I Need Beyonce’s List Of Feminist Videos To Watch On YouTube ASAP

Beyonce dropped her fifth solo record without warning last Friday around midnight, and the only post-release promotion she’s done thus far has been a couple of explanatory, behind-the-scenes-esque videos about the making of the album. The first, “Self-Titled #1″ was posted the night of Beyonce’s release, and a second was posted on YouTube and Bey’s Facebook page last night. “Self-Titled #2″ goes into the thinking behind the first track on the album, “Pretty Hurts,” as well as the song’s accompanying music video. Beyonce gives a pretty clear explanation for what all those trophies represent — her many, many achievements and accolades — especially in the context of a song about picking on flaws, being someone you’re not, and being judged based on how perfect you are. Fame, “beauty,” fitting in … it all comes at a cost. Bey explains that this album is about embracing those imperfections.

But Beyonce also spends a little time delving into how she arrived at the decision to include a segment of Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk about feminism. Apparently, Bey came across the video while “watching videos about feminism on YouTube.” Can we all just take a moment to imagine Bey, chillin’ on her couch in some sweats, hair up in a bun — Blue on the floor playing, Jay in the kitchen cooking dinner (I know, I’m reaching, but this is fantasy) — expanding her feminist consciousness? I am verklempt. I need to know which videos she watched and loved. Gimme dat syllabus, Bey! [YouTube]