Teen Accused Of “Public Lewdness,” Kicked Out Of School For Reporting Rape

  • An East Texas high school student was thrown out of her school after she reported a rape inside the band room from a fellow student. Officials shuttled them both to a program for troubled students, where the then-17-year-old had to see her attacker constantly. She was accused of committing “public lewdness.” This is a messed-up story and some great work by reporter Abigail Pesta. [MSNBC]
  • Uganda has passed a law against homosexuality which punishes gay behavior with life in prison. [Al-Jazeera]
  • A new ad in India focuses on men who leer and sexually harass. [Feministing]
  • Can feminist hashtags “dismantle the state”? Um, probably not. [NYmag.com The Cut]
  • Here’s what happened to Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie after Beyoncé sampled her TED talk. [The Atlantic]
  • Check out Myam Mahmoud, an Egyptian teenaged girl rapping about women’s rights! (Also, she bears a striking resemblance to Kourtney Kardashian, no?) [GOOD]
  • Wall Street is basically one giant fraternity. Like, literally a frat. [NYmag.com The Cut]
  • Cynthia Eagle Russett, a historian who focused on the history of women, died at 76. Russett researched and wrote about the Victorian-era craze for trying to prove women were inferior to men.  [New York Times]

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