Shia LaBeouf Caught Plagiarizing Charles Bukowski, Possibly Just Trolling Us All Now

Shia LaBeouf is an even bigger plagiarist than we thought.

Earlier this week, the “Transformers” actor was revealed to have stolen the plot from a comic drawn by Daniel Clowes for a short film that debuted at Cannes  and was screening on Vimeo. Now BuzzFeed has revealed that Shia stole from the poet Charles Bukowski and the author Benoit Deuteurtre in comics he himself has drawn. But that’s not all: his apologies on Twitter after getting caught for plagiarism were taken from Tiger Woods, Kanye West, and the politician Robert McNamara. Very funny. Haha.

It started this week when Shia got caught stealing from Justin M. Damiano, a comic about a film critic that comic and screenwriter Daniel Clowes drew for the 2008 Zadie Smith anthology, The Book Of Other People. The plot was lifted and used in Shia’s short film, “Howard Cantour,” starring Jim Gaffigan. The film has since been blocked from viewing on Vimeo. In an apology, he denied plagiarizing, instead saying he was “inspired” by Daniel Clowes and “neglected to follow proper accreditation.” Shia seemed to have lifted part of his apology from Yahoo! Answers. He indicated yesterday he might try to compensate Daniel Clowes monetarily for his theft [second item].

The Internet poked further into Shia’s work and discovered he’s been stealing other people’s work without accreditation for his comic books as well. (Who knew he drew comic books?) With the help of comic writer Josh Farkas, BuzzFeed has identified the instances of plagiarism one by one. But basically, Shia LaBeouf ganked a bunch of lines for his own comic books from both Bukowski and Deuteurtre.

Shia’s response to these new allegations was to mock the whole brouhaha by copying his apologies, too. Today, Shia tweeted an apology that he lifted from Tiger Wood’s 2009 public mea culpa: “I have let my family down, and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.” Then he tweeted an apology from former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara regarding the war in Vietnam: “I was wrong, terribly wrong. I owe it to future generations to explain why.” Another tweet comes from Kanye West, from his apology after interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs: “It starts with this … I’m sorry, Daniel Clowes.”

Is this some kind of joke? Performance art? Or has Shia LaBeouf ever said anything original?

Better questions: Is he having a Certified Hollywood Meltdown? How soon until he checks into plagiarism rehab?

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