Will Ferrell On How Ron Burgundy Ranks As A Husband & Father In “Anchorman 2″

Without spoiling too much, here’s what I can tell you about “Anchorman 2.” The movie takes place at least 5-10 years after the first film, in 1980, as Ron Burgundy in turmoil, gets the team news team back together for the launch of the first 24 hours news channel. So, what’s become of Ron and sports anchor Champ Kind? Both have hit rock bottom or, as David Koechner (who plays Champ) describes it, “it’s a dark night of the soul.” Things are especially rough for Ron, who you are probably not surprised to learn is still not the ideal family man. So, from Cliff Huxtable to Walter White, how does Ron rank as a husband and father? See what Will Ferrell told me when I sat down with him and Koechner to talk about this hysterical, long-anticipated sequel. [YouTube]

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