This Hilarious Video Is The Best Fan Reaction To Beyonce’s Secret Album Drop

It was late in the evening on December 12, and vlogger Francesca Ramsey — @chescaleigh on Twitter and YouTube — and her friends @Crissles and @MaryPryor were in the middle of a Google Hangout live chat discussing “Scandal”‘s climactic mid-season finale, which had just aired on ABC. Suddenly, Crissles gasped and interrupted Pryor mid-rant to make an important announcement. “I think Beyonce just dropped a new album on iTunes,” she said breathlessly. A chorus of “Oh my gods” erupted, as the three indeed confirmed that Queen Bey had delivered the world’s greatest early Christmas present. Ramsey has been recording the video chat to put up on her YouTube page, so their hilarious reactions to this momentous news — Crissles in particular — were uploaded for posterity. Best of all, Beyonce noticed the video and loved it, posting it to her Facebook page. The only thing better than a new Beyonce album? Beyonce knowing who you are. Congrats, ladies! [YouTube]

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