This Newfangled “Sleepunders” Idea Will Ruin Sleepovers Forever

In the iconic sleepover scene in “Grease,” Sandy gets her ears pierced by the Pink Ladies, tries her first cigarette, and gets teased by Rizzo for being a virgin.

But what if Sandy’s mom and dad had come to pick her up at 10:30 p.m. and brought her home to sleep in her own bed?

Alas, this is what could have happened if, in the fictional “Grease” universe, “sleepunders” — as opposed to sleepovers — were a thing.  

Today’s parents are hellbent on ruining the traditional sleepover so their children can get a “good night’s sleep” or something, reports. At sleepunders, kids eat snacks, watch movies, and change into their PJs. But instead of lying awake all night whispering to each other in their sleeping bags, a parent picks them up to come home at the end of the night. It’s like a late-night play date.

I can understand the logic for parents, but  it’s a mistake for the kids. Late nights at sleepovers are when so much important bonding time happens! Truth Or Dare. Painting each other’s nails. Watching R-rated movies that your own parents won’t let you see. It’s unstructured time without parental supervision — which is why ears get pierced and cigarettes get smoked, yes, but also when kids have life-changing conversations and experiences with their friends.

And, go figure, moms and dads like “sleepunders” because it fits more easily into the current parenting trend of overscheduling your children with lessons and crap. The parents interviewed by said that when kids have sleepovers and stay up all night, they — gasp! — aren’t well-rested for activities the next day. And if you can believe it, some parents even have horror stories of little boys at sleepovers making lots of noise at night!  This begs the question of why kids aren’t told to HUSH UP AND GO TO BED and also why they attend sleepovers when they have somewhere to be the next morning, like church or soccer practice. Why have a sleepover at all then? Why not have a regular play date?

I don’t get it, parents. This just sounds like some bullshit to me. Sleepovers forever!


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