I Refuse To Believe This Painting By George Zimmerman Sold On Ebay For 6 Figures

Refuse! I mean, I believe that the final bid on this ugly piece shit painted by a piece of shit (That’s its unofficial name, “Piece of Shit” by George “Piece of Shit” Zimmerman) was indeed $100,099.99, but I cannot accept that this bid is legitimate. It has to be a joke. Because who would buy it? I know tons of completely terrible people (sorry, but you are) donated to his defense fund when he was on trial for the death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, but surely no one would fork over over $100K for this garbage. I mean, the dude made a Trayvon joke in the eBay listing for fuck’s sake:

My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors :-)

Smiley face, you guys. Because Zimmerman’s most notorious outdoor incident resulted in a child’s death. SMILEY FACE.

But seriously, if it turns out that someone purposefully and legitimately bought this painting and are putting that much money in Zimmerman’s pockets, so, you know, he can buy more guns to, at the very least, threaten girlfriends with, I hope that person gets lumps of coal in their stocking for all time. THE END. [Gawker]