that’s how I choose to look at them. All of the changes, though, required me to get out of my comfort zone  in order to figure out what was right for me. I’ve always been a risktaker, but this year felt especially poignant. 

I pin a lot on Pinterest to begin with (follow me here!), but this year I pinned an enormous amount of wisdom, advice and quotes on my “Inspiration” board. Here are some of the most special ones. Perhaps you’ll find some of it useful to you.

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