2013: The Year In GIFs That Got Us Through The Day

Forget retail therapy, I prefer to deal with stress by engaging in GIF therapy. It’s cheaper, faster and has a far longer-lasting effect than the high you get from a Sephora bender. From the LED baby to the baby walking on ice for the first time, and other things that don’t involve babies, I’d like to thank the following GIFs for bringing me unprecedented joy this year. Do yourself a favor and let them work their animated magic on your soul.

I learned about Prancercise, “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation” that is clearly meant to be presented in GIF form.

“Bound 2″ met “Bound 2″ parody in a GIF mashup.

Love and stank face brought to you by Bey and Jay.

LED baby won GIFoween.

Twin flames, Lucca and James Franco, were reunited at last in the GIFiverse.

JLaw met Jack … over and over again.

A baby goat learned to jump.

A baby human learned to walk on ice.

This two-legged girl became my best GIFfriend.

Two-legged horse became my GIFspirit animal.

Tastee from “Orange is the New Black” perfectly described what happens every time I eat lunch at my desk.

This guy inspired me to eat lunch alone more often.

This kid inspired me to find new ways to eat dessert.

And this horse introduced me to new ways to use a fitness ball.

These ladies reminded me that I need to have more fun.

And so did these naked, dancing dudes.

But not as much fun as toothbrush face guy.

Because Celine Dion would disapprove.

But John DeVore would understand.

People admitted they were judging baby North West’s eyebrows.

And I admitted that I was judging Tanning Mom’s bikini pics. They were amazing.