This UK High School Is Adding “How To Treat Women” To Its Sex Ed Program

In a first of its kind program, Chase High School in the UK is implementing a “life skills” mentorship program for their students, with the hope of boosting self-confidence, providing positive role models and teaching about sex ed through the lens of how to have healthy relationships. One of the important life skills that will be taught to the boys is how to appropriately talk to and treat a girl.

“Sadly, through such easy access to pornography, the boys’ view of women has been skewed,” explained principal, Victoria Overy “We’re doing parallel programs with the girls about self-perception. Sex education often only deals with how not to get pregnant and violent relationships.We want this scheme to teach pupils details on establishing relationships and how to end them without breaking hearts.”

This seems like a no-brainer type of program to implement. It’s too bad that it’s the first of its kind. More please, ahem, United States. [Metro UK]