Chiara De Blasio, Daughter Of NYC’s New Mayor, Describes Her Depression And Battle With Substance Abuse

I would like to applaud Chiara de Blasio, the 19-year-old daughter of New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio, for her bravery in speaking frankly and honestly about her struggle with clinical depression and using marijuana and alcohol to cope. The Santa Clara University sophomore just completed an outpatient group therapy program for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, and in the video above, released by the de Blasio campaign today, Chiara discusses her recovery. “Removing substances from my life has opened so many doors for me,” she says. “I was actually able to participate in my dad’s campaign … Now I’m doing well in school and actually getting to explore things that aren’t just partying.”

It’s unclear what prompted the de Blasio family to release this video, but, as The New York Times notes, its intent seems to be to reach those who may be struggling with similar issues, especially during the holidays. As someone who deals with depression and anxiety, and is currently seeking to have a healthier relationship with alcohol, I appreciate and admire Chiara’s candor.

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