Help! What Should Be On Our Ultimate New Year’s Eve Playlist?

Yes, I’m aware that we haven’t even quite made it through Christmas yet, but it can’t hurt to think ahead, right? I’ve got New Year’s Eve on the brain, and I’m already polishing my dancin’ shoes.

For the first time in years, I’m not hosting all of my friends for New Year’s Eve, which means my Christmas tree will remain intact, my floors clean, and random objects in my house will not be put into sexual positions. But there is one thing that will stay the same: I’m in charge of the beats.

I’m going to need at least four hours of party songs to satisfy everyone’s musical interests, and that’s where you come in. I’m putting together the ultimate NYE playlist, and I need recommendations stat! Use the comments section below to make your song requests, and the day before New Year’s Eve, I’ll post The Ultimate Party Playlist, including all of your faves, for you to enjoy and use at your own festivities.

Let ‘er roll…