What If A Perfume Ad Featured A Woman Who Was Bold, Sexy, Desirable, And Also Fat?

Jes Baker of The Militant Baker has done some really powerful, creative projects in the name of body positivity and fat acceptance, but her most recent undertaking might be her best one yet. Jes teamed up with photographer Liora K to produce a series of mock perfume ads for a made-up fragrance called “Lustworthy.” The images have all the trappings of traditional fragrance ads — sexy models lusting for each other, risque positions, an intense physical connection, skimpy lingerie in a snowy forest, etc —  but there’s one major difference: the female model in these ads isn’t tall and skinny, she’s plus-size.

The photos will make you do a double-take and might even make you uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point. 

Women whose body types fall outside the traditional beauty standard (AKA tall and thin) rarely see themselves reflected in media. When they do, they’re relegated to the “funny friend” role or forced to make constant self-deprecating jokes about their “gross” bodies. “Never in our culture do we see sexy photo shoots that pair nontraditional bodies with traditionally attractive models,” says Jes. “It’s socially acceptable for same to be paired with same, but never are the different types of bodies positively mixed in the world of advertisement.”

I love “Lustworthy” for challenging these attitudes in such a bold way. Visibility is key when it comes to repairing our culture’s toxic fear of fatness, and that means including women with diverse body shapes everywhere from movie casts to TV shows to, yes, sexy perfume ads. Jes sums it up perfectly:

“The visible fat woman, who is unafraid of her obvious beauty and magnetic sexuality is a woman I want to see around. And after we expose these aforementioned body biases and unlock the oppressive lies we have learned, she can be everywhere. Lustworthy is for her.”


See all the Lustworthy images at The Militant Baker, and share them. Spread the word. Make a statement: there’s more than one way to be sexy.