Facepalm: Woman Was So Engrossed In Facebook That She Walked Right Off A Pier

A woman in Melbourne, Australia, got so caught up on Facebook on her phone this week that she walked right off a pier and into the water. The tourist was so engrossed in her newsfeed that she forgot where she was and kept on meandering right off the edge of St. Kilda Pier and into Port Phillip Bay. Luckily, someone nearby saw this go down and alerted authorities who were able to rescue her. It seemed like the woman did not know how to swim, but thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. Oh, and her phone was fine too, because she didn’t let go of the damn thing through the entire episode.

I’m tempted to get snarky about this, but in all honesty, who hasn’t been guilty of texting while walking and almost running right into something or someone? I think all of us here in New York have seen those signs that remind you not to stare at your phone while walking down the sidewalk, for fear of being mowed down by a car or, I don’t know, accidentally tumbling into the East River. PSA: Let this lady be a cautionary tale, and if you’re flailing in frigid water, LET GO OF YOUR PHONE.

[Victoria Police News]