“Your Holiday Mom” Provides Loving Messages For LGBTQ People Without Family Support

The holiday season means lots of family time, which means this is an extremely stressful, lonely time of year for people whose families don’t accept them. Unfortunately, for many LGBTQ people, living their truth means being shut out, judged, or mocked by close-minded family members. Hopefully all the homophobic moms out there will come around sooner rather than later (seriously folks, get it together), but in the meantime, a website called Your Holiday Mom is doing something to help ease the pain:

“This season, supportive moms (and dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents and friends too!) have gathered to send a holiday message to all LGBTQ children, teens and adults who are without family support and who would like a ‘stand-in Holiday family.’ Knowing that not every parent is ready to accept her own LGBTQ child exactly as-is (as hard as this is for us to imagine), we have written to extend our love beyond that of our own family.”

Messages are available in text form or can be listened to as an audio recording. A quick scroll through the site brings reminders of inherent worthiness, affirmations of love, and sweet invitations to come on in and enjoy some Christmas cookies, all written in warm motherly (and fatherly!) tones. Some of the Holiday Moms have LGBTQ children of their own, some don’t, but all of them believe strongly that everyone, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity, is worthy of a mother’s love.

Obviously these “stand-in families” can’t replace a family of origin or heal the hurt of rejection, but they can conjure a smile during a tough time, and create a community of love and acceptance for all. Isn’t that what the holidays are really about? Kudos to these moms for spreading the love!

[Your Holiday Mom]