Meet Missy, The First Sex Doll In Space, an online distributor of adult products, made history when they decided to launch the first ever sex doll into space because? God, I really don’t know. But the important thing is that “Mission 69″ was successfully completed and captured on video for the world to see. So, how did Missy hold up? 

She was launched from a park near Lake Tahoe using a 4.5 pound balloon filled with about 300 cubic feet of hydrogen. During Missy’s ascent into the great beyond, she withstood extremely cold temperatures, high amounts of cosmic radiation and low atmospheric pressure before finally bursting at 102,000 feet and plummeting back to earth, landing somewhere in Nevada, minus a few limbs.  Thanks to Missy’s space launch, we now know what kind of “wear and tear” a $25 sex doll can withstand before she “blows.” A LOT.  I feel dirty for just having written that. [YouTube]